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[Announcement] 9월 부산 언어교환 참석자 명단입니다. Asst.리더 3명 신청받습니다. [2014.09.01 12:14:23] updatefile [1] by Shawn(Admin)

부산 언어교환 9월 참석자 리스트 일정: 9/7 오후4시 제이스퀘어 4층 403호 9/14 오후4시 제이스퀘어 4층 403호 9/21 오후4시 제이스퀘어 4층 403호 9/28 오후4시 제이스퀘어 4층 403호 총 4회 리더-Chloe Asst.리더-hero(정호) Asst.리더-민정 참가자 Lia.Jeong AliceESJ Agr...

Weekly Best


[Weekly Best] My Korean Name [2013.11.04 16:19:41] updatefile [106] by Chacha

How to make your Korean Name Lets PLAY GAME! Find out your Korean Name!! for everyone I. SurName : Korean Surname Is The Last Number In Your Year Of Birth. 0: Park 1: Kim 2: Shin 3: Choi 4: Song 5: Kang 6: Han 7: Lee 8: Sung 9: Jung II...

[Weekly Best] Korean restaurant [2014.07.01 23:54:55] file [11] by Rodika

A lot of people ask me, if there is Korean Restaurant in my country...Hmmm... is very sad, but we don't have one...but I'd like if someone open one I think I'll be there everyday...Hmmm in my country is really easy for a foreigner to start a b...

[Weekly Best] How Korean's move [2014.01.07 21:59:19] file [40] by Shawn(Admin)



[Diary] A Plan That I'm Working On [2014.07.21 06:31:36] updatefile [12] by 한민은

Dear Friends Who Love Korea, Korean, and everything about Korea... For real my friends, I'm building a Website with a large domain with a 50 Gb full of Korean culture, Hangul, Courses on videos also the e-books that i bought i will offer them fo...

[Review] (2014-AUG-24) 8월 PNU언어교환 review [2014.08.28 12:27:19] update [15] by CHLOE♥

안녕하세요~ 클로이입니당!!!!!! :) 다들 잘지내셨지요? 이번 후기는 어어어어어어어엄청 늦었네요 ㅠㅠ 늦은 이유는... 저번주에 무리하며 강행한 스케쥴로 얻은 피로땜에- 요양한다고 쪼매 늦었어요~ 늦게나마 올리니 봐쥬십시옹~~~ 요번주는 초간단 펙트위주로만 적을까합니당..ㅎㅎ 아직 다...

[Forum] When my friends were visiting me... [2014.08.26 16:49:11] updatefile [2] by Icedoda

When my friends where visiting me in Berlin, we were cooking a lot of korean food ^^ It was so delicious. We had a great time, i will really miss them

[Review] (2014-AUG-31) 8월 PNU언어교환 review [2014.09.02 11:12:49] newfile [8] by CHLOE♥

안녕하세요~ 어느덧 8월의 마지막인데다가 벌써 날씨는 초겨울이네요. 간절기인만큼 감기조심하시길 바랄게요~~ 이번주 모임에는 코리안(10명): 클로이, 크루즈, EL, 바타, Alice, 민정, 박정호, 오수민(Lena), Abi, 클레어 뽀리너(6명): Hannah, Anderson, Marc, Conner, Ryan, D...

[Selfie] Please make my holidays longer. Haha! [2014.09.02 11:49:53] newfile [3] by Nadiastars

Hello~ My friends and I in university. This selfie was taken right after our final examination of last semester ended. Those happy faces. Haha :D But now, I only have less than a week before a new semester starts! "Student life" *sigh* Wish me ...

[Forum] life [2014.08.27 20:46:29] update [2] by RakiaXox

Life is full of challenges. Economic difficulties, serious illnesses, family problems, and political unrest plague people on a daily basis. How a person faces each challenge that comes their way however, says much about their character, who they are on th...

This is Korea


[This is Korea] 순천 드라마 촬영지~ [2014.09.02 10:18:27] newfile [1] by wook

순천에 있는 드라마 촬영지라는 곳입니다. 옛날 우리나라의 동네모습을 만들어 놓은 곳입니다. ㅎㅎ 순천에 가셔서 순천만도 보시고 여기 드라마 촬영지에도 한번 가보세요.

[This is Korea] 우리나라의 섬 장사도~~ [2014.09.02 10:03:44] newfile [1] by wook

우리나라의 섬 장사도 입니다. 동백꽃을 보기위해 겨울에서 봄으로 넘어가는 시기에 갔는데 정말 너무 추워서 혼났네요...ㅎㅎ 가보면 아시겠지만 정말 아름다운 섬입니다. 참! 얼마전 별에서 온 그대 에서 나온 장소이기도 하죠... 꼭 한번 가볼만한 곳입니다~

[This is Korea] we just had these [2013.07.13 21:40:07] updatefile [23] by Shawn(운영자)

go stop game & Makgeoli

How are you today?


Hi everyone~~~ [2014.09.02 13:58:37] new [2] by Onew_Princy

가입인사 & Member Search

[Language exchange] korean teacher [2014.09.02 02:48:38] update [1] by Hadnerb

hi, i can teach English but i need some one to teach me Korean

[Dating] Hi nice to meet you [2014.09.02 01:04:10] file [1] by KyungsoonChoi

Hi im Kyung soon. im 26years old. i wanna make foreign friend. Send me a msg. Have a good time

[Greeting] Hiii!! I want to make new friends~~! [2014.09.01 22:45:18] by Nini

Hii everybody!! I've just created a kakaotalk account and i want to meet korean people and people who love korea! thank you (:

[Friends] I wanna make friends ^^ [2014.09.01 22:18:30] [1] by Angelaaaa

Hi my name is Angela. I'm female and 25years old in korea I live in Seoul :) I wanna make a forein friend If u live in Seoul now, we can always hang out and you want to study Korean I can help u I want to make a nice friend :)

[Level Up] 등업부탁드려요~ [2014.09.01 21:53:04] [1] by Mr.lee

열심히 활동한번 해보겠습니다.

[Friends] HELLO ANNYEONG [2014.09.01 16:43:58] [2] by eiykaDHKT


[Greeting] Hi Hello~~~ ^^ [2014.09.01 13:03:29] update [6] by Jszzang

Hello. Register today for new, is An Jae Sung. Were found using the following cafe'm beginning to join day is not until put off. You tried hard to act as such a mind that can be challenged through the paintings tries to do something good, rathe...

[Level Up] Apply again. [2014.09.01 12:52:54] [1] by Jackey

I linked your website at my twitter.

[Level Up] 등업 부탁 드립니다~~ [2014.09.01 12:26:44] [1] by mjy

[Friends] Hey friend! (Eng-Rus) [2014.08.31 22:17:51] update [3] by Dio-chan

Hey I am looking for friends in Korea and oversea, maybe to see you soon! I speak English and Russian languages. Write me

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