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[Friends] hello how are you friend [2016.06.29 21:30:21] newfile by marnilee

[Friends] Looking for friend in Seoul for my trip on 16-17/7 [2016.06.29 19:08:46] new by DangNgocNamTran

Hi, I'm Vietnamese student studying BBA in english medium in Korea. I speak english and i know a little bit about Korean language. I'm open-minded, friendly, adventerous and i definitely love making new friends coming around the world. I will visit Seoul from 16-17/7 and then take the flight to Vietnam on 18/7. Since i'm not familiar with ...

[자유게시판] ENJOY BORYEONG MUD FESTIVAL ! [2016.06.29 17:20:07] new by madichy

ENJOY BORYEONG MUD FESTIVAL !       - When : 2016.07.17(SUN) 07:30 AM~20:10 PM - From : Seoul Central City Terminal(3.7.9 line) - Preparation : Swimming suit, Extra Clothes, Towel, Cleansing Supplies(ex. Shampoo, cleansing form) - Cost : 35,000 won (including : Bus fee, Admission Fee) (Account Number : SC BANK   408-20-076510 조...

[Friends] I look for a help [2016.06.29 07:47:24] update [2] by taatyaa

♥♥♥ 안녕하세요! 저는 나타샤이에요, 러시아에 살아요. 반가워요! You know that k-pop is famous worldwide. Foreigners meet with Korean culture not only through music but through different shows and dramas too. I work as translater from English to Russian in different fansub groups but one of them isn't popular so far. Maybe you know it's new C...

[Looking for students] Professional English Tutor [2016.06.29 03:27:13] by Anne000

I am a friendly and well-qualified English tutor. I have experience with very young learners, children, teenagers and adults. I can teach in Incheon and in Seoul too.  price is negotiable Please contact me if you interest  :) My lessons never boring and with me easy to learn. kakaotalk ID : CuTeMoNsTeR000 email: thismyemail8210@gmail.c...

[Language Exchange] I wanna make friends in daejeon!! [2016.06.29 02:08:13] by AceKim

 Hi nice to meet you guys  I'm korean and university student now. I'm interested in studying english. I like traveling, watching movie, playing guitar, listening music , playing soccer and cruiser board, drinking cofee or beer...etc I have a lot of hobbys I can teach you korean and i'd love to learn your language. My english may be little ...

[Looking for students] Professional Bilingual English Tutor [2016.06.28 14:39:10] update by ChrisL.Kang

Hi, I am looking for students who want English tutoring.  I speak both Korean and English fluently and have attended school in the states for 6+ years. I am currently enrolled in Columbia University. I have 3+ years of tutoring experience both in the states and in Korea! I can pretty much travel anywhere in Korea and match your sched...

[Friends] God, I want foreign friend. [2016.06.28 13:55:15] by 빌리-bds

Hello introduce my selfMy name Billy Dwi Saputra (빌리) , Male (17) From Indonesia  I find friend from other country and native speaker from other language (anything but need korean native) My kakao id is jongmalbabo  "Have a nice day 

[Looking for students] Registered & Reliable English Tutor [2016.06.28 11:05:57] by Piousmate008

Hi... I am registered and legally working as private English tutor for long time. I have space for 2-3 students for 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1 study from July. FOR OFFICE WORKERS & UNIVERSITY STUDENTS. Locations: Cafes near Line 1 [Sindorim to Dong-Incheon Station] Fees:  25,000 won/hr plus coffee. Fees (for further away locations, othe...

[원어민영어과외] Looking for a native English tutor at weekends. (2 people) [2016.06.27 16:10:43] by JennaJeong

Hello, Me and my friend want to have an English lesson at weekends. We both doesn't have a problem of general conversation but we need more practice.  If you are interested in teaching, plz contact me. We can talk about teaching fee and time. Woman teacher is preferred.   Phone #: 010-9830-3427 Kakao: jnyj24   Thank you :)

[Language Exchange] find foreigner friends (I speak korean) [2016.06.27 01:10:40] by Della

 I find foreigner friends learning korean I want you can use korean to a degree If you wanna make korean friend, send message to me : I'm a university student and my uni is in Seoul. But i live in gyungido If you are a female, we can be a friends I don't want male friends sorry

[원어민영어과외] Looking for a female native speaker ! [2016.06.26 21:54:05] [1] by ouppa

Hi ! I'm looking for a female native speaker. An attractive and cheerful female tutor will be preferable. I think pay is 40000 ~ 50000 won per hour.  If you're interested, send e-mail to me.   010 4906 4266

[Looking for students] Italian tutor [2016.06.26 20:12:26] by andrea.

Hello, my name is Andrea and I am an Italian guy currently attending university in Seoul. I am available for teaching Italian language to anyone, from beginners to advanced students who want to practice. Please do not hesitate to contact me for other info. 

[Friends] I looking for exchange Language Japanese and English !! ( I'm Korean) [2016.06.26 15:55:06] by Louie

Hello guys I living in chawong and 24years old and male I wanna learning English and japanese Sometimes we gonna meet in coffee shop and talking about something ^^ Just i wanna real Friend! If you don't mind can u taxt massage to me Kakao talk challenge93 Line Ryu7901 Phone number 01075357901 Whenever~

[Friends] Hello, long time no chat )) [2016.06.26 05:15:47] file by The7phoenix

How are you, guys? What are you doing? Ahhh here is very hot like hell (( I try to survive drinking water and chat on kakao )))) Have a nice sunday all ))) P.s: for a good evening sometimes drink wine ))