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[Language Exchange] English and/or Spanish tutoring [2017.02.26 00:09:16] new by 영스어96

Hello, my name is Jin Won Bang and I come from Guatemala. I'm currently a student at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. I am looking for some students in Seoul. I can speak English and Spanish fluently, so if you have any interest in learning or improving in any of these two languages please contact me via email or kakao talk or just le...

[Language Exchange] If you are interesting!! [2017.02.25 02:15:57] by alsakasaka85

Hi How are you I would like to learn Korean Language,I can help with practicing English Language or Arabic Language  If you are interesting please contact me via my Skype or KakaoTalk.   Skype : saka.asaka KakaoTalk:  Alsakasaka Regards

[원어민영어과외] Looking for an English tutor [2017.02.25 01:23:39] by wlee

[Job Requirements]   - Advanced English, especially regarding verbal language  - Preparation for colloquium/debate/presentation at the graduate level  - Critical thinking & logical reasoning [Job Qualifications]  - Native speaker from North America (no gyopo), no younger than 30  - Experience in business and/or academia  - Deg...

[Language Exchange] 영문학 전공하는 대학생입니당! :) [2017.02.24 23:49:11] by mirae97

안녕하세요! Tamara예요:) 한국인친구 만들고싶어요! 저는 영문학 전공하는 대학생이애요 혹시 영어 배우고싶은 분 있나용? 제가 도와드릴게요!^^ 우리 친하게 지내요!~ hi! my name is Tamara:) i want to make Korean friends! i'm a university student majoring in English is there anyone who wants to learn English? i'll gladly help you!^^ le...

[Language Exchange] Hello, lets be my friends, I want to friend from korean :) IDKakaotalk: raeunabtob [2017.02.24 19:15:12] by rizqita

Hello! My name is Rizqita Dhia Fairuza, you can call me Risa, and my name in korean is 신라은. I can speak english and korean (a little bit). I want have so many friends from korean. Please call/message me :) Thank you and let's be my friends.. Instagram: @rizqitaicha IDLine & IDKakaotalk: raeunabtob

[Looking for students] Affordable English Lesson [2017.02.24 15:58:43] by Sellieseva

I am an experienced English tutor. My lessons are highly communicative, interactive for adults and game-based for children. It designed based on the needs of each student-customized lessons built just for you. Informal, humorous, and easy going I can help you with...-Conversation/speaking and listening -Pronunciation and Intonation-Reading...

[Language Exchange] I want to make korean friends!! [2017.02.24 03:21:50] by sahar

Hi, I'm form Iran and  I'm looking for Korean friends. i can speak english but yeah you know its not to good  I want to learn Korean language :)  I hope that you can help me.  I'm interested in Korean culture :) I'll wait your message~ My Kakao ID: sahar2009

[Language Exchange] i need korean friend [2017.02.23 22:05:39] by nov

Hello   my name is nov i need korean friend , i can speak english but yeah you know its not to good i very interested to korean culture and yes i love k-pop here's my line id : risky_novitasari help me :)  i hope we can be a friend

[Language Exchange] I can speak Korean and English and want to learn French~! [2017.02.23 17:08:20] by jin_1

Hello my name is Jin and I am form Korea. If anyone can teach French and wants to learn Korean, please kakao me. My ID is ally339  (if you find a cute dog pic, that's me!) If anyone who lives in Busan will be even better, since French pronunciation is so difficult, so we can meet at any cafe and talk in French and Korea.  If we become c...

[Jobs in Korea] English Teacher-Parttime, near Seogang Univ [2017.02.23 14:18:27] by ene

We are looking for the following teaching positions:   E&E is looking for teachers who want to work at Institute (Hagwon) in Seoul.   Near 서강univ(LINE#6)   About the positions:   Elementary G1-6( 7-12 years old) Mon/Tue/Wed, 3 times per ...

[Looking for students] Professional Language Teacher with 14 Years of Experience in Europe and Canada (F6 Visa)(Seoul)(Korean Consultation Available if Needed) [2017.02.23 13:54:43] [2] by George

Hello, My name is Jorgen. I am married to a Korean citizen and hold an F6 visa. We moved to Seoul from Canada, at the end of January, 2017. I live in the Gaepo-dong area. I am a qualified English language instructor, with over 14 years of teaching experience in both Europe and Canada. I have taught a variety of courses, wi...

[Language Exchange] I'm looking for korean friends. [2017.02.23 05:22:11] by Nala

Hi, I'm form Poland and I'm looking for Korean friends. I want to learn Korean language :) I hope that you can help me. I'm interested in Korean culture :) My kakao id: ailatan95

[Language Exchange] let's be a Friend and help each other! [2017.02.22 16:25:41] by scpcr

Hi! my name is gyu dong and i'm living in Daegu. i'm supposed to move to ireland in a month but i'm not good at english. if anyone need to help with Korean then i can help you and you could be Friends and i can speak dialect and standard language.(except jeju dialect) as you know many of books , music lylics are not perfect. best way ...

[Language Exchange] I want to learn language please contact me. We can be friend [2017.02.22 02:21:10] by Fong

Hi I'm 20 years old I'm study in university. I want to learn korean and another If you want to learn thai We can exchange together. My kakako ID : chaleedodo

[자유게시판] English study club in Suyu [2017.02.22 01:59:19] by Tabasco

I'm going to host an English study club in Suyu for those who'd like to learn/practice English. Meetings will be held several times at a cafe near Suyu Station in the evening around 5 pm. So, if you live in and around Suyu and want to learn or brush up on your English let me know. John