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[Language Exchange] i'm looking for new friend [2017.07.20 21:21:51] by kan

hi i'm looking for someone who want to make korean friend. i'm living in jeju. connect me anytime . kakaotalk account :zxws1234

[Language Exchange] If you want to make REAL Korean friends [2017.07.20 14:09:00] [3] by ghkdwus91

Hi, this is Jeewon. I'm 26 and living in Anyang city(very near Seoul). I am curious about various cultures around the world and want to know. I like trip, food, movies, hang out with people, dogs. especially I know a lot of amazing restaurants and good spots in Korea. I'd like to learn English. if you want to learn Korean, I can help y...

[Language Exchange] hi guys, hola a todos [2017.07.20 11:06:46] by ostia

Hola a todos. me llamo minsu y mi nombre de espanol es Javier. soy de corea y hablo espanol y ingles. Estoy viviendo en busan si quereies aprender el coreano, enviame un mensaje por kakaotalk. quiero hacer amigos con vosotros. gracias. Hi guys. i'm korean and speak english and spanish. I stay in busan if you guys want to learn ...

[자유게시판] Chat and Meet KOREAN FRIEND [2017.07.18 18:00:28] by Justin_Bae

Hi, I’m Justin from South KOREA. Do you like Korea culture, travel, language? Among them, if you like only one thing  Serentrip app is good for you!  You can find a lot of KOREAN friends! and you can chat with korean using serentrip app!  Also, you or your friends have a chance to visit each other’s country  you can meet and hang out toget...

[Language Exchange] Hi, guys come if u are interested in learning korea [2017.07.18 16:10:55] file [3] by GyeongSeon

hello i'm a student in seoul , i'm getting ready for going to NewZealand as a working holiday before i'll go i want to learn english more than now for being fluent  So i want to be your korean teacher ! as a friend ! but even if i'm not good teacher u must understand lol even it is for free!! but u must teach english to me as talking for...

[자유게시판] Hi, guys come if u are interested in learning korea for free! [2017.07.17 23:27:52] by GyeongSeon

hello i'm a student in seoul , i'm getting ready for going to NewZealand for working holiday before i'll go i want to learn english more than now for being fluent  So i want to be your korean teacher ! as a friend ! even if i'm not good teacher u must understand lol for free!! but u must teach english to me!! for free!!! we can exchange...

[Language Exchange] Looking for Korean friends ~ [2017.07.17 22:12:47] by marcolette92

Annyeonghaseyo! I'm Nicolette, from Singapore ~ I am interested in Korean culture and language. I love traveling,  reading, good music and food. Looking for a long-term friendship :) If you come to Singapore, I'll bring you around. When I come to Korea for holiday, I hope to see you too!  Kakao ID: marcolette92

[Jobs in Korea] Looking for Responsible Individuals [2017.07.17 17:08:09] by AaronPark

Hello! I am looking for a native English speaker that will be able to take over the English Study that I am currently teaching. I am also looking for responsible individual that would like to work together with a group of honest and hardworking individuals that share the same vision of helping Koreans speak better English. The working atmo...

[Looking for students] Private English Tutor *Hardworking and Experienced* [2017.07.17 15:36:57] file by taniaenglish

I am a fluent female english speaker currently studying Education at McGill University who is ranked as the #1 University in Canada. It would be my pleasure to help your boss through skype with english conversation. I have 5 years of experience tutoring english as a first and second language with beginner to advanced english speakers of al...

[원어민영어과외] Im'm looking for a good english tutor for my boss! [2017.07.17 09:30:10] [2] by maria9016

 Hello. My name is maria. I'm looking for an english tutor for my boss.  My boos wants to take English lessons. so I'm looking for a go~~od english teacher.  He can do all right in everyday conversation in english,  but he often gets lost in technical discussions.  Simply, not good enough to talk to someone in english fluently. My boss wna...

[원어민영어과외] Wanting a native English teacher [2017.07.16 15:50:13] by CoolGuy2

Hi, I'm looking for a native English teacher who will teach me English. I want a female gyopo or native teacher who is excellent in teaching English. I'm not a beginner student. I've learned English for quite a number of years. The place I want to learn English is at Seoheon Toz near Seoheon Subway Station at Bundang, Gyunggi-do and i c...

[Language Exchange] Hangout buddy in Korea!! [2017.07.15 12:29:47] by Hiro

Hi there, nice to meet you. I'm a Korean guy in my mid 20's, working as a crew in film industry. My connection in Korea is limited since I was abroad for my study. I enjoy travelling, outdoor activities, going to the cinema, coffee, beer and taking street photographs. I'm looking for a new friend to enjoy these together. Ethnicity or...

[원어민영어과외] Looking for native tutor for my Son [2017.07.14 12:32:41] [1] by Jo-Ang

Hi! I'm looking for English Tutor for my son who is a middle school student He would like to speak English. Speaking and Writing should be matter. Male is prefer. and Experience with Private English Academy should be great. If possible. Give me a profile. and talk more. Thank you All.

[원어민영어과외] I love to learn English Can you be my teahcer? [2017.07.14 10:23:10] by DianaLee

 I lived in Philippines for 3years and I prepareing to move school to Toronto Canada. I want to learn more english skills Contact me

[원어민영어과외] I need my english teacher [2017.07.14 09:24:33] by DianaLee