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[Looking for students] [화상채팅 튜터] 캐나다 네이티브 튜터 전문 선생입니다. [2017.01.21 00:00:00] new by DavidT.

혹시 아래와 같은 학생이면 연락하세요. (화상채팅이 싫다면 다른 방법도 가능합니다) * 카페에 앉아 원어민 선생과 1시간 수다만 떠는 게 싫은 분.  * 높은 클래스의 사립 학생들과 캐나다에 사는 유학생들을 가르친 노하우를 원하는 분.  가능 지역: 서울  희망 학생: 시간과 돈을 투자한 만큼 열심히 하는 학생을 원합니다.  *과외는 일방통행이 아닙...

[Language Exchange] I am looking for friends [2017.01.20 16:39:43] new by summerwinter

Hello. I am interested in English and Spanish. If your first language is English, you can be a tutor for me. However, the tuition is not that big. Although the tuition may not enough to worth teaching, I can teach you Korean if you want to study.   Aside from that, I am looking for an international friend who wants to teach and learn each ...

[Jobs in Korea] Full time in Ulsan. Nice and great envionment. [2017.01.20 16:32:23] new by worwick

Looking for an experienced teacher!   Salary : starting 2.3 mil Korean Won (depends on experience)   Work Days : Mon – Fri   Full time Hours : 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Teaching hours : 9:30-12:00 / 1:00-2:25 / 3:00-5:00     Location : Ok-dong, Ulsan (1 mile away from the Ulsan Grand Park)   Every class has one Korean sub-teacher...

[Language Exchange] Looking for friends [2017.01.20 14:10:35] new by San.Jason

Hi, everyone. I am Jason and looking foregin friends who live in Korea now in order to hangout or talk each other. I am not good at English, but I am able to communicate with foreginers. I have Indian friends and have learned spoken English from them. Please send me message on Kakao (Id : lus321) if you are intersted in learning K...

[Language Exchange] Could we be a friend? (Korean <-> English) [2017.01.20 09:05:39] by JongGeon

Hi, My name is JongGeon Park. I am male and 33 years old, live in Suwon, South Korea I don't care about ages.  I learn English nowdays. because, I got a plan of migrate to another country  I hope for improve my english skill enough to live abroad and I can help your korean capability also. we can using some apps to chat if we close to live...

[Language Exchange] looking for long lasting friend [2017.01.20 04:49:37] update [1] by drmimi

 Hi everyone i'm Mimi from morocco 26 years old . Wanna a longlasting friend. Kakao id : drzr Dont feel shy and talk to me anytime. 

[Language Exchange] Want to make a long-lasting friend! [2017.01.20 02:09:35] update [1] by NickE

 Hello, my name is Nick (Nicolas) and I am from Argentina. I am originally borned in Korea and moved to Argentina when I was young. Came to visit Korea two weeks ago and I am living on the 25th :'(   A friend in Korea told me about the website and said it is a pretty nice place to make friends. I can speak english or spanish if you want to...

[자유게시판] I have a question. (물어볼 게 있습니다.) [2017.01.20 00:16:28] update [1] by Hugh.H.Choi

 원어민과외구인(Look4tutor) 에서 말하는 fee는 a monthly fee 인가요, 아니면 per an hour 인가요? In Look4tutor, does the word "fee" mean "a montly fee", or "fee per an hour" ? Pleas let me know about that. Thank you!

[Language Exchange] Hello~ anyone living in gwangju? [2017.01.19 16:38:23] by Jo

 hi~~ I'm 25 years old and living in gwangju I like pop music. Recently  weeknd and sia are fantastic! i wanna make a freinds in another country but it is very hard ㅠㅠ if you wanna be a friends with me, any one do a massage ^^ bye (I don't care whether you live in Gwangju) *kakao : mercytx 

[Looking for students] forget about fear and nervousness while speaking English [2017.01.18 17:28:41] [2] by ANDREWENGLISH

Hello! My name is Andrew, and I am an English teacher living in Seoul. As a teacher and learner of many languages, I want to show you how to enjoy your studies and make meaningful progress toward your goals. I want you to have fun in your lessons, and learn something new every single time. We will create goals and reach them together, in a...

[원어민영어과외] I am looking for an English tutor [2017.01.18 08:47:09] [4] by swaggersm

 I am looking for an English tutor like a freind. My English proficiency is intermediate. I want a long term learning for me to be fluency in English. Lesson should be two hours a day per week. I am willing to pay 30,000KRW or more if you are very good. Thanks.

[자유게시판] RUSSIAN language [2017.01.18 02:05:16] by kimdia

Привет:). . .Are you interested in learning new languages?~You can learn Russian! Why not? My name is Diana. I am looking for student who wants to study Russian. I am a native Russian speaker. I can teach you write, read and SPEAK in Russian! Whether you want to prepare for travel to Russia or you are learning Russian for business, I wa...

[Looking for students] English Conversation/Private tutoring, Bio/Chem tutoring, Native English Medical Student [2017.01.17 20:23:32] by paksungjoon91

 Hi guys, I'm home for a year from medical school and hoping to make some tuition/rent money.  But more than that I love to teach. I've had experience working with children in Myanmar, East Timor, and the Republic of Georgia, teaching English. I've also helped others with English, as best as I could. I'm offering a conversation partner as ...

[Looking for students] Native tutor looking for students near Hongdae [2017.01.17 20:17:07] file by RomiPapp

Hello! I´m an outgoing 24 years old girl who is going to live around Hongdae since February. I´ve been an English and Spanish tutor in Spain and Argentina. I´ve got experience teaching both adults and children. I'm studying basic Korean but this will be my first trip there.  I'll live around Hongdae but I can move somewhere els...

[Looking for students] speak English fluently and confidently [2017.01.17 17:48:10] by ALEXANDERSEOUL

Hello! My name is Alex and I am an English language tutor. I have recently moved to Seoul from Canada, after completing Master of Education at the University of Toronto. I work with beginning and intermediate students. Your language requirements are the most important thing to me - whether you need to learn the basics or prepare for a job ...