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[Friends] I want to learn korean eheh [2015.04.28 02:14:13] new by Kim

 Annyeong~~  i'm kim and im from ph and 15y/o.   i want to learn about korean language and korean culture. I also want to make some friends~~ i am also into kpop and kdramas and bands and anime and stuff

[Friends] Hi I'm Leili, 16 and I live in Texas, looking for new friends and an language exchange maybe? :) [2015.04.28 02:09:55] new by Leili

I want to make new friends, it doesn't really matter if you're Korean or not. (But if you're Korean you could help me improve my Korean maybe? ^_^) Bc I'm going on a student exchange to Seoul in 4 months :))) anyways feel free to text me in kakao! Id: leiliaac 

[Friends] Looking for friends [2015.04.27 19:32:39] new by Irene

  Hello. My name is Charity but people usually calls me by Irene so it's up to you. I'm 14 years old and live in Jakarta, Indonesia.  I'm looking for foreign friends right now since I'm so bored these days. Maybe we could be friends and have a long lasting friendship. I want to make a lot of friends. But I'm going to ignore smut things.  M...

[Open board] "I wanna make friend" and "I wanna get information about korea"!! here!! [2015.04.27 18:28:46] by jasonjang

I made facebook page! About korea's culture and tourist attractions!! Into.. you will be that have many friends and you get many informations After join! Like and following please 

[Friends] JOIN OUR PARTY! [2015.04.27 10:24:17] by RAy222

Hi all, I'm inho Lee. recently I'm living in Korea and planing to make some youtube videos that will be introducing Korean cultures and everything about Korea, So I need your helps. We need ppl can translate from Korean to your languages, especially English, Chinese and Indonesian. Our plan is just for fun, so don't hesitate contact us:) ...

[Friends] I am looking for friend [2015.04.27 08:12:43] [1] by dan0702

Hello my name is Dan from korea. I am 26 years old. I would like to make forighner friend. I am very easy going and I can teach you Korean.  I like playing music, watching movie, conversation. I am also interested in learning other countries culture. Please feel free to contact me. My kakaotalk is dan0702. Also my email address is gkrry123...

[Friends] New here ^^ [2015.04.27 01:34:23] updatefile [6] by Brunette'

Hello everybody ^^  I am new here and i would love to make a loooooot of friends, korean or non-korean it doesn't matter! I like talking, so I think my only condition is that you would be quite a talk active person lol xD Umm i can help you learning some language too (French, English..)  Anyways hope i get a feedback from you soon, you can...

[Friends] Please teach me the korean language..부탁해요☺ [2015.04.26 22:59:32] by Dandance

Hi, my name is Danica. I'm from the Philippines. I would like to have korean friends that can teach me their language and their culture. I'll help you with your english, too. And if you're interested in anything about the Philippines I'll be glad to help. Message me through kakao,  my id: Dandance14

[Friends] Hong dae Korean guy is looking for foregin friends [2015.04.26 13:32:25] file by jaewan

Yo guys i live in hongdae my kakao : tastejj iam 100% korean want to learn korean or somethin likethat contact me i can share my thin have a good da

[Friends] Need a Korean friend to improve my korean language [2015.04.26 10:58:40] by Knxhuiyen

Hi! My name is Kennix . I live in Indonesia . Im interested in korea Language and culture , i hope i can find a korean who can help me to improve my korean and tell me more about Korea . I can speak Bahasa indonesia , English and Mandarin (basic) Add my Line Or kakao : Armybabestie

[Friends] Hi!!! If you want to make Korean friend... just let me know :) [2015.04.26 05:10:59] update [13] by Justin

Hi, I'm Justin. I'm a Korean and university student. Lol!!! Now I'm living in USA as exchange student. However, I'll back to Korea in June. If you want to make a Korean friend, I could be. In addition, I am living in Gyeonggi-do and I usually visit to Seoul 4 or 5 times per week.  Just let me know whether you want or not.  I could be yo...

[Friends] Korean guy is looking for foreign friends [2015.04.26 00:45:45] update [2] by Teazy

Hi~ my name is Teazy. I live in Seoul. I'm learning english. I want to meet foreign guys and girls for language exchange and friendship. If you're near Seoul, I can help in Seoul life. I like climbing mountains and riding bicycle during weekends. my kakao id is amgam. Message me if your interested. Thank you.

[Friends] Hi im a korean guy i wanna make foreign friend [2015.04.25 23:24:03] [2] by 몽형

 안녕하세요 ㅎㅎ Hey my name is 경훈 Im 28 and my job is middle school teacher I wanna make good friend  Kakao id : xolo88

[Friends] 인천 사는 외국인이구요.한국어 가르쳐줄 친구 필요해요 [2015.04.25 22:53:41] by Raja

Hello. 안녕하세요 i am living in incheon 인천 and i am learning Korean language. I need Korean friends who can help me in my study and tell me about Korean culture. My kakao id is salmanraja22 and line id is slso same. Pls contact to me