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[Friends] Hey guys I would like to meet Eng speaker [2015.03.28 22:16:45] new by whatalife

Hi guys My name is Billy from Korea and 26 years old.  I just came back to Korea from Canada six weeks ago. I am willing to meet English speaker, I don't really care what gender you are as long as you wanna make Korean friends.  I studied Korean literature and have no problem to teach you it and our culture. All I want to do is to...

[Friends] Hi friends~ [2015.03.28 21:47:28] new by Sol

Hi friends. I'm Sol. and Korean. My Korean age is 24years old. and live in Jeonju. If you want  i can visit in Seoul and Deajeon. but we have to set a date. and I have Kakaotolk ID. so we can talk in Kakao talk. I want to exchange language with you. I can teach to you. about Korean,Korean culture. and visit guidetourist attraction...

[Friends] i am new here and i need korean friends [2015.03.28 18:00:40] new [1] by MzPhrancar


[Friends] Hi Hello 안녕하세요 [2015.03.28 04:43:45] updatefile [3] by Kis

Hi. My name is Ki-soo and 23 years old. Of course i'm from Korea living in Seoul. Basically i'm college student but now took this semester off so that get ready to go to AUSTRALIA. However my competence in English is not good ,so i'm worried about it. To improve my competence, i did a lot of thing but while doing this, i came to know that ...

[Friends] Hello, I'd like to meet some friends with whom can chat and have cultural exchange [2015.03.28 03:03:44] updatefile [13] by The7phoenix

I'm Rodica and I'm 24 I like to meet new people and talk If you want a friend to talk and have fun then you can add me (kakaoID: The7phoenix) and let's chat ^^

[Friends] Looking for Korean Friends who can teach me Korean [2015.03.28 02:23:56] update [1] by JE

Hello everyone, Nice to meet you I'm a 22 year old male Filipino who is very much interested in learning the Korean Language. I'm currently studying very basic Korean. But, what is learning without practice? I'm hoping to find new friends here who can teach me Korean. In return, I can help you learn English/Filipino, whichever you g...

[Friends] Hi you all. [2015.03.27 17:52:27] by joeykang

I'm 30 korean male working at the incheon airport. just looking for friends who can hang out with me sometimes. i speak fluent English, Japanese and also of course perfect Korean. hope you add me up "seokho86" for Kakao. Cheers.

[Open board] If you wanna join our Seoul Tour, Contact us ! [2015.03.27 15:11:06] updatefile [4] by heran

Are you visiting Seoul now? you wanna go some hot places in Seoul and make some korean friends? [See-Through Korea] is a club of Korean university students and we are gathering some foreigners who can join our Seoul tour! We'll meet at Gwanghwamun(subway line no.5 - purple) exit 9. so if you have interest in this tour don't hesitate to jo...

[Friends] Looking for English Tutor [2015.03.27 11:33:38] by Cally

Hey Guys. I 'm looking for English tutor for my nephew in Incheon. She is a beginner, 18 years old, just graduated high school. She will secretary foreign company after two years.  If any one interesting, Please let me know., 010-4174-8993 Thank you/Jay

[Friends] Looking for someone to help with Korean language. [2015.03.26 15:08:17] by Vandan

Hi, my name is Michael. I want to learn Korean. Can anyone help?

[Friends] Hello. I'm 27 female, live in korea. I wanna have some foreign friends. [2015.03.26 10:42:36] [2] by amy

Hello.  I wanna have some foreign friends. If you want to study korean with me and you can help me english, anytime talk to me  my kakaotalk ID: luvddang Thanx.;)

[Friends] Hello :))) [2015.03.26 03:19:16] by Hachiu

Um....hello ^^.I'm from lithuania (if u don't know where it is just use google :D)I would like to make friends ^^ also I could help with english,I get quite good grades from english lessons :).I'm quite shy so it's really hard for me to open conversation so I'm sorry about that :)kakao:waphae kik:daumavi :)

[Friends] Hi :) [2015.03.26 01:45:44] [1] by renka

Hi Guys! Let's Be Friends! :) You can add me on kakao :) renka0821 Philippines/17y/o/F :)

[Friends] hi~ would you be my friend?? i can teach you korean [2015.03.25 22:23:47] [2] by pigrabbit

hi ~ thank you for reading this  i am chang hui Kim and i am 30 years old man from seoul , Korea  i want to learn English .That is why i am posting this writting . i am a English beginner. so would you exchange the language each other ??( korean<--->English) i hope we will become a language teacher and be a good friend each oth...

[Friends] Hello to All~ [2015.03.25 11:40:03] [1] by Miranda

Hi All, Nice to meet you all you guys! I am korean girls, 27 years old.  i want to make exchange language friends (English)-(Korean),!! please search at the facebook by mantow89@hotmail,com and then send to me messaging or kakaotalk messaging(ID: or ssin1011). if you have any question about above, please let...