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Notice Tutor! Please read this article before you leave a comment Shawn(Admin) 2016.07.26
  1. Read Morelooking for English tutor new 2017.06.26  [0]

    I'm looking for english teacher for my daughter. Details are followed. -. Area: AnYang, PyoungChon -. Age: 9 years old -. Englisht Status:  beginner -. Requirement   -> Female   -> Native speaker   -> Friendly personality (because ...
    Kyeonggi Byseymom Views5
    AnYang Pyoungchon 1hour 20000won Twice a week Tue,Thu
  2. Read Morei'm searching for Eng. teacher for my son, he is elemantary 2 Grade, ILSAN 2017.06.17  [0]

    i'm searching for Eng. teacher for my son, he is elemantary 2 Grade, we live in Gajwa-dong, ILSAN , so i search for tutor living place near our home he has hardly studied Eng. maybe have to start with phonics and we wanna have class...
    Kyeonggi Bytrecepark Views19
    i'm searching for Eng. teacher for my son, Elemantary 2 Grade, Gajwa-dong, ILSAN 1hour 20000won 5times a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri
  3. Read MoreLooking for an English native tutor - Guri 2017.06.17  [0]

    Hello~! Me and my cowokers(total 7 people) are looking for a female tutor who can help them keep up with English. We are not good at Engelish so there is no need fluent English. Light topics in daily life and business English will b...
    Kyeonggi Byseik Views19
    Gurisi(Gyeonggi-do) 90min 50000won Twice a week Wed,Fri
  4. Read MoreLooking for an English native tutor - Anyang 2017.06.16  [1]

    Hi, I'm looking for an English tutor for me and my husband. We live in Anyangsi and I want to have a class at Acrotower (2F, Starbucks maybe) for every Saturday morning 10~11 AM. I believe someone who lives nearby would be better. Both ...
    Kyeonggi ByStellaDasolIm Views36
    Kyeonggido Anyangsi Kwanyang-dong 1hour 30000won Once a week Sat
  5. Read MoreLooking for an English Teacher for my Kids 2017.05.30  [0]

    Hello!  I am looking for an English tutor for my two kids. (6th grade, 1st grade in elementary school) They have experience in living in USA for one year and they can speak English pretty well. I hope to find a teacher who can help practi...
    Kyeonggi ByAnnaPark Views140
    Bundang 2hours 50000won Once a week Tue
  6. Read MoreEnglish Tutor for writing and listening 2017.05.29  [0]

    I am 30 years old man and would like to learn English writing and listening skills. The place I am living in is Suwon would like to know where you teach and whether you come to student's place or student should go to your place to study. Do ...
    Suwon ByJGLee Views82
    Suwon 90min 20000won Once a week Fri,Sat
  7. Read MoreLooking for English Tutor for myself (location : Bundang) 2017.05.27  [2]

    Hello  I'm looking for English tutor who can teach me writing, speaking, and reading once a week in Bundang. I want to do once a week and I'm usually available on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays after 8:30PM. Please feel free to contact me...
    Seongnam ByAsellaChoi Views101
    Bundang 1hour 30000won Once a week Mon,Wed,Fri
  8. Read MoreCan you improve my English ability? 2017.05.19  [1]

    Hi ... I'm looking for an English teacher to improve my English ability. I am a 43years old male. and live in Dongtan, Gyeonggi-do. we can make a dicision to detail things for class(time, location, fee, e.t.c) anyone interests it, feel fr...
    Kyeonggi ByBandam Views105
    Dongtan 90min 35000won Twice a week Tue,Thu
  9. Read MoreNative English Speaker wanted for my two kids 11 and 12 2017.05.07  [1]

    Hello, My kids are fluent in English. I am looking for a female tutor who can help them keep up with English. Please drop me an email at Thanks
    Seongnam Byleopardlee Views119
    Seongbok dong 90min 30000won 3times a week Tue,Thu,Fri
  10. Read MoreI am still looking for tutor 2017.03.22  [0]

