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[자유게시판] 사이트에 건의사항 남겨주세요.Please give us your opinion for MKF [2016.05.19 11:30:06] [22] by Shawn(Admin)

Please give us your feedback on how we can improve MKF. For example, add news about Korea. Your opinion will be really helpful in developing our website. 사이트에 건의하고 싶으신거 있으시면 댓글로 남겨주세요

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[Language Exchange] Let's be friend [2016.09.24 23:19:16] newfile by LeviMei

I'd love to talk about everythingLet's be friend ^^ Add my line id levimei See u there

[원어민영어과외] want: speaking teacher [2016.09.24 10:28:52] by sellina

Hi, I'm looking for an Engligh Speaking tutor who can teach near Juan area. Not necessarily on Tuesday and Thursday but has various subjects for coversation. Pls contact Kakaotalk ID: sellinayoon

[원어민영어과외] looking for an english tutor in jeonju, jeonbuk province [2016.09.24 00:07:25] by jin2

i live in jeonju, jeonbuk and i want my son to take the english class from the native teacher i prefer very outgoing female teacher in order to play c my son in english please contact me

[Language Exchange] Hello world~~ [2016.09.23 01:10:50] by eyegreen

Hello, I'm 21, Russian, looking for friends worldwide I speak English, Russian, learn Korean and can speak it a little, so I also need someone who can help me to deal with it.  Yet I would be happy to help you with English or Russian.  I'm very into Asian culture either music or everything, make my own music and lyrics. Feel free to co...

[Language Exchange] Hello [2016.09.22 19:09:11] by ann_17

 Hi~ I'm Ann from Vietnam. I'm looking for a friend or a teacher who gonna teach me English or Korean. If you interested in Vietnamese culture, I'm gonna help you know about my country. We can exchange the language and the culture. Hope to talk with you soon~  Add me on my Kakaotalk: sandieswg Line: hayunyang

[자유게시판] An English study club in Hyewha that meets 7 days a week! [2016.09.22 16:39:09] by Tabasco

I'm going to start an English study club in Hyewha(subway line 4) for people who want to improve English fluency with emphasis on speaking. The meetings will take place at a cafe starting Monday, October 3. Study materials and hand outs will be carefully planned ahead of time, and you can attend the meetings once, twice, three times, or ev...

[Looking for students] Cultural ambassador [2016.09.22 08:49:13] by santiman_2

Hello. HOLA! I'm Santiago. I'm from Ecuador. I'm looking for students of SPANISH language classes. It will start it around October 17th . I will teach how to talk and learn basic grammar to be able to read. I recommend 4 classes of 1-2 hours per week. I will offer SALSA lessons to show everybody how to move yourself with the music. I w...

[원어민영어과외] looking for an English native speaker in Bucheon [2016.09.21 18:42:17] [2] by march

looking for an English native speaker in Bucheon   i want to tutor as friend and  i want to learn casual English and business English but myEnglish is biginer Please contact me. E-mail:

[Looking for students] English tutor [2016.09.21 17:36:59] by Oscarnewman

Hello! My name is Oscar, I am 21 years old and have spent most of my academic life in Australia. I worked for a tourist agency in 2015 teaching Korean employees english for 6 months also spending 4 months tutoring english privately to Korean businessmen and university students (Yonsei University). I have just arrived back living in Se...

[Language Exchange] Are you looking for a bilingual Korean Friend? [2016.09.21 17:24:44] by InsungDavidLee

Hi~ My name is David Lee. I have lived most of my life studying oversea attending America and British schools. I am also a certified TEOSOL teacher used to make $60 to teach adults at Samsung company at USA. I just came back from USA and now I am starting my new season in Busan, South Korea. Even though I was born in Korea, I s...

[원어민영어과외] (Virtedco) Ulsan Native teacher [2016.09.21 16:45:15] by Virtedco

New Class Information (영어 과정) 1. Location: Nam-gu, Ulsan 2. Class Type: Group 3. Level: Pre-Intermediate 4. Class Starting Date: ASAP 5. Class Schedule: Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri (4 times a week, 1hr)  1) 5:30-6:30PM OR  2) 11:30AM-12:30PM 6. Program: Free Conversation 7. Visa Type: F2,5,6 series visa holders 8. Note: a...

[Language Exchange] Hello! 안녕 ~I'm looking for new friends [2016.09.21 03:27:12] [3] by KsSh

Hey~ I'm looking for new foreigners friends. Feel free in conversation)  And I'll be glad if you want help me learn English and Korean languages. I can teach you Russian language =)

[Looking for students] Friendly British English Female Teacher [2016.09.20 16:35:34] by buenaonda

Hi there! I am a 25 year old, CELTA qualified teacher from England with over two years of experience teaching adults and children of all levels. I am friendly and professional and can suggest plenty of material and topics for us to study to improve any aspect of your English, from reading and writing to general conversation.  I c...

[Language Exchange] 서울대, 욘세이, 한국 대학생 여기 있어요??? [2016.09.20 14:33:23] by zerlynda0711

한국말은 알고있엇지만 I may know abt korean a little bit,  But if there is a student from these list - SNU -Yonsei -Korea univ 대학생 있으면 연락 할거에요 질문을 있어서 아니면 모든사람들이 봤을대 아마 친구도있어, 카톡 아이디 있어요 가톡: zerlynda0711