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[Announcement] Busan Seomyon Group tutoring(3~4persons) on Saturday [2014.10.21 13:40:12] file [10] by Shawn(Admin)

부산 서면 토요일 그룹 튜터링 관심있는분들 글 남겨주세요 2시간에 2만원 입니다. 이름/원하는시간/영어회화레벨/질문 남겨주세요 예) Shawn/4pm-6pm/초급 상/마치고 식사도 같이 하나요? Group tutoring ( 3~4 person,2hr,Seomyon) ...

[Announcement] Seoul Gang Nam Saturday tutoring group(3 or 4 persons) [2014.10.21 13:38:18] updatefile [44] by Shawn(Admin)

서울 강남지역에서 토요일 오후에 그룹튜터 받으실분들 댓글로 신청해주세요 토요일 강남 2시간에 2만원입니다. 이름/원하는시간/영어회화레벨/질문 남겨주세요 예) Shawn/4pm-6pm/왕초급/마치고 식사도 같이 하나요? Group tutoring ( 3~4 pe...

[Announcement] Busan Friday gathering for tutors & Language Exchange(왕초보도 환영합니다.) [2014.10.16 15:30:50] updatefile [46] by Shawn(Admin)

Busan Friday gathering for tutors & Language Exchange Location: J Square 3rd floor J J hall Date: 24th October 7pm ~ Entrance fee (including coffee): If you comment on this page,you can get a c...



[Gathering] [모집] 부산 일요일 모임 - 11월 신청 받습니다. [2014.10.24 12:52:28] new [8] by Jinna

안녕하세요? 부산 11월 일요일 모임 9명 신청받습니다. 앞서 Shawn님이 말씀 하신대로 이번 모집 부터는 포인트는 받지 않고 참가비 2만원 받습니다. 참가신청은 선착순이며 댓글 달아주시면 Shawn 님께서 별도의 코멘트 주실겁니다. 참가...

Weekly Best


[Weekly Best] Lady in Autumn [2014.10.22 02:21:19] updatefile [18] by Karolina

Today our friend from Singapore shot some photos with us~was rainning but good day~He came in Moldova for one week and today we were his models and guide~

[Weekly Best] 지오디!!!! [2014.07.10 15:23:32] updatefile [13] by 나디아

right now I'm happily spending my holiday with watching my favorite groups video and staying at home with my family. I'm not a type of person who like to hanging out. I like to stay at home all day, have a chat with my family and doing some act...

Forums &Youtube

[Forum] Favourite Songs and Dramas [2014.10.24 16:02:12] new [8] by jay10692

Hi all, As i guess all of us here LOVE Korean dramas and Music... Tell me which is your favourite SONG or Drama.... At present am totally a Fan of BEAST (It may change again....)

[Forum] Dog and cat [2014.10.14 15:26:49] updatefile [10] by wook

[Forum] Tom Yum Kung [2014.10.24 17:24:05] newfile by Bliss13

I'm pleasure to recommend "Tom Yum Kung" (It isn't the Thai movie..haha) It is the famous Thai food. Most of foreign knew and like this menu. Tom Yum Kung is sour and spicy prawn soup If you've a chance to have Thai food, order "Tom Yum Kung" first!!! ...

[Diary] 시험!!! [2014.10.24 16:13:21] new [1] by 나디아

it's been awhile since I visiting this site few months ago. I hope you guys are doing well :) it's been 3 months since semester 5 started, and it means that I've been a college student for 2 years. I'm having mid term exam since Tuesday this w...

[Forum] I'm in love [2014.10.20 21:29:38] updatefile [3] by Fatemeh

so cute!

[Forum] Dating foreigners [2014.10.24 07:43:31] updatefile [5] by saya

So, I just wanted to ask for people's past experience. I want to know ... 'What have you found difficult about dating someone from a different culture? And what is the nice thing about dating someone from a different culture?'

[Diary] i went to concert last weekend "J-Rabbit" [2014.09.24 15:18:59] updatefile [5] by An-na

i went to concert last weekend The purpose that i went to concert want to meet singer that i like singer that i like is "J-Rabbit" Do you know "J-Rabbit"? J-Rabbit is women duo they have clean voice and have good talent when i listen to ...

[Forum] I'm in love with their new album "Shoebox" [2014.10.21 16:59:33] updatefile [2] by Rodika

I like all songs from their new album ♥

How are you today?


Hello!! guys , have all a great time n_n [2014.10.24 19:29:03] new by leesora

This is my first visit.. [2014.10.24 14:17:10] new by bayview



Gathering 게시판 접근 권한이 없다고 뜹니다. [2014.10.21 12:47:34] [2] by seoulguy82

로그인 했는데도 접근권한이 없다는 메시지가 뜨는데요 오류인가요?

Dating & Travel

[Dating] Hello~ [2014.10.24 12:58:53] newfile [1] by peace

Nice to meet you guys~ My name is Jay. I'm Korean, and I live in Toronto, Canada. Let's talk and be friends. My kakao ID: ballywood 

[Dating] I just came back to Korea from traveling Europe [2013.06.15 07:41:58] updatefile [45] by 용마

Wie geht es Ihnen? Hi guys!! Nice to meet you. My name is Yong hee. I have been traveling for 5 months in western Europe since January and it turned out awesome experience. And I miss my friends I left behind there.... ㅠ,.ㅜ I hope I can...

[Dating] Hi ! I'd love to have a Korean friend >< [2014.05.13 07:31:46] updatefile [36] by Tissam

Hi, My name is Ibtissam, but you can call me just Tissam I'd love to have new friends A Korean friend.. I just want to discover this new world, so if you'd like to help me just send me a message >< Have a nice day.

[Dating] Hello, Nice to meet you~ [2014.08.25 12:15:24] updatefile [22] by Pete0318

Hello~ Nice to meet you~ How have you been doing guys~? My name is Yong sub and English name is pete Thesedays im looking forward to making foreigner friends~ i can be friend anybody and it doesnt matter where you are from and how old are you, ...

[Dating] Hi~:)) [2013.09.05 00:57:56] updatefile [49] by Sol

Hi, everyone My name is Sol, I live in Gyeonggi near Incheon. I studied in Autraila for 1year but I can't speak english very well, just general conversation lol so I want to improve my english skill and get to know many different friends I ...

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