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[Friends] HI, WELCOME YOU ALL! It doesn't matter where you're from [2016.05.04 18:06:14] update [6] by Jasper

are you Korean? I don't mine!  I'm a common working woman who is not good at speaking English. I just want to make a friend, get along with my neighbors and find a study partner.  I moved in Seoul recently. so I have no one to hang out unfortunately!  I'd be glad if you love cats or live in the area north of the Han river. but it's not a b...

[Language Exchange] Just dropping by again to say hi! [2016.05.04 17:45:56] by 리지

Hey ya everyone! I am Lizzie Lorraine. I am 1/8 spanish and chinese and a half filipino. I really want to learn korean, if you have time can you teach me your language? If you do that, i would appreciate it. I can speak Korean in basic language.  I only have LINE id > lizz0001 facebook account >

[자유게시판] What about this city for your spring vacation?? [2016.05.04 16:43:59] by Letstudio

Hi this is LET studio in Korea If you want to see more about korea travel and custom Come and subscribe :)

[Friends] Hello [2016.05.04 14:02:46] file by Suzygrg17

Hi!! My name is Sujita Gurung and I live in London but I'm Asian girl.. I need help of guys in learning Korean language if I can help me that would great and we can be frns forever... My kakaotalk ID is Suzygrg17 and my Instagram ID is cherry.___.blossom

[Looking for students] 인도네시아어 영어 [2016.05.04 10:40:01] by soullearner

안녕하세요~ 저는 인도네시아에서 영어 학교 다녀서 영어는 네이티브 레블로 입니다~ 저는 언어 3개 가능해서 혹시 2nd/3rd language 배우고십은 분들 한테 도와줄수있습니다~ 제가 가능한 시간은 평일 11시 부터 3시 까지 수업할수있읍니다~ 카톡 : seoulowen

[Friends] Looking for Korean friends! [2016.05.04 09:59:00] update by marceeeee

Hello, I am from Singapore. I am planning for a solo trip to Korea sometime this year or next, and hope to make some friends to meet during my trip there! (To eat, drink or travel around together)  I am also keen to learn the Korean language and know more about the culture.  I am fluent in English and relatively fluent in Chinese so I can ...

[Language Exchange] Long term friends that can help me with my korean ! I can teach them back french or english. :) [2016.05.03 22:06:55] by Jeremy

Hi! I'm simply looking for long-term korean friends that can actually teach me korean haha! I really like this language. :)  Since I can speak and read english and french very well, I can also teach you back ! Add me! Tennis is my favourite sport, and I play League of Legends. :) Add me on KakaoTalk or Skype!  My KakaoTalk is k1020...

[Friends] hi hi hi [2016.05.03 21:54:40] by MOD

 hi! I'm Mod from Thailand. I want to learn more Korean language and looking for good friends. I can speak both English and Korean a little but I will try to learn more and more. my id kakaotalk : siiirorat

[Friends] Looking some new friends [2016.05.03 21:21:03] by renka

 Hi! I'm Karen, from Philippines ^__^ 18 years old. It's been a while since I'm posting in this site. Currently University student :).   Looking some good friends here! ^___^. Looking forward to know you more. ^___^  You can add me in kakao just let me know! Thanks!   Here's my Id: Renka0821  Thank you! ^_^

[Friends] Learning Korean xD [2016.05.03 18:55:21] by LegendaryNeil

 Hi there!  I want to learn Korean language. :D Looking someone who can teach me. Then I can teach you also English. Please be my friend. My kakaoID is : LegendaryNeil6. Thanks. ;) It would be a great pleasure to meet you. xD

[Looking for students] 인도네시아어 하고 영어 회화 [2016.05.03 18:04:34] by soullearner

안녕하세요~ 전 인도네시아어 하고 영어 회화 선생님 입니다.  카톡: seoulowen

[Friends] kakao ID : yamxx0208 [2016.05.03 15:34:25] [1] by 야미


[원어민영어과외] Look for a British or American tutor in Busan [2016.05.03 14:17:05] [2] by 안이

1.Location : Busan.GwangAn-dong 2.Fee: 50,000~70,000 won 3.Available Day & Time : 7pm during weekday,11Am~3pm on weekend 4.How often: Twice a week 5.: British or American teacher who's good at academic writing 6.Kakao/Phone number: muohoa4864 / 010-9519-2010

[Friends] can you make friend with me???? [2016.05.03 14:14:27] file by Luffy

hi~ i want make global friend~~~ i want lern english~ and i can teach korean and koea cultue~~~ who want make friend with me??? i have kakao and skype~ and whatsapp please chat to me~

[Friends] Looking for friends [2016.05.03 14:01:06] by Niran

Hello All, Its great to be here. I am writing here to make new friends, who are more lively and outgoing. I have been living in Korea over 6 years and I can communicate in Korean to some extent. So It doesn't matter even If you don't speak in English at all.  Here is my kakao id: Niran28