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Please give us your feedback on how we can improve MKF. For example, add news about Korea. Your opinion will be really helpful in developing our website. 사이트에 건의하고 싶으신거 있으시면 댓글로 남겨주세요

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[Language Exchange] Hello!! I am looking for my friend!! [2016.08.25 14:18:51] new by Pj_sean

 Hello ^^ My English name is Sean.  I'm looking for friends to help me improve my English.I'm a doctor but I'm not good at english.T.T  If you help me, i'll do my best and I will teach you korean very hard.  currently I live is Busan. I am looking forward to meeting good friends~ have a nice day~^^ My Kokao :pjyvan

[Language Exchange] Looking for Korean friends (long-term friendship would be great!) [2016.08.24 10:04:23] by nicoletteee

 Hello! I'd like to make Korean friends. I can teach you English and form a good friendship :)  Add me on kakao: marcolette92

[QnA] Job question [2016.08.23 22:26:31] by The7phoenix

Hello. Someone knows how to find a job in Korea that provide visa. I'm not English native speaker and at this time I'm not in Korea. I speak fluently English, Russian and Romanian, basic German and some sentences in Korean (i know i must learn Korean before, but best way to learn is survival environment where you don't have choices to spea...

[원어민영어과외] Looking for tutor (British accent) [2016.08.23 22:06:12] by Nanobear

Good evening. I am looking for the private tutor who has British accent. I lived in Brighton for 5 months, so I want to keep learning English with British accent. The purpose of studying English is preparing for post doctoral course in the other country.  My goal is to speak English fluently, with formal sentences.  Thanks!

[원어민영어과외] Looking for female tutor [2016.08.23 21:13:32] by Ludia

 Hello I'm looking for mydaughter's English tutor. I want to find female teacher. Pls contact me if u are interested in.

[Language Exchange] Looking for Starlight friends ^^ [2016.08.23 04:09:05] [1] by heeyeonie

 Hello there! I'm new on this site, and I knew this site because of a best friend who found several korean friends from this site. So I wonder if I can do the same here. But for specifically, I don't know if it's allowed or not but I'm only searching the people who likes VIXX (Starlight) for now~ I doubt if I can find any but if you're a f...

[Jobs in Korea] Do you like Game? (Recruit Model for play Game! pay 400,000 won) [2016.08.22 18:54:44] by Hamster

Hey Guys!   We are advertising company INMD. We're looking for who can play FPS games, not professional models. (Sudden Attack, Over Watch etc.) You have to speak English like American. NO ASIAN. (so sorry about this.) Live in Seoul. It will be viral video for Game. You will just play games, some interview and test. Of course we wi...

[원어민영어과외] looking for english tutor (Eungam) [2016.08.22 17:39:11] by han606

Hello. I am looking for english tutor. The Class subject is just Gerneral Dialogue. We will talk about anything like Friends. I have several experience. My tutor go back to her contury, so I have to looking for new tutor. The Class time is 50min ~ 1hour / once a week (not Sat) I wanna meet at EungAm station. (응암 6 lime) or D...

[Language Exchange] nice to meet you everyone!^^ [2016.08.22 09:08:54] by 횬이

Hello nice to meet youMy English name is David I'm looking for friends to help me improve my English. and I will teach you  korean. i currently live is seoul. I am looking forward to meeting good friends~ have a nice day~^^ My Kokao :hyunyaa674

[Language Exchange] language exchange ^^ [2016.08.22 03:54:57] by mashkaa

Hey! I'm looking for a language exchange friend who could help me with learning Korean language and maybe who wants to study English or Russian i can help as well ;)  Please do not hesitate and text me! i really need your help ;) My kakaotalk is: deadsenses

[원어민영어과외] Looking for a FEMALE native English tutor - Shinchon [2016.08.22 02:56:31] by YOUNG02

Hi, I'm looking for a FEMALE native tutor who can teach English well. Hope to study for preparing English job interview & biz English speacking skill. Actually I'll prepare some script, so you can correct it and speack together. I'm free for 7days in daytime. Please send me your self-introduction & available time by Kakao tal...

[Language Exchange] Wanna language exchange in Busan! [2016.08.21 20:20:55] by Welsh

 Hi, y'all. Currently I'm looking for a foreign friends who'd like to exchange language. I prefer meet in person and exchange languages than just texting. Let's exchange language through hang out and study! I studied in Wales for 4 months as my university's language programme.  Feel free to contact me. Kakao - aberystwyth

[Language Exchange] Language exchange partner in suwon [2016.08.21 13:57:41] [1] by Kn

 Hi. I live in suwon. I am a student here. Looking for a korean language exchange partner.  And i can help you with English

[Language Exchange] Foreign guy looking for a friend [2016.08.21 09:27:55] by N.A

Hello, I am a foreign guy who lives in Seoul and looking for friend(s) to hang out with and share something in common. If you're interested to talk and meet new person, you may contact me via the following: Line or KiK ID: nama80 Snapchat: guyinseoul

[Looking for students] American Conversation Tutor [2016.08.20 01:45:29] file by Geanis

I offer conversational tutoring to adults. Located in Hongdae/Hapjeong area, but I am willing to travel to you. Flexible schedule. Let me know what time works best for you. Message me on Kakao. ID: Geanis