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[Weekly Best] Enjoy the beautiful fall~^_____^ [2014.11.04 18:50:33] file [54] by karl.

This photo place is "korea folk village" ^^ very beautiful!!!

[Weekly Best] Festival of Colors in Moldova !! [2014.09.08 21:15:46] file [17] by Karolina

[Weekly Best] Donation for our oversea members [2014.11.15 22:39:38] file [13] by Shawn(Admin)

Hi MKF oversea active members I don't think they would donate just for your visiting Korea So I'm gonna connect you guys and our Korean members with online English tutoring. And they might donate for your helps What do you think ?



[Forum] dress or undress? [2014.11.22 06:48:07] updatefile [5] by nenamala

Where is the limit?

[Forum] What is this? [2014.11.18 10:43:52] update [7] by nenamala

[Forum] my korean boyfriend [2014.11.22 16:05:12] updatefile [29] by monique0511

Our love story starts here in this site. We first met here February this year and we chat chat and chat. After a month we became boyfriend and girlfriend. After a month again he went here in the philippines to meet me. It was so good and so happy :-) he stayed here for 1 month. And he go back here ag...

[Forum] Korean love song [2014.11.22 21:38:53] [3] by monique0511

Can u pls suggest a korean love song :) Coz I want to download and will listen to it every night :) Thank u guys!

[Forum] old poster [2014.11.17 14:44:25] file [7] by wook

이거 기억 나시는 분~~~ㅎㅎ

[Forum] Moldo-Korean Day [2014.11.10 01:52:41] [18] by Karolina

한-몰 수교 22주년 기념행사 및 한국어 문화센터 6 주년기념 행사 ^^

[Active Member Board] My wedding in San Diego U.S [2014.10.31 10:15:16] file [29] by Shawn(Admin)

Did you guys see my wedding photo? I got married to American woman on 8th Feb in San Diego U.S We took a lot of photos but I don't have them in my drive so just this one sorry ^^ I wanna share this photo with our Active members Please share your photos with us ^^ Thank you

[Active Member Board] Lonely Sunset [2014.11.16 19:53:03] file [4] by Bliss13

people around me are couple,they're looking the sun's falling down to the sea while i'm alone  Sunset!!!... makes me feel lonely now ><"

How are you today?


happy day for my dears [2014.11.23 23:07:15] new by hansoon

Weekend is almost over T-T [2014.11.23 19:37:54] new by raeine

just kinda boring day ...:( [2014.11.23 17:05:04] new by Liane



[Busan] Busan Weekday American English Conversation Groups [2014.11.22 23:54:53] updatefile by mnfplatzer

서면/월~금 저녁/90분/1만원/5인그룹 Hello everyone, I am available for 1.5-2 hour conversation classes any day of the week in Busan. Minimum 3 people per group and any level of English is alright. If preferred, we can schedule around lunch or dinner time to have a meal together before or after the meetings. If you'd like to have a group please message me here and we can schedule through Kakaotalk or...

[Busan] I am looking for my english tutor [2014.11.21 15:48:00] [1] by GoodDay

Hello. I'm live in busan. I am looking for my english tutor. I want to speak & listen english very well. How would you like to learn? conversation or If you have a good way, tell me. Location : Nampo-dong or Hadan-dong Fee : 15,000 won/1hr Level : Very beginner Available day&time : Evening during the week Group: 1 on 1 If you can teach me english, contact me. Have a good day.

[Busan] [MKF MEETING IN PNU, 27th Dec. Outdoor Activity: Songjeong Beach MT] [2014.11.21 08:01:57] update [7] by CHLOE♥

[MKF MEETING IN PNU, 27th Dec. Outdoor Activity: Songjeong Beach MT] Hello~ MKF members! Thank you for checking out this announcement of our outdoor activity! We'll book a lodge (a pension) in front of Songjeong beach and have a great time! * DATE : From 3:00 p.m. 27/12/2014 ~ 28/12/2014 (for 1 night and 2 days)  * PLACE : A lodge located in Songjeong (notify the exact place later only to the parti...



[Seoul] English Tutor(Conversation tutor) 영어 빨리 쉽게 간단명료(초,중급) [2014.11.17 11:15:05] file by patrick.

1.How would you like to teach? English conversation  2.Name : BYUN CHAN YOUNG 3.Nationality/Gender/Age/Living in (Dong) - South Korean/ Male / 25 / Living in Gang Su Gu Yeomchang dong 4.Your available date&time(Mon~Sun) Mon: 11am~6pm Tue: 11am~6pm Wen: 11am~6pm Thu: 11am~6pm Fri: 11am~6pm Sat: Up to the schedule  Sun: Up to the schedule 5.Your rate per each group 1 pe...

[Seoul] MKF 서울 2nd 스피드 데이팅 신청받습니다.(한국남 10명 vs 외국여성 10명) 제가 주최하는 마지막 미팅입니다. [2014.11.17 03:12:10] update [42] by Shawn(Admin)

일정: 12월 6일 토요일 - 5시만남 / 5시반에 시작 / 7시에 끝 장소: 신촌 칵테일바 녹스 리더: 필립(미국 교포) 스텝: Voca 참가자: 영어 가능한 싱글 한국남성 10명과 싱글 외국여성 10명 방식: 7분씩 자리를 바꾸며 10명의 이성을 만나보는 시간 참가비: 남성 2만원 / 여성 1만원 칵테일 한잔과 간단한 칵테일안주 제공될겁니다. 무알코올 음료도 있습니다. 참가비 입금되면 자리 확정됩니다. 저...

[Seoul] American English conversation group [2014.11.15 17:35:26] updatefile [7] by IanS

2 hour conversation classes available anywhere from Onsu to Guro along lines 1 and 7. Mondays and Thursday anytime after 5PM, anytime after 2PM on Saturdays Minimum 3 people per class If you contact me on MyKoreanFriends I will send you my Kakao ID Any level of English is OK, I will prepare conversation topics depending on the level of the attendees Regards Ian 현재 토요일 강남 3명더 신청받습니다 ...