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Notice Tutor! Please read this article before you leave a comment Shawn(Admin) 2016.07.26
Notice 원어민과 통역도와드립니다 Shawn(Admin) 2016.03.01
  1. Read MorePT-Looking for Native speaker tutor in Suwon new 2016.08.25  [0]

    Looking for Native speaker tutor in Suwon (jeong-ja dong) *Foreigner native speaker only *Female Teacher prefered (but male teacher also okay) *once a week, prefers Wed or Thu *start at 5pm or 6pm *90mins class *elementry school student plea...
    Suwon ByspreAd Views9
    suwon jeongja dong 90min 50000won Once a week Wed,Thu
  2. Read MoreLooking for tutor (British accent) 2016.08.23  [0]

    Good evening. I am looking for the private tutor who has British accent. I lived in Brighton for 5 months, so I want to keep learning English with British accent. The purpose of studying English is preparing for post doctoral course in the o...
    Seoul ByNanobear Views43
    Hapjeong or Anam 90min 40000won Twice a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri
  3. Read MoreLooking for female tutor update 2016.08.23  [1]

     Hello I'm looking for mydaughter's English tutor. I want to find female teacher. Pls contact me if u are interested in.
    Seoul ByLudia Views41
    제기역 90min 30000won Twice a week Mon,Wed
  4. Read Morelooking for english tutor (Eungam) 2016.08.22  [0]

    Hello. I am looking for english tutor. The Class subject is just Gerneral Dialogue. We will talk about anything like Friends. I have several experience. My tutor go back to her contury, so I have to looking for new tutor. The Cla...
    Seoul Byhan606 Views50
    eungam 1hour 20000won Once a week Mon
  5. Read MoreLooking for a FEMALE native English tutor - Shinchon 2016.08.22  [0]

    Hi, I'm looking for a FEMALE native tutor who can teach English well. Hope to study for preparing English job interview & biz English speacking skill. Actually I'll prepare some script, so you can correct it and speack together. I'm...
    Seoul ByYOUNG02 Views49
    Shinchon 1hour 25000won Twice a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun
  6. Read MoreLooking for a female native English speaker in Busan update 2016.08.17  [3]

    Looking for a female English tutor in Busan. I have been studying in Toronto for 9 months and I want to keep practicing speaking English so  looking for a native English speaker who can help me. If you're female native English speaker and...
    Busan By이지원이 Views93
    Busan 1hour 30000won Twice a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat
  7. Read MoreLooking for a British English speaker 2016.08.17  [0]

    Korean woman is looking for a tutor from U.K I want to meet you once a week at Mangwoo-dong in Jungrang-gu Seoul. Tuition fee is negotiable. Please kakaotalk me if you're interested in this position. thank you
    Seoul BydaisyLee Views40
    Mangwoo-dong 1hour 40000won Once a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun
  8. Read MoreLooking for a North American tutor 2016.08.17  [1]

    Wanted: North-American English tutor Location: Near Gwanghwamoon 광화문 Day&Time: During weekday after 11: 30 am How often: Twice a week Fee: 30,000 won per an hour Contact: Kakaotalk
    Seoul BySummerlee Views66
    Gwanghwamoon 광화문 1hour 30000won Twice a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri
  9. Read Morelooking for native teacher "Business English" for group lesson(2 students) 2016.08.17  [4]

    Hi~!! Would like to have native teacher. Once a week for an hour. Fee: 30,000 won per an hour. Group lesson: 2 students.
    Seoul BySummer94 Views72
    Songpa-gu 1hour 30000won Once a week Tue
  10. Read MoreLooking for a Skype English teacher 2016.08.17  [7]

    Hello , I am looking for a Skype English teacher. Day, time and hours can be negotiated. Besides the fee will be low than I suggested. Because I will talk on Skype app with you. And I will choose my teacher who suggest me the cheape...
    Online ByStella09 Views107
    Jung-gu 1hour 20000won Once a week Mon,Tue,Thu
  11. Read MoreLooking for a female native English tutor in Geumjung area 2016.08.16  [0]

