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Looking for freind who can speak english
Hi everyone my name is Jeongyu Lee I'm looking for nice foreign freinds. I'm a engineer and my work...
hello I am a Korean. And I want to make foreign friends.
hello I am a Korean. And I want to make foreign friends. To be my friend with Kakao Talk "ellahende...
HELLO I am foreign i want to be your friend and share our cultures and language :) I am Mexican :3
I am Jorge I am from Mexico my age is 22 years old :) I speak spanish and english i want to learn k...
필리핀 여성이 새로운 친구 찾아요.
Hi nice to meet you all. I want to meet new friends here.
외국인 여자구요.한국 친구 찾아요.카카오친구
Hiii ~ I'm a Foreigner looking for Korean friends whom can teach me a bit of Korean . I speak fluent...
Hi, I'm Melissa from France
Hello everyone, I'm Melissa from Paris. I was born in 1996. My major is biology and chemistry. I'm...
Hello, stranger. :)
Hello everyone, I'm Jeewook live in Seoul. I'm Korean. My job is legal and accounting ser...
Looking for a drummer in Seoul
Hi guys im looking for a Drummer and other musicians are welcome too .im taking this chance to post ...
Are you interested in korean language?
Hi, my name is debal. I want to meet some foreign friends in skype. and my major is korean language...
친하게 지낼 외국인 친구를 찾습니다! I'm looking for friends! I'm18
 안녕하세요 저는 수원에 살고잇는 18살 여고생입니다 제가 영어를 잘못해서 외국인친구와 얘기하고 같이 놀...
Hello everybody! Всем привет!
Hello, everybody! I'm a student who from Seoul, South Korea. Now I'm studying in St.Petersbrug, Russi...
미국 텍사스에서 왔구요.한국문화와 한국어 배우길 원해요
My name is Leili, I am from Texas. I want to make new friends :) I'm currently studying Korean langua...
Hi everyone!
Nice to meet you!   I'm living in the Seoul, Korea.   I want to find language friend at this site...
I am a korean guy in seoul, want to make foreigner friend
I am a korean guy in seoul, want to make foreigner friend kakaotalk   hughoh
Hello! I'm Lainee and I am just here to update my profile ^.^ this is an updated photo of myself a...
hello Foreign friends !
''lm korean student ! 나는 한국학생이야! I've got a lot of interest in foreign countries . Bu...
I like to learn korean language & make friends
 Hi I'm new here I'm still trying to figure  out this ... If there is anyone who is willing to help m...
I'm not new to but I sign up again coz I forgot my old account.
Hello there.!! Im not new to this site but I sign up again coz I forgot my old account. Hope to know...
Would like to make some friends!!!!
Hello my name is Lainee/Elaine doesn't really matter to me.... I am 16 years old and a Senior in h...

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[Friends] Kakao : yamxx0208 [2015.10.09 17:00:58] new by 야미

 Hi, I'm Yami from Cebu City, Philippines ^^  I hope we can be friends! Thankiss. ^^

[Friends] Hi ! [2015.10.09 13:15:17] new by effy.lee

Hello I`m newbie here. and I want to exchange language eachother. I`m living in Busan, Namgu. so if you want to exchane language with me please text to me! Thank you

[Friends] Hi :) I want to language exchange [2015.10.09 00:12:20] update [2] by rolin2j

 Hi :) I'm miri. I am 21 years old and Korean! I want to find a friends to  exchange language. I would like to learn English. And I can help the korean if you want. If you are interested in me, feel free to talk to me. I'm waiting you :D + I hope to be the man who you can speak Korean a little:D

[Friends] i want foreigner friends [2015.10.08 14:54:42] [2] by 내가명품

hi i'm dae sung i'm in korea busan 25years old i want foreigner friends i want language exchange Me - korean / Yours- english my kakao id -> dleotjd7775 i want many foreigner friends many contact plz

[Friends] Love to Make friends for all overseas..... [2015.10.08 11:29:22] by Soter

Hi my name is Soter. I am from India . currently working in South Korea, Busan. I am very much interested in Hang Outs. If you are near to Dadaepo beach or in Busan we can meet and we can share everything we want. I am a bit talkative so try me . I love Korean culture but yet to learn Korean language. I love to make friends from Overseas. ...

[Friends] HI .i am crazy about korea.. [2015.10.07 23:42:14] [7] by Shereen

Hi,I am student after studies i want to come south korea, to do job there, live there.... I want only (Seoul) or other city of korea friends....i am crazy about korea.....i know some Korean words and its difficult for learn but Korean is really sweet language.....Korean foods,culture,people everything of korea really want to know about them

[Friends] Hi, I'm Yong from Busan, South Korea. [2015.10.07 21:35:26] update [6] by hellolivingsouls

I'm Yongwoo Park :) You can also call me Yong since I go by it among friends.  I came here to find out friends who could have a conversation in English via Kakao, Skype etc. I can full give you some help or advice in learning Korean instead. My skype is "hellolivingsouls" I hope I could meet loads of nice people here :)  

[Friends] It'll be a good friend [2015.10.07 13:05:02] [1] by Cherry_

서로 언어를 주고 받으면서 친해질 친구 구해요^^ 영어에 대해서 많이 배우고 싶어요

[Friends] Looking for Korean friend around 광명 or 안양 [2015.10.07 10:32:53] [2] by IanS

 30 year old male from New York looking for a friend around 광명 or 안양 just to meet up once a week on a Friday or Saturday night for dinner or drinks.  Leave your kakaotalk ID below (make sure it's searchable) and I'll send you a message.

[Friends] anyone who will ride a bike on 10/09? from Anyangcheon stream to Hanriver. [2015.10.07 10:04:44] [1] by Nikita

Please add my kakao ID: Gyehyange39 If you are interested in riding a bike and living in Kyunggi do (I am living in Hwaseong and my workplace is Anjung which is near Pyungtaek). I am thinking of starting from Anyangcheon stream to Hanriver (near Olympic stadium) around 12pm~

[Friends] Hello! :D [2015.10.07 02:29:15] [5] by Seba

Hello everyone, Im Sebastian from Chile. I have arrived 14th september at Korea.  It would be fantastic to know more people and make any kind of relationship here in Korea. Nowadays Im working as a teacher, playing music and studing korean language and culture. Farthermore, I am psychology student in my country.  I love music of a...

[Friends] Find Friends :) [2015.10.06 21:02:47] file [2] by 아데

Find korean and foreigner friends :) I can speak english and little korean Add my kakao : adeerahmadani23 ^^ 감사합니다 ^^

[영어과외] Looking for a native Englsh speaker can help job interview/4 young adult group [2015.10.06 18:26:16] [6] by Shawn(Admin)

Location: Seomyeon,study room Day&Time: Every other Wedesday 4pm Fee:100,000 won for 2 hours Students: Yong adults group Purpose of lesson: Job interview

[Friends] Looking for Korean female friend [2015.10.06 05:24:33] by Cash2250

 Hi, I am looking for Korean female friend to exchange language and culture. I am visiting Seoul in this monthend. I love traveling and meeting new people. I am 29 years old and born Indian but live in Abu Dhabi. If you are interested, ping me on my Kakao ID: cash2250

[Friends] want to have Korean friends [2015.10.05 15:01:08] [2] by celine

 Hi I'm reychelyn I'm 25 years old..  I'm from the Philippines.....want to have Korean friends that can show and give me some idea about Korea.. If your the one I'm looking for add me up, here is my kakao id: chelkay02 Note: I'm too talkative in online.. Hope I can find someone who is like me and a caring one.. Thanks