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[Language Exchange] Hello 40s [2017.06.27 04:51:29] new by Zoey.joung

Hello 40s, I live in Seoul Dobong-gu, 42years old and I am an working mother. I want to friends who can exchange language and culture. But more important thing is that I would like to talking about sentiments of people who lives in same age. I love sports. I like swimming, shooting, weight training and I enjoy bowling on weekends. If you i...

[Jobs in Korea] Tutoring in Gwangju [2017.06.26 22:36:32] new by Abla

I'm a Moroccan 24years old female , currently living in Gwangju. And I graduated language literature. I speak Arabic , english , and i can speak a little korean. If you are interested send me here :

[원어민영어과외] looking for English tutor [2017.06.26 19:31:24] new by seymom

I'm looking for english teacher for my daughter. Details are followed. -. Area: AnYang, PyoungChon -. Age: 9 years old -. Englisht Status:  beginner -. Requirement   -> Female   -> Native speaker   -> Friendly personality (because my daughter is very shy with new person)   -> Schedule: can be discussed (prefer Monday, once a wee...

[Jobs in Korea] Looking for Native English Teacer for July. [2017.06.26 13:38:48] by Emily.W

English Kindergarten school 5-7 years old. School hours: 9:30-5:30 Working hours : we can discuss it. (flexible) Period: July and Aug.   Rate: 30,000~/hour Location: Haeundae, Busan(Around Jangsan) Nationality: USA, Canada, England, Austrailia, New Zealand, South Africa only Requirements: Those with a university degree or equivalen...

[Jobs in Korea] [Full Time] Haeundae [2017.06.26 11:17:32] by Emily.W

Hello, We're currently looking for a native English teacher. Please refer to the information below. [Haeundae, English Kindergarden students]  1. Working hours :  Mon to Fri : 09:30am - 05:30  2. Starting Date (A year contract) : Aug or End of Aug 3. Students : Kindergarten ~ Elementary stdudents 4. Location : Haeundae, around Jangsna   ...

[자유게시판] English study meetings in Nonhyeon [2017.06.26 02:36:58] update by Tabasco

Hello everyone, I'm going to host a study group in Seoul for people who want to study general English with emphasis on speaking. It's for those who are interested in studying English hard with hopes to become fluently speakers in the near future. Meetings will take place in Nonhyeon several times a week and it'll be membership based. Lea...

[Language Exchange] Looking for foreign friends to hang out with~ [2017.06.26 02:30:57] by tankpond

I'm a 26 year old Korean currently working as a English - Korean translator in Seoul. I'm looking for foreign friends in my motherland to hang out with~.(I also commute between Seoul and my hometown Cheongju regularly so anyone who lives near Cheongju 청주 is also welcome~.) As someone who works in the translation business I can help you w...

[Language Exchange] Want to speak with a Korean person [2017.06.26 00:57:24] update [4] by MinYoung

Hello everyone, I would like to have a Korean penpal who would help me learn Korean and tell me about Korea! I speak English quite well so I can help you or I can explain you how France is and things like that ^^ I hope I can make some friends, don't hesitate to text me, I would love to speak with you! Thank you and see you soon! ^^

[Language Exchange] Language Exchange?~ [2017.06.24 04:38:45] [3] by Areya_01

Hi~! I'm Areya and i am 17 years old :) I'm starting Collage soon and i would really like to learn Korean! i can also help you learn and improve your English too if you like? Don't be afraid to message me~ haha :) KakaoID: 5801AT Facts about me~ - I love to dance and play sports - I am studying History, Health and Sociology at...

[Looking for students] English tutor in Busan [2017.06.24 03:05:32] [1] by LenaZ

Hello my name is Lena. I am from the Czech Republic but now I am currently living in Busan. I have been tutoring English for 2 years in my country then I lived in Great Britain and in Greece. I had many students with different levels of English. From beginners, graduated high school students to university students. I prefer work mo...

[Language Exchange] Need a friend? You can make one [2017.06.23 16:19:05] by Neo

 Hello. Im Neo, 35yrs and live in Gangnam, Seoul. I would like to make any friends here in Korea. We can talk and hangout together. Not only for friendship, but also for language exchange. However, friendship is more important for me :) I like Koreans and any foreigners from any country as well. And I want friends who live in Seoul or any ...

[원어민영어과외] Look for English tutor, Gangbuk-gu [2017.06.23 11:46:56] by spectrum

I’m looking for a native speaker for 11 years old boy. His english command might be equal to 3rd grade american student or more. He likes to read & discuss science related book (ex. Spectum science grade 4 or 5) with a tutor. we live near subway line 4 miasageori, (Sungin-ro, Gangbuk-gu) North Seoul Preferred time: Every Wednesday ...

[Language Exchange] I want to learn Korean [2017.06.23 01:51:23] [3] by yasmene

Hi, I am currently living in Jeju, South Korea but only know a few Korean words. I would love to learn a lot more Korean, if anybody would be willing to help me then please feel free to message, and I can help you with English also. Thank you.

[Language Exchange] Hi guys~ I'm looking for someone who can language exchange [2017.06.22 17:47:26] [1] by JohnLee

Hi guys~ My name is John Lee from Seoul. Q: What brings you here? A: Okay. I'm looking for someone who can language exchange. First of all, I want to improve my English skills (My English is not good TT) Because I will go to other country to study after 2 months. So I really hope my life is well there. and then I'm very inte...

[Language Exchange] Can anybody teach me KoReAn Language [2017.06.22 11:09:31] by Sud

 Hi this is Sud. I am looking for a help to overcome with my korean language difficulties. I am extremely keen to learn it, in return i can exchange with english. Lets also hangout, chat etc. I am fond of korean food too. Kakao id: sud