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[Friends] i am looking for foreign friends. [2015.04.20 01:02:44] new by 피카츄

 Hi ~~^^  I am looking for foreign friends.  I am living in Gwang Ju.  I can teach you korean culture, Han Gel .......... ^^  This is my kakao talk ID : true8899

[Friends] New here and willing to learn Korean and get to know about Korea ! :) [2015.04.20 00:52:21] new [1] by siti_khadijah

 Hi, I'm 21 this year and am from Singapore.  My name is Khadijah but you can call me Khad!  Am interested in Korean language and hoping to enrol in Korea university after earning enough.  my KakaoID is khad2907.  Do find me and dont be scared at making friends!  Thanks! 

[Friends] 안녕하세요? 외국인 친구 찾아요! [2015.04.19 22:33:06] new by 제우스

안녕하세요? 경기도 화성 & 수원에서 활동하는 제우라고 합니다. KBS 방송 이웃집찰스를 보고 외국인 친구에 관심이 생겼습니다. 그래서 외국인 친구를 만들려고 해요! 관심있으시면 연락하세요! 이름 : 제우 성별 : 남 나이 : 30 kakao : jewoo86

[Friends] 부산 거주중인 북미쪽 사람 언어교환 친구 찾아요. [2015.04.19 20:43:13] new by 이태영

32살 남성이구요. 평일 오후4시 이전이랑 주말에 시간나요. 서로 영어랑 한국어 배우고 가르쳐주는 시간 가졌으면 해요. 편하게 카페에서 교육시간 갖길 원해요. 부산 수영구, 해운대구 쪽이구요. 비슷한 나이또래 여성 원해요. 메일주세요^^

[영어과외] 원어민 선생님 찾아요.(해운대구,수영구) [2015.04.19 20:33:20] new [1] by 이태영

요일은 아직 정확히 못정했습니다. 수업받는 시간은 오후 4시 이전에 가능하구요. 32살 남자입니다. 수영구 거주중이고, 해운대구까지 이동 가능합니다. 나이또래 비슷한 젊은 여자선생님 가능하면 원합니다. 어떻게 찾아야 되나요. 메일주세요.

[Friends] looking for friends [2015.04.19 19:33:35] new by sopia

hello ! i koreans.  i think you want to learn english and i want to be a good friend. english is a little kakao id :sopiayumi 좋은 만남 기대할께요~~^^

[Friends] 필리핀여성이구요.한국친구,언어교환친구 찾아요. 카톡 친추해주세요. [2015.04.19 17:47:33] new by Ven

안녕하세요 Im Aiven from Philippines. I am looking for korean friends in here, and I also want to learn korean language. I've been studying korean for one year and I want to be a better speaker. so I'm open for sincere friendships and language exchange partnership ^^ just message me in kakao :) venfye07 Thanks a lot!!

[Friends] Im a Korean guy living in Busan [2015.04.19 02:07:20] by ManofBusan

hello guys I wanna make foreign friends who can speak English well. I m 25 years old or it may be 23 years old in your country. If who want to exchange language , just send me massages. No matter what your nationality is ,let's share our culture and language There are many ways we can do them such as kakao skype or meeting directly. If you...

[Friends] 뉴욕커 외국인이 한국친구 또는 언어교환친구 찾아요 [2015.04.19 00:42:46] by carloshhs87

안녕하세요! My name is Carlos. I've been taking korean classes for about 5 months since I would like to study an MBA program in Korea sometime in the future. I consider myself a fast learner but it would be amazing to have a language partner that is a korean native speaker, so I can practice my speaking skills. In exchange I will be happy ...

[Friends] i would have foreign friends and speak english [2015.04.18 19:10:41] by zohre

Hello every body. i am iranian and my name is :zohre female and 20years old we can be good friend from all over the world. my kakao id :zohre1374

[Friends] I want to KakaoTalk friends around the world. [2015.04.18 17:57:05] by jeju

Hi, I'm living in Korea as Park of Jeju Island, and I'm also open soon residental property in Jeju. I want to learn English, to meet friends and the world, as KakaoTalk looking for a friend who teaches English and Chinese and Korean to learn from each other in advance telling you I do not know English very well. I Eagle grows up to now, Go...

[Friends] Hello I wanna make friends !! [2015.04.18 13:24:04] file by JB:)

Hello I'm Jaybit from Korea. I wanna make international friends.  I've already been to Aus for 10month. That was fantastic for me lol. I have plan going to New Zealand in this year as well Anyway I wanna use english in Korea such as speaking, learning  So if who wanna talk or learn about englsih, Let's make friend then chatting or pra...

[Friends] 대구에 사는 사람입니다 ~ :) [2015.04.18 13:18:28] by IsaacYu

대구에 살고, 26살 입니다.  (남자) 다양한 사람들과 대화해보고 싶고, 친구도 사귀고 싶네요.   I live in Daegu in Korea and I'm 25 years old. (male) I want  to make a lot of foreigner friends and talk people about other countries.   if you live in Daegu, maybe we can meet :)

[영어과외] 해운대 신도시에 위치한 성인영어회화교실에서 원어민선생님을 찾습니다. [2015.04.18 12:46:03] [1] by EnglishWay

해운대 신도시에 위치한 성인영어회화 교실입니다. 주중 오전 , 오후, 주말 등 다양한 시간대로 선택 가능합니다. 소그룹으로 성인이 대상이고 매우 젠틀한 분위기로 수업에만 집중할 수 있도록 최상의 업무환경을 제공하고 있습니다. 작지만 쾌적하고 차분한 수업분위기로 실력있고 성실한 분이시면 즐겁게 일하실 수 있을겁니다. 좋은 인연 기대해봅니다.

[Friends] Are you interested in korean language? [2015.04.18 04:21:42] file [1] by debal

Hi, my name is debal. I want to meet some foreign friends in skype. and my major is korean language and literature, so I wanna try teaching somebody (I have never taught korean yet but..!)  If you wanna try talking with me, contact me! skype : jang.d.bal kakao : gnpt