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[Language Exchange] Looking for Korean speakers! [2016.12.08 15:26:27] new by 애시

Hello! I will be traveling to Busan, Korea for Graduate school in early 2017.  I am looking for Korean language speaker/pal to practice.  I will be more than glad to help you learn English in return.  Please feel free to leave a message. Thank you! Ktalk: Aishwar9a 안녕하세요!  저는 애시 라고 이예요. 내 년에 공부하고 ...

[Language Exchange] I am craving for learning English:) [2016.12.07 19:54:50] by donna

Hi. I am donna. I live in Busan, haeundae. I have been interested in English because I want to be an Enlgish teacher. Even if I have been to Canada for about 1 year, I still feel that I am short of English proficiency. To maximize the opportunities to speak English, I am seeking for English-speaking friends. I had already met a language ex...

[자유게시판] Practice speaking English in 광화문 [2016.12.07 04:37:28] by Tabasco

Let's get together in 광화문 and practice speaking English by having a group discussion on various topics over a cup of joe. Meetings will take place at a cafe in the late afternoons from 4 to 6. It's free and open to anyone who's interested. J

[Language Exchange] looking for KakaoTalk Friends [2016.12.06 22:40:14] by ruthing

Hi I am currently looking for korean friends in Kakao.. my ID is  truthfool5494. please do not hesitate to talk to me there..  I'd like to have more friends! see you! love lots.

[Language Exchange] I'm looking for British friends! :) [2016.12.06 17:40:06] by O-honey

I'm looking for British friends! London or Oxford (because my personal reason) do you like a korea? we can best friend! send me a message please! kakaotalk : Sarah1412

[Language Exchange] I want to learn korean [2016.12.06 05:43:00] [1] by staffio

Hello everybody!! I am Fabien, I have 2 passion: Travelling and cooking. I had been twice in Seoul.. I really loved it, I miss Korea a lot so I wanna keep talking to korean people. I wanna go in Korea in few month I have to learn some korean languague. I will be really happy if you want to teach me some korean language ( It's easier to...

[Language Exchange] Hi :) i want to make a good friend :) [2016.12.05 21:12:39] by Sara06

 Hi I live near Seoul and meet good friends  I do not speak English very well I want to do a little better plz help for english I will help you study Korean culture and Korean  If you come to Korea, I will guide you. I want you to be a good friend. Plz kakao : queen3350

[Language Exchange] Let's be friend [2016.12.05 19:17:46] by Nada

I want to speak korean, can you teach me?? Kakao: kimnaa99 let's be friend, exchange language and culture^^

[Language Exchange] forigner friendship in Jeju [2016.12.04 11:06:46] by Catty

Hi^^ I'd like to meet  native  English speaker who loves to do language  exchange.  Im also willing to teach you  if you are interested in Korean & its culture. Please  do not  hesitate to  be a friend coz im open-mind & friendly person.  Just want to have a cup of coffee sometimes and  taking a walk in beautiful Jeju environment t...

[Language Exchange] Looking for friends! (Casual gathering or anything fun!) [2016.12.04 01:00:45] [3] by Hiro

Hi there. I'm a Korean guy and 26 years old. I did my bachelor's degree in Australia and now back in Korea. Now working in film industry. I like watching movies, outdoor activities, coffee, up for anything fun. We can use skype or other messengers or maybe face to face. Ethnicity or age doesn't matter.  No PRESSURE!! Just want to make new ...

[Looking for students] Looking for students [2016.12.03 14:04:33] [2] by Allydotboat

Native English tutor looking for students! I have previously taught two classes Can also teach beginner Spanish, Conversant in Korean 미국에서온 가정교사입니다! 제가 두번 수업을 가르친적있습니다. 그리고 한국말 사용합니다. 스페인어 초급도 필요하면 가르쳐줄수있습니다.  영어 배우고싶으면 연락 주세요! 

[원어민영어과외] (only 여자교포선생님) morning tutoring (약수역) [2016.12.02 12:41:50] by spreAd

Hello, i'm looking for a Female Gyopo teacher for this position near 약수 station monday thru Friday (5days a week) in the morning (9am to 12pm prefered, but it can be adjustable) 3hours per day as i said in title, this job is only for female gyopo teacher sorry please contact me via kakaotalk dilly73 thanks

[Language Exchange] Looking for foreign friends. [2016.12.02 12:34:18] file [2] by Bestfriend

Hello. My name is Joey Yoon, Korean and now I work for one of the major IT company.  I would like to make foreign friends because I am interested in improving English skills and learning other cultures. Also, I would like to let you know the Korean culture and current trends as well as language.  You might think that I'm so old guy to have...

[Language Exchange] Language Exchange! [2016.12.01 23:15:32] by Benny

HELLO, guys! My name is Benjamin and I am 20 years old.  I want to make foreign friends who currently live in Korea. I might be able to help you learning Korean and Korean culture.  I can't speak English very well but still I can be a good friend of you.  Please, don't hesitate! just leave comment if you are interested in my post!

[원어민영어과외] Lookin 4 english tutor. [2016.12.01 08:35:10] [1] by Aeyas

I am looking for english female teacher.I am living in Jinju city. I want to meet and learn english in Jinju city every 2 times a week. Due to difficulties in finding native english tutor in local area, I have intention to give extra fees for the tutoring. The tutoring fee is negotiable. Feel free to ask at any time.