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[Friends] Korean 26 Man I want to make friends^^ [2015.07.30 16:59:28] new by SeoungHo

Hi! My name is Seoung Ho, Kim. I'm 26 years old in Korea. I live in Ansan in Gyenggido. I'm a Yonsei University's student. I don't have forigner friends. I can't speak English well.... I sincerly want to make forigner friends. please send e-mail : or Kakao talk's ID : llightl

[Friends] Hi I'm woon [2015.07.30 16:27:04] new by woony

Hello I'm woon, 25 years old girl. (Korean age) Now I'm a university student.  I'm living in Seoul. I wanna find good friends and exchange languages.  I'm not good at English but I wanna talk with you.  My kakao ID : wo3on Have a good day :D

[Open board] [SHOWUL] Why don't you join in SHOWUL's exciting day tour in Seoul? [2015.07.30 16:24:59] newfile by SHOWUL

SHOWUL(Show+Seoul) 8th tour information # We Do - Explore Changdeokgung Palace (The most traditional palace in Korea) - Play exciting games and explore the beauty of the Korean authentic Hanok Village - Party like locals; Enjoy chicken and beer party at the Hangang River # Tour Program : - 15:00~16:30 : Changdeokgung Palace - 16:30~18:0...

[Friends] i want to make foreigner friend [2015.07.30 15:13:47] new [1] by hughoh

i want to make foreigner friend, i live in seoul. and add me kakaotalk ID hughoh if you want, i can send you my pofile pic

[Friends] Korean American Male Here [2015.07.30 14:47:01] new [3] by KP

Hello, I am a 32 year old Korean American gyopo. I was born in Korea but moved to the US when I was 2 and lived there for almost 30 years. I like to exercise and grab a drink, so if you like either of those let me know. I work in Seoul as a lawyer. I am looking for mostly friends, but language exchange is okay. The most important thi...

[Open board] Join us this Saturday! [2015.07.30 01:25:56] file by Jing


[Friends] When i first left Korea to study abroad by myself in USA [2015.07.29 21:09:15] update [2] by JUSEON

When i first left Korea to study abroad by myself in USA, it was quite lonely and daunting, I know that studying abroad can be quite hard, but in the end it would pay off give me opportunities I otherwise wouldn't have if I stayed in Korea. You guys also would have a hard thing in Korea. When I had studied in US, so many nice guys help to ...

[Open board] ENGLISH STUDY SESSION FOR FREE! [2015.07.29 12:17:57] by Jing

Hey guys! I would like to invite those who live in Busan to join us for another English study session on Saturday, August 1st at Cafe Droptop in Jeonpo-dong. It's going to be at 3pm.  I've prepared some activities for the group to make sure that everyone will have a good time. After that, the group discussion will focus on PERSONALITY TRAI...

[Friends] Make foreign friends who live in Busan.^^ [2015.07.29 12:16:26] update [4] by Busanguy

Hello! i am 25 years old. im a man.! i wanted to learn english. lets have a lot in busan.i'll show the korean language and culture.^^ thanks~

[영어과외] 서울 응암동이나 방배동 영어선생님 구합니다. [2015.07.29 11:26:33] [1] by Kihwan

1.지역 : -> 서울 은평구 응암동 // 서울 서초구 방배동 2.과외비 : -> 30000Won 3.요일&시간 :  -> 요일과 시간은 오후 6시 이후로 서로 협의해서 결정했으면 좋겠습니다. 4.간단한 소개(나이,레벨등) -> 저는 33살 평범한 직장인이구요~ 영어는 매우 못합니다. ㅜㅜ     기초부터 튼튼히 다시 시작하고 싶습니다!! ^^ 5.원하는 선생님(국적,성별,나이,학력등) -...

[Friends] I would like to make german friends [2015.07.29 11:02:35] by aLLy

Hallo I live in busan :> Ich wohnen in Busan I have learned german by self study for about 4 month  Ich habe Deutsch gelernt waehrend  vier Monate I would like to make german friends Ich moechte die Freunde machen! Is there anybody wants to be my friend?  :)

[Friends] Hi guys^^ let' s be friends! [2015.07.29 10:25:07] updatefile [5] by Chris10

Hello everyone ^^ my name is taewook. You can call me Chris. I am living in Changwon now. I hope i can find good friends here and talk about culture and travel with having some coffee or beer. I am a elementary school teacher so i think i can help you to learn Korean. I am studying English and japanese. Also, i am interested in Chinese and...

[Friends] Be friends and meet later! :) [2015.07.29 06:32:10] file [1] by mims0703

I'm a foreigner who loves to meet interesting people especially Korean girlfriends since I'm living  in Korea since 2012. I believe I will be here longer. I've met a lot of online friends. We exchange ideas, stories, culture and experiences and become real friends. My name is Alyssa 알리사 living in Yeosu city. 여수밤바다! I'm from Philipp...

[Friends] 라티나가 카카오 한국 친구 찾아요. [2015.07.29 05:21:53] file by Brunette'

Hello, I am reposting on this website lol I got a problem with my phone nd lost all my contacts on Kakaotalk, Whatsapp, Line.. I want my friends back >< I welcome everybody (Koreans and non-Koreans too), especially those who wants a long-term friendship, or are just talkative, lol I want to meet a lot of people ^^ I can help you to learn F...

[Friends] are you? [2015.07.29 03:53:58] by The7phoenix

What's new? How have you been?