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[Announcement] Facebook Page [2014.09.12 08:56:40] file by Shawn(Admin) has a Facebook Page.Please Like us on Facebook 페이스북 페이지 오픈했습니다. Like 해주세요^^

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[Weekly Best] 지오디!!!! [2014.07.10 15:23:32] updatefile [9] by 나디아

right now I'm happily spending my holiday with watching my favorite groups video and staying at home with my family. I'm not a type of person who like to hanging out. I like to stay at home all day, have a chat with my family and doing some act...

[Weekly Best] The first story why I liked korean [2014.09.14 19:47:39] updatefile [7] by yunilie

Annyeonghaseyo ..... I'm Juneaty rachmat I am born in Indonesia I am 21 years old. I am Christian and I am chinese . My nickname is Yuni . Why I liked korean ? how do I know korean? I'm so glad can know all about korea and from the link about ...

[Weekly Best] a new beginning~Fighting!!! [2014.09.16 00:42:20] updatefile [14] by Rodika

first lesson of korean after a big holiday~so were a lot of reason why we learn korean~but most important that we all want to study it and it doesn't matter why~kkk

Forums &Youtube

[Forum] Today is Confession day 고백데이 in Korea :) [2014.09.17 15:09:31] newfile [1] by Shawn(Admin)

The couple’s holidays that began with Valentine’s Day and White Day were followed with Rose Day and Pepero Day, and now there is “Confession Day” (고백데이). Confession Day is September 17th, 100 days before Christmas on December 25th. If ...

[Review] 14일 언어교환 후기 입니당~ [2014.09.17 17:36:19] new [1] by JinPark

안녕하세요 ! 이번에 언어교환 후기 작성해볼까해요~ 일단 J Square...너무 좋았습니다..ㅋㅋㅋ 개인적으로 너무 맘에드는 카페였구요.. 가격은 ..ㅎㄷㄷ.. 미국에서 온지 얼마되지 않아서 아메 리카노 한잔에 5천원이 넘는게 아직 적응이 안되네요..ㅋㅋㅋ 4층 미팅룸으로 입장하구~ ...

[Forum] Naked couple's 'love fight' caught on tape in Korea [2014.09.17 17:18:16] newfile by Shawn(Admin)

A naked couple was spotted chasing each other near a waste-processing factory in Yongin, Gyeonngi Province this week. Police said the scene, captured on CCTV, did not appear to be a case of harassment, but a "love fight." In incident oc...

[Forum] Moldovan traditional costume^^ [2014.09.17 14:47:11] newfile [6] by Karolina

[Youtube] I'm not Korean !!!!!!! Don't ask me "Are you from Korea?" [2014.06.05 22:58:23] update [28] by Shawn(Admin)

Malaysian girl gets 2 million views on YouTube for singing about not being Korean Seventeen-year-old Joyce Chu has gained swift YouTube celebrity for her (admittedly) catchy tune "Malaysia Chabo", wherein she gleefully declares to all that she's a "true Ma...

[Review] 파티 /언어교환 [2014.09.16 23:58:01] update [4] by benjamin4

13일 international party 14일 부산대 언어교환 모두 참석했던 benjamin 파티에 처음에다가 외국인과 같이 파티 한다는 생각에 엄청난 기대를 품고 약 1시간동안 지하철을 타고 갔다. whitney ,mai 와 만나서 파티 장소로 gogogogogo 8:37pm 도착.. 너무 빨리 도착해서 그런지 지루하...

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가입인사 & Member Search

[Level Up] 등업 신청해요.. [2014.09.17 16:51:31] new [1] by joo~~ 정회원 되고 싶어요.. 모임 활동도 하고 싶구요..`~ 잘 부탁드려요~~

[Level Up] 등업신청해요^^ [2014.09.17 15:55:11] new [1] by AshleyKim 제 블로그에 올렸어요~~ 등업부탁드려요~

[Tutor] Korean-American Tutor [2014.09.17 14:59:48] new by ChrisJSH

1.How would you like to teach? Face to Face, Kakao, or Phone. 2.Name Chris 3.Nationality/Gender/Age/Living in (Dong) American Male 31 Busan 4.Your available date&time(Mon~Sun) Please contact for Scheduling 5.Your rate per each group 1 Person=...

[Greeting] Annyeonghaseyo everyone! [2014.09.17 12:32:46] new by steylaaa

Im Stella from the Philippines :) I know a little korean because of watching korean dramas and also because of kpop ;) I hope I will have many korean friends who can teach me korean more :) kamsahamnida!

[Level Up] 등업신청이요~~ [2014.09.17 09:18:28] new [1] by Inny 홍보글 올렸습니당!!

[Dating] Do you wanna good korean friend? [2014.09.17 01:09:23] updatefile [10] by Wisky

Hello guys. Im university student in busan korea like other people. I just wanna tell with foreigners because I dont have any foreign friends. Maybe its hard for me to talk comfortably because of my english ability. But If you guys wanna be my friend...

[Greeting] Hello to everyone! [2014.09.17 00:38:35] update [1] by Hazee

I'm from Philippines but i'm currently working in Kuwait as dermatology nurse. I want to learn Korean language and their culture as well. Also I'm interested in gaining some Korean friends here. Hoping to find a good one.

[Dating] Meeting new friends =)) [2014.09.17 00:06:03] file [1] by misspikachu

Hello, I'm living in Australia and I'm really interested in meeting Korean friends ^^*

[Language exchange] looking for friends [2014.09.16 23:19:31] update [12] by kimcheese

hi im looking for friend who is really want to learn korean or to make korean friend :) i'm 25 years old. female (korean age) live near by korea univiersity i like jogging , love to walking to go everywhere around place. i am ready to having fun ...

[Greeting] Hi! [2014.09.16 22:49:34] update [6] by jane

Hello everyone. My name's Jane. wishing to have a lot of foreign friends and to learn Korean well. #pwingpwing

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