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  • title: KoreaShawn(Admin) 2014.02.18 오후 15:55
    Greeting section is only for saying hello to everybody(카카오 남기면 글 삭제됩니다)
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    title: IndiaPadhu 2014.11.18 오후 14:56
    Hello... iam happy to see ppl back after a long time.
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    title: PhilippinesMaui 2014.09.30 오후 21:07
    Greetings from the Philippines, MABUHAY(^_^)/... Lets be friends everybody ... 1
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    title: winkyiknujeel 2014.09.30 오전 00:45
    long time no see~ ^^ how are you guys~?? i just came from my hometown~ and winter is coming soon~ ^^
  • Misoo 2014.09.29 오전 06:04
    Annyeong! I'm new here, take good care of me ^^ 1
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    AeRaLee 2014.09.27 오전 10:19
    Hello my name is Ade, 22 years old come from Indonesia..., i love travelling and have a lot friend..., let's be friend..... :D
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    ninuka 2014.09.27 오전 04:08
    hello! My name is Nina! I would like to find a lot of friends that would communicate in kakao talk.반갑습니다.(ノ^_^)ノ 1
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    I.s 2014.09.27 오전 04:18
    Hi nice meet you
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    title: winkyBeibyRose 2014.09.27 오전 10:42
    nice to meet u too :)
  • Aiyumhi 2014.09.29 오전 01:44
    Hello nice to meet you. Please add me at kakaotalk. Here's my id steffi1694 Thanks.