    Hello I am still looking for tutor I have been sick all the while so from now, I'd like to start English lesson , the study process that I want is that formal and casual English my email : kakao : pennykun
    Kyeonggi Bymarch Views106
    Sangdong,Bucheon city in Gyeonggi-do 1hour 25000won 3times a week Mon,Wed,Fri
  11. Read MoreLooking for British English Teacher for 11 years old Kid 2017.03.19  [0]

    Hi, My name is Mimi and I am looking for British English teacher for my 11 years old son. I've never pushed him to private English institutes (영어학원) since I am not interested in meaningless English score on test. I would prefer to ha...
    Kyeonggi ByYukinamoo Views76
    Gyeonggi-do, Bucheon-si, Jungdong 90min 40000won Once a week Wed
  12. Read MoreLooking for female english tutor 2017.03.15  [2]

     Hello, I am looking for english tutor. I want to improve my english speaking skills. I want to have lessons between 10 and 12 on weekdays because my kid goes to school that time.  Please contact me on kakao.  Kakao ID: ehunjee
    Kyeonggi ByAngie85 Views128
    Kwachoen or Sadang 1hour 30000won Twice a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri
  13. Read MoreLooking for English playing teacher for kids in Gimpo. 2017.03.08  [0]

    I am looking for a native speaker(English) who was a teacher or likes kids for playing with my 7 years old niece with speaking in English. Want someone to play many fun games and have basic conversations. Just hope to let my niece experienc...
    Kyeonggi ByElly_nani Views66
    Gimpo city. (Sawoodong) 90min 30000won Once a week Thu,Sat,Sun
  14. Read MoreLooking for a tutor in Ansan area 2017.03.06  [0]

    Hello, I am looking for a native tutor who could help my business English conversation and writing skills. I have been working for the PCB trading company for 7years. These days, I only speak English to Chinese or Taiwanese. So my Englis...
    Ansan ByKimU Views72
    Gojandong 90min 35000won Twice a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun
  15. Read MoreLooking for native tutor 2017.03.05  [0]

    I am looking for native English tutor (female only) for my children (1st, 4th grade in elementary). Time, Pay are negotiable. Please contact me at my kakaoID (cgogh). 
    Kyeonggi Bycgogh Views80
    Pyeongchon (평촌), Anyang-si 1hour 35000won 3times a week Mon,Wed,Fri
  16. Read MoreLooking for private english tutor for my 10 years old daughter 2017.02.15  [1]

    Hi, I am father of my 10 years old daughter. I live in Goyangdong, Goyangsi and am looking for private English tutor. I doesn't care of gender but  My daughter wants female teacher.   I can speak English and Korea so we can talk about s...
    Kyeonggi Byyenup Views149
  17. Read MoreLooking for a teacher for my kids 2017.02.06  [1]

     Hi I am looking for a teacher for my kids. Elder one is 11years  and Younger one is 8 years. I am living in Dongtan. Please contact me.
    Suwon Bygolfenlife Views175
    Dongtan 90min 30000won Once a week Sat,Sun
  18. Read MoreI am looking for tutor ! 2017.01.24  [1]

    Good day. I am looking for native tutors so I'd like to meet near Sangdong station and i could adjust time or day what you want My E-mail is
    Kyeonggi Bykun Views90
    Sangdong,Bucheon city in Gyeonggi-do 2hours 50000won Twice a week Mon,Wed
  19. Read MoreLooking for Fhilippino female teacher 2017.01.06  [0]

    Looking for Fhilippino female teacher to work in English Academy (for elementry school student) Who will teach English speaking for them (Talking class) 1. Qualifications 1. Who has Korean husband (No problem to teach English becaus...
    Kyeonggi BySeung Views115
    Hwaseong, Byeongjeom and Dongtan area 2hours 20000won 3times a week Mon,Wed,Fri
  20. Read Morelooking for english tutor for my 9 year old nephew 2017.01.06  [1]

    Looking for someone to tutor my 9 year old nephew in yangju 3 times a week. Pay and time negotiable. Please shoot me a message if interested. Thanks.
    Kyeonggi Byyolo Views94
    yangju 1hour 20000won 3times a week Mon,Wed,Fri
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