    Location: 금정구 Busan Student: 7 years old girl Level: Intermediate Tutor: Female native teacher wanted Contact:
    Busan Bymnmn1000 Views66
    Geumjung-gu 1hour 40000won Twice a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat
  12. Read MoreA Native English Tutor/Geojedong, Busan 2016.08.15  [0]

    Looking for a Native English Tutor Location : Geojedong, Yeonjegu, Busan (near form Sajic Sport Complex) Subject : English reading and writing Lesson : for 90 min. after 6 p.m. on Tuesday or Thursday payment : 60,000 won per a lesson ...
    Busan ByCameron Views42
    Geojedong. Busan 90min 40000won Once a week Tue,Thu
  13. Read MorePart time job position in Busan 2016.08.10  [0]

    I looking for a western teacher for a company. All students are adult and conversation class.   Location : Dadae dong Sahagu Busan Class start : 5th September Time : Mon & thursday 11:30 - 12:30 (Twice a week) Students level ...
    Busan ByJackKim Views90
    Dadae dong Sahagu Busan 1hour 50000won Twice a week Mon,Thu
  14. Read More열정적인 선생님 모십니다 2016.08.09  [6]

    안녕하세요42세 회사원  남자입니다 매우 초보수준의 영어실력을 가지고있으며 말하기,듣기,문법등을 배우고 싶습니다 성별은 상관없으며 회사근무 경험이 있는 선생님이면 좋겠습니다 주중에는 늦은 저녁 가능 (일정유동적) 일요일 오전 중
    Busan ByFafa Views130
    Moon-hyun dong 2hours 40000won Twice a week Tue,Wed,Sun
  15. Read Morelooking for native speaker~good english teacher! 2016.08.09  [0]

    this is lwt(company) near yatap station. (5minutes by walk) we are looking for a good english teacher.  (must be a native speaker. 10년이상거주한 교포,tesol 자격증보유) we are waitting systematic and effective lesson~  time: 8:00am~9:00...
    Kyeonggi Bykiwi Views76
    bundang-gu yatap 1hour 50000won Twice a week Tue,Thu
  16. Read MoreLooking for native English tutor (Female preferred) 2016.08.08  [2]

    1.Tuition: Negotiable 2.Hour : weekday: 7PM to 9 PM weekend : 10AM to 12AM or Sunday night 3 .Self intruduction I think my level is upper intermidate and I just want to practice English not grammer 5.Tutor: Native English tutor (female prefe...
    Seoul ByKevin Views138
    Nearby Hongik University or Hapjeong station (합정역) 2hours 20000won Once a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Sat,Sun
  17. Read Morelooking for english tutor in busan :) 2016.08.04  [0]

    Hello im 21 age in korea.I want to learn about english conversation. I want to study at my home. I can write english but i cant speak well. So i looking for a tutor 1:1 I can teach you Korean too (not pay) If you want to teach me, contact to...
    Busan Byazls04 Views116
    yeonsandong (near yeonsan station) 1hour 25000won Once a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu
  18. Read Morelooking for an English native speaker 2016.08.03  [1]

     looking for an English native speaker in Bucheon Please contact me. kakao:pennykun E-mail: i can adjust amount of money and my English level is low
    Kyeonggi Bymarch Views94
    경기도 부천시 상동 2hours 25000won 3times a week Mon,Wed,Fri
  19. Read Morelooking for native Eng speaker! 2016.08.03  [0]

    I am looking for a tutor who is a native English speaker. My English level is between inter & advanced.. I think. haha I think I can express what I think. I live around line 6, Hwa-rang-dae station. Schedule, time is flexible. ...
    Seoul ByDavid1 Views87
    Seoul, Haw-rang-dae station 1hour 20000won Twice a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun
  20. Read MoreLooking for native English tutor near Gimpo Airport area 2016.08.02  [0]

    Hi Tutors,  I am writing this on behalf of my friend. She is a company employee who wants to blush up her ENglish communication skills.  She lives near Gimpo airport so prefer to meet near the area.  She prefers evenings on weekdays and...
    Seoul Byrecruit Views70
    Gimpo-si,Janggi-dong 90min 40000won Twice a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu
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