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[Friends] 만나서 반갑습니다 [2015.09.01 03:40:53] new [1] by 클라우디아

안녕하세요! 만나서 반갑습니다! 제 이름은 클라우디아 입니다. 저는 캐나다 에서 왔어요. I'm a woman 38 y/o. I would like to find a Korean very good friend and bf for relationship, we can be at the same time language partners. I can practice English with you and you can teach me Korean. I'm learning Korean. I would like ro learn not only t...

[Friends] I'm looking for foreigner friends who want to exchange language in busan [2015.09.01 03:06:21] new by FreeW

Hi, I'm a korean guy and 35 y.o. I'm living in busan now. I want to exchange language, especially english-korean with foreigner friends who want to learn or practice korean. I also want to enjoy opportunities to share each language and culture. If you want to learn korean or make a korean friend, feel free to contact me by e-mail(...

[Friends] kakao: yamxx0208 [2015.09.01 01:37:19] new by 야미

 Hi, Let's be friends. ㅋㅋㅋ  I'm Yami from Cebu City, Philippines :)

[Friends] from Busan and lookin for friends to talk to~! [2015.08.31 22:33:40] new [1] by daydreamer

Hello! My name is Dean who's Korean. (You can also call me Yeong-Su) I study at PNU(Pusan National University) and teach English. Basically, I was born and raised in Busan. I speak fluent English, Korean, and a little bit of French. I love to hang out with people from all over the world and share cultures. Sports, reading books, tryin...

[Friends] i want to make Girlfrend to only Europe [2015.08.31 18:29:39] file by 도베르만여친만들자

i want to make Girlfrend to only Europe and France,Finland,Russia~ my KAKAOTALK ID : theachis

[Open board] American English tutor (2 years university experience) - Seomyeon (서면 미국 영어 과외) [2015.08.31 16:14:05] file [3] by Sarah_Seomyeon

Hi everyone! I just moved back to Busan after teaching English conversation classes at 전북대학교 for 2 years. I love Busan ^^ We can do 'free talking' lessons or I can create special (speaking, listening, reading, writing, etc.) activities just for you - let me know what you want and when you can meet. Any day is okay - even weekend...

[Friends] looking for friends [2015.08.31 13:01:42] file by xochristina

 My korean age is 17. I live in America and im looking for friends since i plan to move to korea soon, i can also help you with your English. Add me on kakao @christamarie Lets be friends~

[Friends] I want make friend ~~ [2015.08.30 18:54:12] by alfraedo

Hi I am 25 years old and live in seoul. Let's be a friend ~ My kakaotalk id is nursingpark . Register and call me

[Friends] Friendly sociability [2015.08.30 16:41:55] [1] by Hanaone

Hello everyone here, Are there someone who feel your Seoul life is quite boring and are looking for some of new things that make our life slightly change? I mean, our life is really simple so.. I guess all the people can feel bored sometimes, speically in their free time. So I just post here to look for nice people who can enjoy talking a...

[Friends] 안녕~ Make a new friends~! [2015.08.30 10:00:04] update [2] by Joha

Hi~~ Nice to meet you I'm Johanna from Venezuela, I want make new korean friends, we can talk in kakao, if you want learn spanish or english I can help you too ^^ 

[Friends] Looking For Korean Friends!! ^^ [2015.08.30 02:23:17] by SnowQueen

Hi ~~  First of all ^^ I'm Aya 19 year old My hobbies Are Reading and photography Also know more about Cultures And traveling , ...... :)  Looking for Korean friends  I hope we can be good friends For Years and years and don't be hesitate , don't be shy ^_^Just send me a message and Let's chat ^^  and if you want to learn English  ...

[Friends] Hey [2015.08.29 20:56:27] by renka

Hey yow! :) 

[Open board] Private English Tutor Available! [2015.08.29 17:09:02] file by Jing

Hello! My name is Jing. I will be available to teach private English lessons every Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday and Saturday starting September. My rate is less than 30,000won per hour depending on the number of days you want to have a class with me.  If you have questions, feel free to message me on Kakao Talk: anelpark. Thank you!^^

[Open board] Conversational English study group in Seoul (Suyu). [2015.08.28 21:34:48] by Tabasco

I'm going to start an English study group in Suyu for those who'd like to study and practice speaking English. The group will meet regularly at a cafe outside of Suyu Subway Station 2-4 times a week in the evenings. If I get enough interested people I'll also have morning and/or afternoon sessions. Let me know if you're interested and woul...

[Friends] Hi everyone!! Looking for some new friends! ^^ [2015.08.28 13:58:47] by NanaNim

I'm Nana. I'm a 25-year-old teacher from São Paulo - Brazil. I would like to make some friends to exchange language and culture. I'm currently studying korean and I 'm planning on traveling to Korea next year. I'm a very friendly person and if you need help with other languages don't be shy and contact me. My Kakao ID: NanaSouza90 ^^

Jobs in Busan

[Busan jobs] Haeundae Kindergarten+ Elementary students job [2015.08.24 14:28:44] by anonymous

1. Location:Haeundae.,Busan 2. Working hour: 9:40AM ~ 7:00PM 3. Salary: 2.1~2.3Mil KRW 4. Teaching Age Group: Kindergarten+Elementary 5. Fully Furnished Single Housing provided 6. 50% of Health Insurance #######################Contact Information###################### Email: Website: Phone: 8...

[Busan jobs] Private school jobs in Busan [2015.08.24 14:24:09] by anonymous

Private school Job #4011 in BUSAN - Employer: Private Language school - Location: BUSAN - Job start date: Every Month 2015 - Salary: 2.1-2.3 million KRW - Working hours: 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM - Student age group: kinder - elementary school students - Two weeks days paid vacation - Teaching hours: 30 hours per week - One way flight is provided ...

[Busan jobs] Gijang(Jeonggwan) near Busan, kinder and elementary, start fm 10 th Sep. female [2015.08.24 14:20:43] by anonymous

If you are interested in, please send your CV with photo Location: Gijang country (Jeonggwan)near Busan Gender: female Needed: 1 Starting date:10th September .2015 Type of Students :Kinder and elementary Nationality :US,CA Working days a week : Mon~Friday ,, Full time Payme...