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[Friends] Hi everyone! [2015.03.03 17:49:09] newfile [2] by Ryu

Nice to meet you!   I'm living in the Seoul, Korea.   I want to find language friend at this site.   My name is Mr. Ryu. 36 year old.   My job is environment & energy plant engineer and overseas business manager.   I'm interest various language.   If you want to learn the Korean, send an e-mail to me.

[Open board] Hello ^ ^ [2015.03.03 17:42:53] new by Reonsoru

Hello~ My name is Vanessa, I am 25 years and currently living in Seoul. Originally I am from Germany but I lived in Japan before and have been in Korea for about 1,5 years. I did study Korean before but these days I am just doing part time work. Living abroad can get very lonely, so I would like to get to know new people living here as...

[Friends] Hi [2015.03.03 07:08:23] file [1] by Baraa

Hi everybody,it is really good thing to have friends in this terrible world,anyhow,I am Baraa from Baghdad. I am 36 years.

[Friends] Hello [2015.03.02 22:58:07] file [1] by yunilie

Hello ~~~~~~~~  I am back >.<  I am yuni from INDONESIAAAAAAAAaaaaa ~~ lets chat with me ~~  aaaaah i want to learning korea TT  please teach korea n english ...  ok ? ( because my english still bad TT )  lets to be a good friends .. I am friendly ~~~~~~~~~ i love friends from another country ~~ i will visit korea soon...

[Friends] hi :D [2015.03.02 19:01:54] file [2] by leczjasmine

hi~ i am leczjasmine from the philippines, and i am 16 years old. i am a kpop lover , interested in knowing korean culture and korean language. I use kakaotalk, so if you want to be friends with me please send me message :D thank you ^_^

[Friends] Hi everyone ! [2015.03.02 08:34:23] file [2] by Ammy

 My name ammy 27 year old from thailand :) i'm new on here wish to found nice friends.  

[Friends] Let's be friends [2015.03.02 00:05:56] [3] by Brandon

Hello. i'm Brandon from korea. I'm 27 years old man. I'm living in seoul now. i would like to share our languages and be friends. Please text me or add me in kakao ( ID : xyxyx ) Thank you

[Friends] Hi...Let's be friends!^^ [2015.03.01 21:55:10] updatefile [3] by LeviMei name is Levi..I'm 24 years old from Indonesia... I'm looking for long term friend... If you interested you can add me on Line or Kakao talk...^^ My id is "levimei"

[Friends] 안녕하세요~ hello!^^ [2015.03.01 20:45:41] file [2] by michintae

Hello to everyone!~ My name is Anastasia and I'm Ukrainian! I'm 19 y.o. I'm student of Kiev National Linguistic University and my major is Korean Language! I'm looking for Korean friends. I'll visit Korea in 2017 for study. Before that I need a lot of practise and good friends. I hope I will not alone in Korea! Please, add me on KakaoTal...

[Friends] Anyone in Seoul?? [2015.03.01 20:09:48] [1] by Seouler

 Hi How are you doing? As title is saying.I am looking for friends in seoul who want language exchange or just hangout friend. I am Korean Male and working near 광화문 so we could grab a coffee or beer once or twice a week If you are interested in, add me up my Kakao Mine is bob506 Hope to hear from you~ Have a good night

[Open board] hi [2015.03.01 19:09:50] by katharin

greeting from indonesia :) I'm Korean students. let's make friends ^^

[Friends] I'm looking for friend who can hangout or travel with me. [2015.03.01 17:35:41] [2] by Jimmy

Hello guys~!!! I'm  jimmy from Korea and 25yrs. I lived in DaeGu,Korea my whole life and trying to seek foreigner friends. But not that easy  I thought... lol I hopefully belive this website will help me a lot that u guys think!!! I want to meet up new friends and hangout, go travel, eat food or sometimes exchange our language. I do like l...

[Friends] HI Guys! I'm Karen from Philippines! :) [2015.03.01 13:44:16] by renka

Hello! Guys! I'm Karen from Philippines! :) I'm 17 years old! Studying Office Administration :) I love Korea, KPOP BigBang Fan here! And I also l love Watching RunningMan, XD because it's funny, and watching Korean Drama is my hobby! I hope we can be friends in Kakao talk : my id is Renka0821 :)

[Friends] 안녕하세요~ [2015.02.28 12:05:48] update [6] by Crystel

Hi! I'm Crystel, from France, and i can speak english and a little korean (i'm learning ^^). I'm searching for some people who couls be my friend and who could talk to me in korean and teach me some words :) I can also teach you some words in Frech if you wan it to ! Let's be friends :) I also have Kakao Talk! My ID is crystelofficial

[Open board] i am korean (boy 16years) [2015.02.28 00:29:11] [4] by hyukmin

  I am korean  i am a boy  i am 16years old I live in pohang,korea I am good at speaking english I want to make many friends!!!@,@ My kakaotalk ID : khm2862