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Please give us your feedback on how we can improve MKF. For example, add news about Korea. Your opinion will be really helpful in developing our website. 사이트에 건의하고 싶으신거 있으시면 댓글로 남겨주세요

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[Language Exchange] Language exchage or study english together [2016.09.28 19:29:22] new by Zealot

Anyone i speak english and korean both Kakao : nas1

[Language Exchange] Hi, I'd like to study English or language exchange [2016.09.28 16:48:17] new [3] by funnyguy

I'm working for the tourism organization now, and I just want to make some foreign friends in Busan to exchange our each language..^^ (specially English!). also let's have a dinner or coffee togather after work. plz send a text message!!

[Language Exchange] COME TO US AND MAKE FRIENDS [2016.09.27 20:56:01] by Exchangegroup

Hello everyone, I'm Daniel.  Even though there are many English speaker in Busan, there is a few language exchange group.  So, I made it. Anyone who interested in learning how to speake English and Korean do not hesitate to let us know.  My kakaotalk ID is dogs11 I look forward to meeting you and having a good talk time.  F...

[Looking for students] Hi! Are you looking for a native English tutor? Conversational and business English [2016.09.27 17:54:38] by antn

Hi there! Are you looking for a native English tutor in conversational or business English? I am 27 years old, born and raised in Australia, with 6+ years professional experience at one of Australia's biggest banks. I can help with interview preparation, resume writing, cover letters, and professional emails.  I have also done English...

[원어민영어과외] Looking for a native English tutor (on the phone) [2016.09.27 16:34:36] by Kiiiiiim

Hi. I am looking for a English native tutor who can help me to improve my English conversation. My English is on intermediate level, I guess. I'd like to pay 15,000 per a call.  I just have two requirements  1. I'd especially like to practice on discussion types of conversation, in addition to daily conversations. So I want someone...

[Language Exchange] I want a friend to pratice korean. [2016.09.27 13:58:28] by anu

I am learning Korean Language through an online course. I need a friend to practice Korean and help understand the Culture and history of Korea

[원어민영어과외] PT ★ Seoul Jungrang-gu★ Looking for Gyopo English Tutor [2016.09.27 13:01:25] by spreAd

i'm looking for Gyopo (female prefered) English tutor in Jungrang-gu (서울 중랑구) Once a week / Saturday after 6pm / 60mins / rate is 30,000/hour please contact me via Kakao : dilly73 thanks

[원어민영어과외] Looking for a tutor [2016.09.27 11:58:15] by PeterLee

Hello  I am looking for native speaker for my girl aged 8 years old and her friends. My daughter and her friends probably 3~4 people will be students you're going to teach. The number of students is not decided but max. will be 4.  Payment will be 50,000won per hour and twice a week. We can negotiate time and date. I prefer American ...

[Language Exchange] just want to talk [2016.09.27 04:32:24] by Clodia

Reality sucks so I'm looking for friend living far away from Poland (plus I've just started to learn Korean). kakaotalk:Clodia12

[Language Exchange] Hi~ I live in korea, and Korean. I want to make a english friend. [2016.09.26 22:53:19] by 늘두

Hello! Nice to meet you~ My name is Kimtaehyung. I am 25 years old live in Incheon, korea. and I'm fale. I want to exchange language and culture with foreign friends. Please understand each other is the low language skills. And, not only language exchange, I want a friend to stay longer friendly. The truth is a friend like soul mates...

[Language Exchange] korea [2016.09.26 21:59:51] by 성준

Hello~ I'm korean i want to learn english and exhange language^^ i can teach korea for you kakao : zkzkshsh

[Language Exchange] Language Exchange and Making Friends! [2016.09.26 17:56:12] [2] by Melly

Hello Everyone!  I'm Mel! I'm a native french speaker and I'm very fluent in english! I am looking for french/english students who can teach me korean and be friend with me! I can teach you both french and english! Hope to hear from you soon!

[Looking for students] Looking for Students near PNU, Seomyeon, KSU, and Haeundae [2016.09.26 16:36:42] file by ChrisJSH

Hello^^ I am currently looking for students in the posted areas. I am a Gyopo from Seattle, Washington with over 5 years of teaching  experience in Korea. I specialize in language acquisition through vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and colloquial speaking.  If you want to practice English conversation over coffee, prepare for a ...

[원어민영어과외] I am looking for tutor [2016.09.26 10:54:46] by march

 I am loonking for native tutor

[Language Exchange] KAOKAO : Pennie1260 [2016.09.26 00:14:49] file by Pennie1260

Hi , Im Pennie, wanna improve my korean so if you wanna exchange language you can add my kaokao ID Pennie1260 Language : Korean ( Write/Speak/ good) ,English, Cantonese.Mandarin (Chinese),etc