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[자유게시판] 포인트 질문요 [2016.05.24 16:26:07] new by JunKim

안녕하세요 포인트 관련 질문이 있어 글 올려요 Language Exchange 에서 게시글을 올리려고 하는데 포인트가 필요하다고 하던데요 포인트 얻으려고 하면 어떻게 해야 하나요?

[Friends] Looking for a foreign friend [2016.05.24 16:03:40] new by JunKim

hello! I am Jun Kim, male, 33 years old and living in Busan. I am looking for a foreign friend regardless of gender. I can give a help to foreign friends staying in Busan or in need of help for tour guide in Busan. Also, I can teach you Korean language with Korean. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me at KaKao ...

[원어민영어과외] Looking for a english teacher [2016.05.24 12:02:39] new [1] by Yoo

Student: student of university Dong A Female  Im looking for a teacher in person Level: beginner Plz contact me in kakaotalk Kakaotalk:delay333

[Friends] 27 years old Female from korea. Looking for Female friends!^^ [2016.05.24 11:37:09] new by bbss

I'm MJ and I'm living in Busan. I want to gilrfriend who can teach me English. If you want to teach English or just talk with me and be friend, send me text as KAKAOTALK.♥ my kakaotalk Id : bbangsson

[Language Exchange] In here for adventure. Lets be friends [2016.05.24 10:05:27] new by Kwame

Hey, my kakao id is drtamakloe1. Tell me how you will feel if your friend kissed you on your first date!

[Friends] 한국 친구들 구함>< [2016.05.24 02:01:41] by Sharleen

Looking for a friend from anywhere! Im a 15 years old girl living in indonesia. My kakao id is sharleennetta

[원어민영어과외] Looking for English teacher [2016.05.23 20:29:16] update [1] by Skyhigh

Hi.. I want to be a tour guide for foreigners and last year i got a certification for tour guides. But my English is not that great. That's why i wanna learn English. Contact me when u can teach English kindly.

[Friends] Hi [2016.05.23 20:21:06] update [3] by YONGHUNKIM

i m looking for pen-pal friends . i m interested in foreign culture and language :d and i can teach you korean :) 

[Friends] Hello Guys Looking for Real Friendship [2016.05.23 20:14:17] by Soter

Hi my name is Soter. I am from India. Currently working in South Korea, Busan, If you are near Busan we can meet someday once the time has arrived.  I am native English Speaker i can teach you English if you wish.  We can be friends so take my kako id : soterdani.  please feel free to contact me. I am a easy go guy so messag...

[원어민영어과외] Looking for a English tutor in Seoul (seocho). [2016.05.23 20:14:04] [1] by robina

I'm looking for a English tutor for my kids 5year. looking for a native English. My kakao id is nyer0  e-mail  m.010.4221.1984

[Language Exchange] Talk with me! [2016.05.23 19:17:13] by lusinae

 hi i'm looking for someonen to talk to and practice my korean with. I've been learning korean for a couple of years now. Please contact me, kakao: lulu1502 

[Friends] hello everyone [2016.05.23 18:16:38] update [2] by woong

저는  부산  사는  35살  남자 입니다  퇴직 하고  현제  놀고  있으며  호주로  가서  새로운  시작을  꿈꾸고 있는데  언어의  벽이  힘이드네요 다른  나라  친구들과  많이  접하고  이야기  하고 싶어서  이렇게 올려  봅니다  kakaoid :woong320 i live in  busan  and 35year old retirement and are playing    there go to Australia to start a  new ...

[원어민영어과외] Looking for a American female English tutor in Seoul. [2016.05.23 16:39:37] by 파도소리

I'm looking for a American female English tutor for my kids. They are middle school students and they will move to U.S to study later. So we're looking for a American who give us information about school life in U.S. My kakao id is padosori28 Thank you

[Friends] I'm just looking for any girl friends. [2016.05.23 16:13:57] by Gnuaz

I'm male and 22. just living in Seoul.I can speak English, may be. I'm just looking for foreigner living in korea or living in anywhere, or korean living in Seoul.  just massage to me. :) kakao:jjh9311

[Language Exchange] I want to learn English and kindly teach korean. contact please~ [2016.05.23 11:34:06] by ssamajor

Hi there~ I want to learn english and teach you korean.  I'm living in bucheon, kyunggi, Korea Feel free to contact to me please~ email : good luck to you~