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[자유게시판] 사이트에 건의사항 남겨주세요.Please give us your opinion for MKF [2016.05.19 11:30:06] [22] by Shawn(Admin)

Please give us your feedback on how we can improve MKF. For example, add news about Korea. Your opinion will be really helpful in developing our website. 사이트에 건의하고 싶으신거 있으시면 댓글로 남겨주세요

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[원어민영어과외] Looking for a native English conversation tutor (on the phone session). [2016.10.27 20:08:58] new by Kiiiiiim

Hi.  I am looking for a native English tutor.   What I want is to conversate  with you on the phone to improve my speaking by doing so. Discussion type of conversation is what I ultimately want to be good at, so who can do this well is preferred. payment is 15,000 per hour.  My tutor has to be 'punctual'.   Time and day can be ar...

[자유게시판] Internship in Korea, resume in korean? [2016.10.27 06:42:42] by Mecya

It has been a really long time since the last time I came. These days, I'm making my resume in different languages to search an internship. I want to do my internship in Korea in cosmetic chemistry and I was asking myself if I need to my resume also in korean.  I'm really a beginner in korean so is it really useful? Foreigners who came...

[원어민영어과외] ★Cheongna International City, Native American for kids!! [2016.10.26 19:12:43] by RoseTTT

Hello I urgently need a native american women who can teach 7 years old kids. I want someone experienced in teaching kids. There wil; be only 4 kids. You just do some chants, games, drawings and so on together. Hope to see you soon. On wednesday 5:00 - 6:30 class.

[Looking for students] Experienced, CELTA qualified, native English tutor online [2016.10.26 18:41:24] by tankacz

Would you like English lessons with a native speaker? Would you like to improve your English from the comfort of your own home? Now you can! I am a TEFL and CELTA qualified, native English tutor with a British accent offering private  lessons on-line via Skype. Do you have a barrier when it comes to speaking? Do you need extra practice...

[Jobs in Korea] Looking for English Teachers in Ilsan/Paju [2016.10.26 15:03:57] by ene

E&E is looking for teachers who want to work at Institute (Hagwon) in Ilsan/ Paju, Gyeonggi.   About the positions: 1. near 원당역 Mon, Wed, Fri -three times per week, from 5:00~9:00pm, 10-14years old students, starting from the end of NOV. 1,400.000 ...

[Language Exchange] lets be good friends^×^ [2016.10.26 11:39:17] by marirdz1291

 Hello  My name is mari I want to make korean friends so i may learn korean and also make many korean friends  I want to move to Korea and start new life. Lets be friends, °(^×^)°~ If you want to be friends Add me on kakao  Marisolrdz1291

[Language Exchange] wanna be friend [2016.10.25 23:30:06] by korean122

i wanna make friend who can speak english, japanese, portugues, spanish anyone who wanna be friend with me message me by kakao -  my kakao id is   kooding  line: kooding12 feel free to contact me 

[Jobs in Korea] Looking for a housekeeper in Negokdong Seocho. [2016.10.25 10:25:15] [1] by aerachoi2

I am looking for a housekeeper who is realiable and honest. My location is near Seoul Province Children's hospitalin Negok-dong. Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri (3 hours 4 times per week) come to my house at 8:00 am and clean the house until 11:00 am If interested, please text me at 010-7177-0919.  

[Language Exchange] find great english friend [2016.10.25 05:21:31] by josephlee

I am looking for group or person who is good at expression I have Korean friends who are exciting to learn english We want to make friends and speak in english you can speak Korean and learn from us. It will be fun if you bring other friends who can speak english We usually located at Bangbae

[자유게시판] Let's study English together! [2016.10.25 02:55:32] by Tabasco

Hi, I'm looking for people who want to join my English study club. This study club is geared for people who want to study regularly to improve their English fluency, especially speaking & comprehension. Lessons will be based on group discussions on various topics with focus on new vocabulary, colloquial expressions, idioms, phrasal ver...

[자유게시판] Pen-Apple Pineapple-Pen and other English real Compound words [2016.10.25 02:36:44] file by Beauwest

How's your singing? Have you seen the latest video from Pinko Taro? Why don't you sing your own version! Try going here to learn more about compound words, and all other great English resources at  English Revolution. Other services include; writing, speaking, interviews, role plays and consulting! If you have any questions pl...

[자유게시판] Now on My Way to Meet You (North Korean Talk Show on Channel A)!! [2016.10.24 17:19:41] by staceface

Hello. My name is Ho Young Shin and I am a Producer at Channel A, a nationwide cable TV channel based in South Korea. Starting from October 19th 2016, Channel A will be broadcasting two of our most popular television shows, “Now on My Way to Meet You” and “Misago,” in English subtitles. The shows will be airing on Tuesday, October ...

[원어민영어과외] Looking for native English tutor (Female preferred) [2016.10.24 17:07:24] by Kevin

1.Tuition: Negotiable 2.Hour : weekday: 7PM to 9 PM weekend : 10AM to 12AM Saturday morning or Sunday 3 .Self intruduction I think my level is upper intermidate and I just want to practice English not grammer 4.Tutor: Native English tutor (female preferred) 5.Contact: Kakaotalk ID: choiyong78

[Language Exchange] I am looking for worldfriend. [2016.10.24 16:49:56] [3] by Wikeeee

Hi~   I dream traveling all of world country. But I am not good at english. I want to learn language from world. I am looking for any foreiner living in Busan.

[Language Exchange] Want to teach French; english and learn Korean [2016.10.23 20:13:42] by celianthe

hey, I'm celianthe, designer and architecture student. I'm looking for foreign friends to learn another language like Korean. I speak very good French and English. i also have some knowledge in German. My Kakao ID: celianthe