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[Weekly Best] A Plan That I'm Working On [2014.07.21 06:31:36] updatefile [19] by 한민은

Dear Friends Who Love Korea, Korean, and everything about Korea... For real my friends, I'm building a Website with a large domain with a 50 Gb full of Korean culture, Hangul, Courses on videos also the e-books that i bought i will offer them for free for everyone who loves Korean Culture... ...

[Weekly Best] I really miss summer in Germany... [2014.03.27 04:14:12] updatefile [28] by Rodika

These was my daily clothes during I work in a hotel in Germany...I had really funny time there...

[Weekly Best] 대한민국만세 유행어 모음 [2014.10.15 13:34:32] updatefile [11] by Shawn(Admin)

귀여워 죽겠네요 ㅋ



[Forum] Korean letters don't want to listen to me! [2014.10.29 11:52:49] update [4] by nenamala

Don't laugh! It took me almost half an hour to type this: ㄷㅏㄺ자ㅇ 손에는 암 따ㄺㅇㅣ (it should be something about chickens) Why did letters group in some funny way? :(

[Forum] Have you ever cried watching a drama or movie [2014.10.29 03:47:34] updatefile [19] by jay10692

Hi all.. I was just wondering as to how many of us cry,or are carried away by the emotions of the actors.. I mostly cry but that is due to the Ost played in the background and sometimes due to the acting... Recently cried seening one such drama.. I guess all of us would have had this kind of exp...

[Active Member Board] Request me a crown for chat room [2014.10.30 16:11:08] newfile [22] by Shawn(Admin)

Hi active member, I renewed chat room so I lost all of set on the old chat room. If you want to have crown,please leave a comment Thank you

[Forum] In the cold time, coffee can warm you^^ [2014.10.19 17:52:55] updatefile [6] by Karolina

[Forum] a Family trip [2014.08.11 10:29:41] updatefile [4] by khadidja

I dont know about u guys but today was the b2st day in my life today i knew what is the meaning of traveling with family

[Forum] Some dorama ? [2014.10.29 07:21:18] update [10] by mimy_nvo

I finished one dorama but I want to start another....some one can recommend one? If is possible that be romantic and very funny

[Forum] How can you get delivery food in korean [2014.10.30 20:02:49] new by 한국남자

Hello guys i don`t know how many people are living in korea but i hope it will help for you guys if you are living in korea let`s be friend and send me meassage whatsoever       When you are hungry at home, you don't want to cooking and go out at home, right? So, I want to introduce you guy...



Can't access my Message Box [2014.10.30 14:08:40] new [2] by Jikai

I can't access my message box. It says Error. Template does not exist. What's wrong? I also can't vi...