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[영어과외] looking for English tutor and friend [2015.05.22 21:56:51] [1] by bluerain

Hi My name is Jina I am looking for a Engish tutor. Currently I live in Seocho dong near Kangnam Station. On weekday I would like to learn and talk with tutor in English. I will wait. Thanks

[Friends] Chad is here for you all pumpkins! [2015.05.22 20:57:01] by chadu

Hello guys I am Chad and 27yrds, A graduate student. I would like to have a foreign friend who lives in Korea atm. I am willing to have a language Exchange and hang out with you guys, Sometimes we will have drink, travel and activities. I do not care about the sex (male or female), nationality and age. But I do NOT like...

[Friends] notice " I wanna make a friend who lives in Cheonan." [2015.05.22 19:45:20] by dolphine

I am a male and live in Cheonan. I am kind and considerate.  I want to talk to in person.  My english reading ability is good but speaking is not good. I can teach you  korean and explain korean habit. so I can be your friend. My kakao id is positiveman99. Whoever is interested can get in touch with me. I will expect to contact many pe...

[Friends] Hello~ I'm looking for foreign friends living in korea! [2015.05.22 15:52:15] file [1] by Realsupersta

Hello~ My name is Hongkyun Shin, 26 years old. I live in Gyeongi-do, but I commute to university in seoul. So I often go to seoul. Also my house it close to seoul. My hobby is listening to music, watching movies and taking pictures. I want to talk about music, movie..we are able to talk about every subject. I like to movies every...

[Friends] I'd like to meet foreigner. I'm Korean. [2015.05.22 14:58:16] by MoopleBread

Hi ~ I'm Korean. I'm 27 years old. And I live in Seoul Korea. I want to make foreigner freind reside in Seoul now. ( or near Seoul) I can teach Korean language to you. I hope to learn English to you. We can meet  at Seoul on weekend.   My kakao talk id is six6th. If you want to contact me. Please send the message. Thank you.

[영어과외] Looking for a English tutor in 홍대 합정 [2015.05.22 11:07:40] by Kevin

1.: Area: Around Hongik University or Hapjeong station 2.Tuition:Negotiable 3.Hour : weekday: 7PM to 9 PM weekend : 10AM to 12AM 4.Self intruduction I think my level is upper intermidate and I want to practice english 5.Tutor: Female preferred 6.Contact: Kakaotalk ID: choiyong78

[Friends] 프랑스 여성이구요.마이코리안프렌즈 챗이나 카카오챗 할 친구 찾아요. [2015.05.22 07:04:38] [1] by Mecya

Hello, I already posted a presentation but today I came because I want to find people who can chat with me. I live in France so I know it's quite hard to chat with me because of the jet lag but it's possible. I made many friends here but they don't chat with me often so it's quite boring :'( (only one chat with me often). So I want to fi...

[Friends] 필리피나에요. 한국인친구 외국인 친구 구해요. [2015.05.21 23:53:16] by justLylie

Hi everyone.! Im Lylie from philippines.. I wanna meet a lot of foreign friends korean or not. If you're interested, dont hesitate to contact me on kakao JustLylie27. Feel free to message me.. Have a nice day ahead.!!

[영어과외] Looking for a female english teacher (native only) [2015.05.21 19:23:05] by ★Jun★

  Hi, I am Jun who was born and raised in Seoul, Korea.   Because I want to join a kinda foreign company, I want to study 'business english' (not just free talking)   If you are suitable some standard below, please send me an e-mail(attached a resume with a photo) to or text me. (kakao ID : onleejun)   I ...

[Friends] looking for foreign friend who wants to learn Korean [2015.05.21 16:43:48] [2] by Realslow

Hello guys I'm Yun living in Suwon   I'm looking for foreign friends who live in Korea (hopefully Suwon haha) and want to learn Korean and help me to brush up on Eng skills I prefer to set the time to meet on a regular basis (ex. once in a week, every weekend etc) Its not just for hanging out and get close. Of course we can hang...

[영어과외] I am looking for English teacher [2015.05.21 16:38:20] [2] by ENGLISH

Hi~ I'm looking for English teacher who can teach me near Suwon or Ansan.  - 1 month(4weeks) - KRW 250,000 - Possible to negotiate about the teaching schedule Please contace to me My Kakaotalk ID is xyplanner. Thank you~ Have a nice day

[Friends] I'm looking for a foreign friend who wants to exchange langauge in busan [2015.05.21 14:43:41] [3] by bynw

Hi, I'm Bynw (it's my ID) from korea If someone wants to learn korean and teach me english, feel free to contact me anytime. I'm living in busan and I ordinary have a lot of time on weekends. Have a good day!

[영어과외] 불어 과외 [2015.05.21 12:29:52] by Liz

I am looking for some students who want to have French lesson. Please contact me through my Kakao. My Kakao ID is LizPongrass.

[Friends] 스웨덴에서 온 22살 여성이구요.한국어 가르쳐줄 친구 찾아요.서울에 있어요 [2015.05.21 11:24:42] file [2] by Hn92

Hi everyone :) My name is Helley i am 22 years old I am from Sweden but now I am living in Seoul. I wanna make friends , in prove my korean and cheer differents language with each other :). Lets be friends. My email is :

[Friends] 24 yo Korean guy living in Gyeonggi-do. I'm looking for a foreign friend. [2015.05.21 11:08:23] updatefile [3] by legrandjour68

Hello, y'all. 안녕하세요, 외국인 친구들!I had an old account but I deleted it and made new one. I'm Young-joo Kim, 24 years old and from South Korean. I'm in my senior year in my university. I live in Gyeonggi-do I'm actually learning English thesedays. And wanna practice and improve my skills. But I really want a foreign friend who can me...