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[Friends] hi , looking for Korean friends [2016.05.29 09:19:10] newfile by par

Hello, my name is Parnia I'm looking of Korean friends, I like Korean culture and music and movies and I wanna learn korean and improve my english :D  so I will be glad to chat with you guys ^_^ my Kakao id is parnia

[Friends] 외국인친구 만들고싶어요! [2016.05.29 05:34:55] new [7] by Davie.

Hi there. Nice to meet you guys. I'm 29y guy livin SEOUL I just wanna make a foreign friends to exchange languige or hang out like a friends. I was studied about Engineering in graduated school. (Master degree) So I can help who is studying now. Thx. I'll wait for your message  안녕하세요. 서울사는 29살 한국인입니다.  외국인친구들을 만들고...

[Language Exchange] hi [2016.05.29 04:51:58] new by arina

hello everyone  im ashrakat from egypt ! nice to know u!! anyway  is anyone in here trying to learn engilsh or arabic  just asking  from korean friend  hmm i will be happy to talk with you :D kakao talk iD :ashrakat123 feel free to talk )

[Friends] Looking for a Korean Friends [2016.05.28 19:06:08] update [1] by LG

Hello!  Im a teenage girl from the Philippines. :)  I want to have a Korean friend whose 15 - 20 years old.  I want to learn Korean culture.  Kindly message me if you want. :) 

[Friends] Hello! Looking for Korean friends! [2016.05.28 15:50:49] update [1] by 질리안

 Long time no chat here! How are u guys? Im here to make friends. I am 21 and I am filipina. :) add me on kakao. :) 

[원어민영어과외] Look 4 native English speaker holding a F-visa in Yeongdo Busan [2016.05.28 10:36:51] by 김일번

Location: Busan Yeongdo Hours & Fee: 90min/100,000 won Day&Time: During weekday morning time How often: Once a week Looking for a F-visa holder who's from English speaking country U.S,Canada,U.K,South Africa...etc You are not teaching kids but just play with them talking in English Contact: 010-3585-0916 1.지역:...

[원어민영어과외] English tutor wanted in Eunpyeong-gu [2016.05.28 08:04:22] [3] by Yunjeong

Hi~I'm looking for english tutor and female.I hope to improve my english speaking and want to meet good tutor and friend.

[Friends] Looking for Korean Friends [2016.05.27 17:00:21] by marceeeee

 Hello, I am Elle, from Singapore. I am planning for a solo trip to Korea sometime this year or next, and hope to make some friends to meet during my trip there. (To eat, drink or travel around together)  I am also keen to learn the Korean language and know more about the culture... If you're looking for a foreign friend, someone to talk t...

[Looking for students] English Conversation Tutor [2016.05.27 15:31:44] by JasonAlan

I am a native English speaker, and started tutoring in 2001. I have a lot of experience helping Korean adults and children improve their English conversation skills. I'm currently accepting new online students (I have a webcam and tutor on Skype), and I'm confident that I can help you improve. Contact me today to schedule your free 30-m...

[Friends] Really!!!! [2016.05.27 04:10:06] updatefile [2] by aabdullahb

Hello everyone  I'm Ahmed I live in Saudi Arabia, with Yemen citizen Im 24 Years I'm Looking for Korean Friends ( Friendship ) and  Relationship  My KakaoTalk ID: 99435599 *I visit Korean Before i hope Can Find Good Friendship, Relationship, There And Find Good School For Learning English.

[Language Exchange] Russian or spanish [2016.05.27 02:35:26] [2] by 샤링하

 Hi. I just couldn't decide which one i should study. Russian is interesting but too difficult. Spanish is a bit easy but not interesting as russian to me. If u r in nearby Korea universty, let's inspire each other. I am goning to master one of them. I'm willing to study together. I do speak english, japanese and korean. I will be waiting ...

[Friends] Heeyyy, looking for friends ^^ [2016.05.25 20:28:43] update [2] by Minjin

Hey, i'm 19 and living in seoul. Me and my friend (two girls) would like to make some friends here. Preferably around our age. And it would be great if you're korean. It's fine if you're not too. We enjoy many different activities, if youre interested in being friends you can contact me on my kakao: sirawon

[Friends] Friendship : yamxx0208 [2016.05.25 00:32:28] update [1] by Yami

HI :)

[자유게시판] [Learn Korean] #1 Love, Hangul/ Funny Korean tutorial show / 사랑해, 한글 1편 [2016.05.24 20:50:51] by Letstudio

Hi this is LET studio We've started new program about HANGEUL haha Chelci who is well known in Korea had been with us :) She apply for K-nights maker first. But through interview, we decided to make new program with her haha We are still waiting for lots of freinds!! You can subscribe to our channel and communicate like o...

[자유게시판] 포인트 질문요 [2016.05.24 16:26:07] [1] by JunKim

안녕하세요 포인트 관련 질문이 있어 글 올려요 Language Exchange 에서 게시글을 올리려고 하는데 포인트가 필요하다고 하던데요 포인트 얻으려고 하면 어떻게 해야 하나요?