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[Announcement] 부산 일요일 언어교환 4시입니다 [2014.08.25 15:07:39] by Shawn(Admin)

Busan sunday language exchange starts 4pm

Weekly Best


[Weekly Best] Walking time in the park~ [2014.08.04 05:11:44] file [20] by Rodika

I'm in long green dress^^, was a funny time together with new korean volunteers ♥

[Weekly Best] This is Me... The New Look (For 5 days) [2014.08.03 00:28:06] file [13] by 한민은

How do You Find The Smile Guys ? *v* Like Jocker hahahaha

[Weekly Best] Korean restaurant [2014.07.01 23:54:55] file [10] by Rodika

A lot of people ask me, if there is Korean Restaurant in my country...Hmmm... is very sad, but we don't have one...but I'd like if someone open one I think I'll be there everyday...Hmmm in my country is really easy for a foreigner to start a b...


[Forum] 싱가폴 질서의식 한국보다 낫네요 Etiquette in Singapore [2014.08.28 08:39:59] newfile [3] by Shawn(Admin)

Singpore ppl are wating train side of door 지하철 기다릴때 중간에서 기다리지 않고 측면에서 기다리네요 이게 당연한건데 한국사람들은 그렇지 않으니 이런건 배워야 합니다

[Forum] What are some aspects of Korean people, culture and society that you consider to be positive ? [2014.05.02 05:21:42] update [8] by golu

What are some aspects of Korean people, culture and society that you consider to be positive ?

[Forum] we just had these [2013.07.13 21:40:07] updatefile [18] by Shawn(운영자)

go stop game & Makgeoli

[Forum] Pray [2014.07.27 20:20:13] updatefile [1] by RakiaXox

It's is not about religion. This is about humanity. ‪#‎PrayForGaza‬ ‪#‎PrayForPalestine U Dont need to be a Muslim to stand up for Gaza and Palestinian people , U just need to be a Human .....Please support Gaza with any thing...with pray , D...

[Forum] Which city do you think the best to live in Korea? [2013.06.21 09:55:28] update [51] by Shawn(Admin)

Seoul is capital city and well developed but crowd , Busan has ocean,weather is warm,people are kind,less crowd,convenient enough. Incheon has international air port,close to Seoul In my personal opinion,Busan is the best among the cities of Kore...

[Forum] 찜질방 [2013.08.24 17:11:05] updatefile [19] by Shawn(운영자)

In 찜질방 now

How are you today?


Everyday school life starting once again [2014.08.28 11:00:54] new by MilkyBunneh

Whyyyyy summer have to end so fast --- ~

how are you? [2014.08.27 19:48:07] by cruze

It's hot today!! I will go pool!! It's cool!!

My Birthday !!!! [2014.08.27 18:16:34] update [2] by Mecya

Really great because today it's my birthday !! 18 years old now

가입인사 & Member Search

[Dating] im filipino [2014.08.28 08:54:55] new by tinavillarna

hi :) my name is tina villarna you can call me tina. I am new here im 16 year old i want to learn how to speak korean

[Friends] Hi guys~:) [2014.08.28 01:27:01] new by msy

Hi I'm new here! Very nice to meet you ^^ I wanna make some foreign friends here I like watching dramas and movies and also like listening to music. I live in Yeosu in Jollanamdo. If we have a chance or if you don't mind, I hope we could keep...

[Level Up] 등업요청 [2014.08.28 00:58:08] new [2] by msy 전체공개로 올렸습니다~등업부탁드려요~

[Level Up] 등업 신청합니다. [2014.08.28 00:08:37] new [1] by What? 링크달았습니다.^^ 등업 부탁드릴께용

[Greeting] life [2014.08.27 20:46:29] by RakiaXox

Life is full of challenges. Economic difficulties, serious illnesses, family problems, and political unrest plague people on a daily basis. How a person faces each challenge that comes their way however, says much about their character, who they are on th...

[Greeting] hi~!!! [2014.08.27 19:42:22] update [6] by jaymi

Hi ~~~ everyone ♡ My name is Jeongmi, but just call me 'J' I'm koreans. I live in Korea. oh, i'm 26 and... Pretty Girl ~~~^^* (Sorry...) I speak just a little English. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I'm not good at English but I want to study English more by correspon...

[Greeting] 안녕하세요^^ [2014.08.27 16:29:31] update [2] by seokyeong

Hi My name is Seokyeong Lee. I'm koreans. I'm 14years old. I'm a girl who wants learn studying english. so i was signing up"My korean Friends". so i want make a friends. nice to meet you. 쓰느냐 힘들었네요 ^^ 앞으로 잘 부탁드립니다! 

[Friends] looking for free travel friend [2014.08.27 15:55:52] [1] by Ryul(안형률)

hey i'm newbie in here. i'm 21-year-old in Western age I think im ordinary korea university student, but my friends always called me twat or wanker as a good meanin' (sometimes i do crazy things like frightening friends or dancing on the street.) ...

[Level Up] 등업신청합니다 [2014.08.27 15:17:47] [1] by Ryul(안형률) 전체공개로 올렸어요~

[Greeting] Hi~glad to be in here. [2014.08.27 14:26:05] [1] by Haley2

Hi Everyone in MKF! My English name is Haley. I joined here today. That's because I want to make some good foreign friends through this site. also I wish for being a good korean friend of you. as you can see my english isn't very good, but I c...

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