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[Announcement] Who wanna join 1st Speed Dating in Seoul? [2014.09.30 09:29:52] updatefile [42] by Shawn(Admin)

Hi, is planning to organize 1st Speed Dating in Seoul Our member Albert.Shim wanna organize this gathering and it will be held in Seoul on ...

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[Weekly Best] Taejongdae Park : Busan [2014.09.23 20:19:51] updatefile [26] by Bliss13

I've been there 3 years ago. At that time i didn't know the meaning of it. Now I got it...I don't know is it right or not? but it's awesome!!! hahaha ...Don't forget to go there if you plan to visit Busan. (then take a lot of photos ^^) I...

[Weekly Best] Who like this triplet 대한민국만세? [2014.09.29 09:35:32] updatefile [27] by Shawn(Admin)

I'm really into this kids these days...They are so cute :D

[Weekly Best] Cherry Blossom [2014.09.30 18:23:03] file [11] by Bliss13

Is it a beautiful shot? I tried to shoot this shot many many many times. This's my first time to see "Cherry Blossom". joyful and amazing!!! I'm really happy with "Cherry Bloom Hunt Trip" (I went to 4-5 cities in Korea for this mission >.<" (^.^)) ...

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[Selfie] what books you like? [2014.09.28 06:25:16] updatefile [8] by Karolina

[Forum] Singapore Airlines' luxurious suite class costs 18,000 USD [2014.10.01 22:28:50] newfile [3] by Shawn(Admin)

Would you like to pay for this seat if you can?

[Forum] 소녀시대 SNSD Jessica is being kicked out from her group by SM Entertainment [2014.10.01 05:23:06] updatefile [17] by Shawn(Admin)

SNSD Jessica’s weibo has been a hot topic as she posted the message that she’s being kicked out from her group by SM Entertainment. No confirmation whether it’s really Jessica who post it or hacker, but Jessica also nowhere to be found in ...

[Forum] Day in Paris with my friends (Paris Fashion Week and Eiffel Tower) [2014.10.01 05:24:10] updatefile [1] by Mecya

Last weekend, I went to the "Paris fashion week" with friends and after we just walked in Paris. We went under the Eiffel Tower and enjoyed the street dances and shows which took place. (Sorry these are in videos maybe I will put them later) ...

[Diary] Why i Started Loving korean.. and still at its peak.... [2014.09.26 19:52:49] file [11] by kyunghee

Hi everyone, My Name is Monica (korean name - shin kyung hee) .. i am 24 yrs old and coming from India. Well i didnt wrote a diary before specially online.. i tend to jot down when i am free in my note pad... i love reading novels and po...

[Forum] Where to put Chat? [2014.09.30 15:18:03] [14] by nenamala

Where is better to have Chat box? My suggestion is to be at the beginning of the page as it used to be so every time we can see if someone is there asking some question or searching for some help. This way it's out of my sight and I even ...

[Diary] Share your experience in learning Korean language ^◡^ [2014.10.01 07:20:36] by Li_

Hello all ^^ ... 안녕하세요 I'll introduce myself ^◡^ I'm 22 years old, I graduated from university last year and I started learning Korean language I've always wanted to learn this language I really love Korean culture, technology and the amazing plac...

[Selfie] to be crazy with friends it's better~ [2014.10.01 01:29:50] file by Rodika

crazy mood with friends the better way of relaxing~

[Forum] ♥strong word~ [2014.10.01 00:59:50] file by Rodika

I like the lit. meaning of the word~

[Selfie] best time of life~childhood <3 [2014.09.27 22:07:08] file [6] by Rodika

♥♥♥ me - 6 years old^^

Dating & Tour

[Dating] Hi~ [2013.12.19 15:52:21] updatefile [31] by jessy2

Hi! Everyone My name is Ji-Won, Please Call me Jessy ! I live in Busan, it' getting cold recently.ㅜ.ㅜ I'm not good at speaking English but I Like Foreign people and English too. I wanna meet many friends(Korean & Foreigner) and keep in to...

[Dating] welcome to my world^^ [2013.12.30 21:23:45] updatefile [20] by mjkong

hi, i'm jamie from busan, korea. i'm looking for someone to hang out in busan. we can learn from each other and do any fun things together. it would be awesome:D contact me plz if you're in busan~~~~

[Dating] Looking for friends [2014.07.03 23:56:46] updatefile [23] by Miriya

Hello I'm an English teacher in Jinju South Korea. I have lived in Korea for a few years and I love traveling and exploring here. I would like to meet people who also like hiking or traveling. I am trying to learn some Korean but my level is ...

[Dating] I'm Korean. [2014.10.02 00:33:19] newfile by patrick.

Hi. i'm chan. 25years old, living in Seoul. I lived in U.S about 6years. I can be your good friend or boyfriend. I'm a college student in UC Davis. If anyone who'd like to meet me, please contact me by wechat or kakao. Just leave the id and...

[Dating] Hello from USA [2014.09.30 06:19:42] updatefile [9] by bubbletea899

Hi! Annyoung! My name is Lindsay and I live near Washington DC, in northern Virginia. I'm 20 years old and a college student. I am looking for a boyfriend :) Message me with your kakao talk!