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[Announcement] 모든 모임은 정회원이상 회원만 참여 가능합니다. [2014.12.21 23:11:05] new by Shawn(Admin)

준회원은 모임참여 권한이 없습니다. 정회원은 5000포인트부터이고 활동이 귀찮으신분들은 등업신청해주세요 등업게시판에 양식에 맞춰 댓글로 신청해주세요.



[Donation] 후원받습니다. [2014.11.28 15:24:10] updatefile by Shawn(Admin)

다음카페외국인친구사귀기부터 까지 모임참여,튜터 소개등 MKF로 부터 도움을 받으신분들중 감사의 뜻을 전하고 싶은분들은 아래 계좌로 후원해주시면 감사드리겠습니다. 원하시는만큼 기부해주시고 댓글로 성함 알려주세요.후원금은 세이브더칠드런 아프리카 어린이 구조금으로 전액 사용됩니다....



[Weekly Best] my korean boyfriend [2014.11.22 16:05:12] update [46] by monique0511

Our love story started here in this site. We first met February this year and we chat chat and chat. After a month we became boyfriend and girlfriend. After a month again he went here in the philippines to meet me. It was so good and so happy :-) he stayed here for 1 month. And he go back he...

[Weekly Best] Hanok,Korean traditional guest house stay [2014.12.05 17:05:48] file [14] by Shawn(Admin)

Hanok Stay refers to staying in a traditional Korean house. It is a good opportunity to experience traditional Korean lifestyle and culture. The traditional houses available for hanok stays are decades to hundreds of years old. They have been somewhat renovated for the convenience and ...



[자유게시판] Hi guys~ One more question inside!!! please help me~! [2014.12.18 07:54:38] update [5] by TGLEE

Hi there!  This is my second question about english~   Please just share your idea.. It's interpretation of a sentence!   "Have you ever checked out someone from the opposite site?"   It looks a bit simple.. but I want to make sure that my interpretation is right..   If you don't mind please ...

[자유게시판] Award! Just I don't know for what :) [2014.12.19 03:04:12] update [1] by nenamala

I think she deserve award just I don't know for what :)

[자유게시판] Korean love song [2014.11.22 21:38:53] [8] by monique0511

Can u pls suggest a korean love song :) Coz I want to download and will listen to it every night :) Thank u guys!

[자유게시판] A BEGINNER....ALL OF MY FIRST <3<3<3 ALL ABOUT IN KOREA [2014.10.14 22:16:21] file [16] by Jewell

My first hangul word I've known is ANNYEONG ^^ My first favorite Korean foods are Kimbap & black noodles. My first favorite Korean Actor is Jae Hee in My Sassy Girl Chunyhang. My first favorite Korean Movies are My Sassy Girl, Windstruck and The Classic. My first favorite Korean Actresses are Son...

[자유게시판] How i learned Korean ^^ This is my story :D How about you ? [2014.12.10 20:59:48] [4] by Vietnguyen

How I learned Korean I have started watching Korean drama since 1999 (우리가 정말 사랑했을까 / Have We Really Loved) but i was only 6 years at that moment, i wasnt notice about Korea. I only knew drama what i was watching from other country,and Korean symbol really made me confused at that mo...

[자유게시판] OMG [2014.12.12 22:40:30] file [6] by Shawn(Admin)

[자유게시판] Plastic surgery [2014.11.15 06:19:39] file [9] by nenamala

I don't know anything about plastic surgery but do you like it?

[자유게시판] Friendly animals [2014.12.17 02:53:24] file [13] by jojo

Friendly animal. did anybody love animals like cat's and dogs or maybe other kind of animals . this is my sister's cat and she loves it so much . and since she's not always with me she ascked me every time if i take care of it :) i love animals also so no worries it's like a friend to peoples who ...

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[부산과외] Need a talking buddy? [2014.12.08 02:42:19] update [2] by sky603

1.How would you like to teach? Face to Face, Kakao 2.Name Debbie  3.Nationality/Gender/Age/Living in (Dong) Korean Female 20 I can meet you in Nampodong or Seomyeon,  4.Your available date&time(Mon~Sun) Tue, Wed ,Thursday (negotiate) Saturday in the afternoon and early evening. Sunday in the late afternoon.  5.Your rate per each group 1 student= 15,000 won per hour. 2 or more st...

[Busan gathering] [MKF Outdoor Activity: Songjeong Beach MT 27th Dec] [2014.11.21 08:01:57] file [25] by CHLOE♥

[MKF MEETING IN PNU, 27th Dec. Outdoor Activity: Songjeong Beach MT] Hello~ MKF members! Thank you for checking out this announcement of our outdoor activity! We'll book a lodge (a pension) in front of Songjeong beach and have a great time! * DATE : From 3:00 p.m. 27/12/2014 ~ 28/12/2014 (for 1 night and 2 days) * PLACE : A lodge located in Songjeong (notify the exact place later only to the ...

[Seoul gathering] Second Speed Dating in Seoul - review [2014.12.08 10:39:49] file [4] by archerphilip

Thanks everyone for coming. First of all, the owner of the bar Nox was very kind and he helped a lot. We had great drinks, two per person, with some side menu of pretzels and cheese balls haha. We had 9 guys and 8 ladies, but it worked out. Each date was 6 minutes. We had the whole bar to ourselves, and the owner was kind enough to recommend another place for dinner t...

[부산과외] Where is my Tutor ~ ? [2014.11.05 21:43:42] [4] by Elijah

Hello my name is Ki and im 26 years old in korean age and living in Gimhae I looking for my tutor in busan , especially in 서면 or 사상 cuz there is so closed from my city :) I want to study with my tutor on weekend and time is free but we have to some discuss about schedule I want to improve my speaking and listening skills payment is 20000/hour and Ill prepare 1 and half . I hope to ur conta...

[부산과외] I am looking for my english tutor [2014.11.21 15:48:00] [5] by GoodDay

Hello. I'm live in busan. I am looking for my english tutor. I want to speak & listen english very well. How would you like to learn? conversation or If you have a good way, tell me. Location : Nampo-dong or Hadan-dong Fee : 15,000 won/1hr Level : Very beginner Available day&time : Evening during the week Group: 1 on 1 If you can teach me english, contact me. Have a good day.

[부산과외] Help!! I'm looking for tutor in Busan! [2014.12.17 19:59:15] [1] by ScarlettJin

Hello~ my name is YeJin (F) I'm looking for tutor and friend in Busan I'm 17 years old :) I can't speak English well :( so I want to learn English conversation!  I think 1time or 2time  a week. And idont know pay;;.(I think10,000won ~ 20,000won )   my kakaotalk ID is : bks05148(010-8820-1087) Send a message to me ~ ;)