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[자유게시판] 사이트에 건의사항 남겨주세요.Please give us your opinion for MKF [2016.05.19 11:30:06] [17] by Shawn(Admin)

Please give us your feedback on how we can improve MKF. For example, add news about Korea. Your opinion will be really helpful in developing our website. 사이트에 건의하고 싶으신거 있으시면 댓글로 남겨주세요

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[Looking for students] Welcome for Private classes at my Academy or bringing them to your location [2016.07.29 01:26:43] new by Samuel

 Individuals or groups are all welcome for english classes at the private academy which is located near GwangAn Station. Classes at the school are rated at 30.000/hour. Classes at your place -40.000/hour. Korean -American with 10year experience, teaching from elementary to adults. For more information plz text: 010-97113253  (she speaks ko...

[Friends] Annyeonghaseyo, [2016.07.28 23:42:39] by awe

Annyeonghaseyo I'm Indonesian and i want to have friend from another country espesially korean because i want to learn korean language. if you want to be friend with me please add my kakaotalk id: kny3030 don't be shy, ^^

[Looking for students] Busan (preferably Myeongji, Jinhae, Hadan or Sasang. Yongwon is okay) [2016.07.28 14:20:27] by Wonamin13

Busan 2016.07.28 14:16 Experienced Native Canadian Teacher availableWonamin13 Views 0 Votes 0 Comment 0 Extra FormLocationBusan - (Preferably Myeong, Sansang or Jinhae . Yongwon is okay)Hours1hourFee40000wonHow oftenTwice a weekDayMon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,S...

[Friends] Hi im looking for friends here [2016.07.27 15:04:04] file [11] by Shin1013

hi my name is Shin and korean.i'd like make friends around of wolrd!  pls add me below apps *only girl pls KIK : ssszzzsss11 wehchat : sss133zzz

[Friends] I want have friend Korea [2016.07.27 12:57:21] file [3] by Pan

Hi~ I'm Pan, I live in Thailand. I want have friend Korea. I can speak Korean little bit.  You can speak with me

[Looking for students] Speaking (interview), TOEIC, editing, writing, grammar [2016.07.27 10:57:42] by Serenity

Dear all, My name is Angela and i am Korean-Canadian. I graduated with a honours bachelor degree and TESOL degree at University of Toronto, Canada.  My experience varies from tutoring one on one to teaching a class of 10 to 15. If you are interested, message me at 010-3039-4032.

[Friends] hello~ I wanna foriegn friend!! [2016.07.27 06:17:10] file [2] by davido7

nice to meet u!i want to make some foriegn friend who live in korea now. Wanna speaking and hanging out together. If u have interest on me, plz reply on this 

[Looking for students] 영어스피킹 무료 2시간 수업 후 결정하세요 [2016.07.27 06:04:03] by hrn

아직도 영어스피킹을 공부로 하시나요? 영어는 공부가 아닌 트레이닝입니다.  수영이나 헬스같이 입과 귀를 훈련해나가야 합니다. 그냥 듣고 애기하고 외우고 간단히 말하고 ...그런방법으로는 한국 성인학습자에겐 큰 효과를 보기 힙듭니다. 1. 정확한 발음교정,  리듬을 익히고 2. 머리속의 생각을 빠르게 영어로 표현해나가는 효과적이고 지속적인 훈련만이 답입니...

[Friends] Hi I'm 38 y.o. (female) looking for Korean friend. I'm from Thailand. [2016.07.27 02:42:47] [2] by tpd

Hope to exchange stories, culture, interest, etc. with you so if you're seeking for Thai friend, please write me. Thank you. 

[Looking for students] English & Coffee in Seoul & Gyeonggi-do. [2016.07.26 20:56:52] by ExChicagoBoy

Are you a sincere person wanting to learn English face-to-face? If yes, read on. Indicate your interest/s from: 1. Business English [Indicate your level] 2. English Speaking, Conversations, Free Talk, etc. [Indicate your level] 3. Exam/Test Preparations [TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, OPIc], Report writing, Proof reading, etc. 4. Intonation, ...

[Friends] 한국 친구 찾으려고 [2016.07.26 18:49:04] [1] by Gadis

안녕하세요인도네시아 온 가디스라고합니다.  저는 부산에서 한국어를 배우고 있는데 한국어 능력이 아직 잘 못 합니다. 하지만 저는 한국 사람이랑 의사소통을 하고 싶습니다~ 영어를 배우고 싶은 한국 사람들에게도 좀 가르칠 수 있습니다 친구합시다~ ^^  카카오 : GadisAmalia9 ^^ 

[원어민영어과외] looking for english tutor in busan [2016.07.26 11:17:07] [7] by loic

 2 students female and male  (super beginner & very elementary level)  american, canadian, austrailian, british, irish and so on, prefer female tutor  Fee and time   is  flexible.  leave reply and  your kakaotok id  or digit please  

[원어민영어과외] Tutor! Please read this article [2016.07.26 00:06:30] by Shawn(Admin)

Students are looking for a tutor whom can meet face to face so if you're online tutor then please do not comment on their ad. If you're living in Korea and you're native English speaker then please introduce about yourself first when you comment. Thank you

[원어민영어과외] 오산 Osan/6 hours a week p/t job around Osan stn line 1 [2016.07.25 16:54:20] by Tonytony

Hi.........It is Tony I am looking for a native teacher for a job below.. job 1......35.000 an hour place : around Osan stn(#P160) on line 1 time : 3~6 or 4~7 p.m on any 1 day a week 3 hours a day...........3 hours a week student: elementary school students Feel free to call me if u have any question.... Thanks......... Tony: 010 9828 0575...

[Looking for students] Only English tutoring job,only native English speaker can post in this section. [2016.07.25 16:19:19] by Shawn(Admin)

This section is only allow for Native English speaker whose come from U.S,Canada,U.K,Ireland,Australia,New Zealand,South Africa. And please do not make a new post if you already made one. If you modify your post then it would be showing up the top of the page.