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[Friends] Looking for language exchange pal [2016.04.28 21:32:55] new by ooglof

Hello. I'm looking for someone who could teach me Korean, and in return, I'll help you improve your English. 

[원어민영어과외] I'm looking for a native English teacher for 4 years boy [2016.04.28 19:27:41] new [1] by lovelylily

 Hello~ I'm looking for a native English teacher for 33 months  boy.  Teacher should be female. please feel free to contact me.   My kakaotalk ID is "prettymj1111"   Thank you.

[Friends] Looking for Foreign firends !! I'm korean guy. [2016.04.28 17:28:09] new [2] by AaronK

 Hello everyone! I'm Aaron live in near the Seoul   I'm looking forward new foreign friends in the world! I'm 28 and working at trade company by sales manager in our company. I really wish improve and learn English and talk with someone who can speak English!  And hope you  live in Korea or any plan for visiting Korea!  Feel free to send m...

[원어민영어과외] native tutor for English speaking [2016.04.28 17:12:29] new [1] by Tim

Looking for a native English Tutor for me. I am 31 years old and working for global company.  want to learn business as well as casual conversation skill.  Please feel free to contact me at your own convenience. My Kakao ID is "tjoonho". Thank you.

[원어민영어과외] Looking for tutor English [2016.04.28 14:13:39] new [1] by jini757

kakao ID: passat757 Email:

[Friends] hello. Are you finding someone who helps you improve korean language skills? [2016.04.28 11:55:02] new [3] by Crong

hello. i want to help you improve your korean language skills. if you are interested in it, send me message. i have KAKAO and LINE account. i'm ok whatever you want. i wait your message. have a good day.

[원어민영어과외] Looking for teacher for Mondays [2016.04.28 10:08:06] new [1] by Jamiejun

 We are looking for a part time teacher to work in our academy.  Working hours are from 2:00-6:00pm The students are from age 6 -6th grade. We are looking for a teacher who can teach English in a fun way, and can get along well with coworkers as well. We are looking for a teacher who can teach for at least a year. Pay will be discussed. We...

[Language Exchange] I need a korean teacher =) [2016.04.28 09:44:09] new by Iolanda95

Hello =D I am Iolanda from Italy, I studying korean by myself so I need someone to pratice with, through kakaotalk or facebook =) I can teach you italian or we can ptratice english.  My mail add is: Feel free to contact me ^_^

[Friends] I am a Korean! looking for friends to study together. [2016.04.28 08:12:22] update [12] by kimkitty

I'm a Korean boy. I'm currently learning English, but I'm not good at English. If you teach me English and I'll teach Korean. No thanks, talk about filth and innuendo. And I use a translation every time so, it's really not perfect sentence. I'm looking for who could help me English. if you want to be my friend add me skype ( ki...

[Friends] Search Friends [2016.04.28 03:25:38] file by LegendaryNeil

 Hi! Im Neil :) I am looking for korean friend and any nationality friends :) I can teach you anything in English Language if you want to. Heres my Kakao Id : LegendaryNeil6. please be my friend. I would love to have you.

[원어민영어과외] I'm looking for kid tutor. [2016.04.27 22:39:18] [1] by bestyul

I live in Kileum-dong,Seongbuk-gu. Subway line 4- Kileum station. I'm looking for my child teacher.(Female native teacher) My daughter is 5years old. I want a teacher to chid experienced. play game, play English artcraft, Phanics etc.... English in fun, style game and play to her. And I  welcome that teacher expriece and have les...

[Language Exchange] We are looking for some foreign friends to get together on the regular basis in Seoul. [2016.04.27 21:31:27] by agneschae

Hello :) My name is Agnes in Korea. Actually, I and my korean friends are looking for some foreign friends to talk and play with. We are going to get together on the regular basis at the Hong-dae area in Korea. We are planning to exchange languages (Korean and English), throwing a party, visiting some attractions and so on. IF you want...

[Friends] American in Gangnam [2016.04.27 21:29:12] update [4] by runeblade48

I am a 31 year old American guy who is staying in Korea until May 22. I am just looking for people who might want to hang out in the Gangnam area. Maybe just get coffee or food or something. I am studying Korean but I am very low level so I can't say much. 

[Friends] hi , im iranian girl , i like korean language and korean cultur [2016.04.27 20:18:04] by bahar

hello , i am iranian , um... and i want learn korean , my mother tongue is persian so i cant teach u english ...sorry ... please message to me at here for knowing my kakao id .tnx

[원어민영어과외] Looking for a female tutor for 8 years old daughter! [2016.04.27 17:44:03] [1] by Anthony

 I am looking for english tutor for my daughter. She is a 8 years old. So, we can study after school. It will be after 2 pm. Above condition can be changed according to discussion each other. I hope many tutor are interested in this ad. Plz, contact me cell phone(010-5195-7321). Thank you!