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Notice Tutor! Please read this article before you leave a comment Shawn(Admin) 2016.07.26
  1. Read MoreI'm looking for a native English speaker new 2017.03.28  [0]

      I'm 33 years old woman living in Haeundae and looking for a native English speaker who can meet me in Haeundae area. My English is low but I think I can talk to you in English. My available day is  Monday,Wednesday,Friday. The fee is 25,00...
    Busan Bym.j.yoon Views7
    Heaundea 90min 25000won 3times a week Mon,Wed,Fri
  2. Read MoreI'm looking for a female tutor. new 2017.03.28  [0]

    Hello. If you are still looking for a student, take a look at my post. I prefer meeting up in Sadang, of course, the place is negotiable depending on your area. The tuition is 30000won for 90min. The tuition is negotiable, too.  I am availab...
    Seoul Bysummerwinter Views13
    Sadang/ line 4 90min 30000won Once a week Wed,Thu,Sun
  3. Read MoreLooking for an English tutor and Friend [Seoul] new 2017.03.28  [0]

    Hello :) I' m Sunny looking for my native English tutor in Seoul. I live in Mapo-Gu near HongDae, SinChon and GongDeok and My office is near GangNam station. Our company's working hours are so flexible that I can fit your schedule. ...
    Seoul BySunny2 Views13
    Mapo-Gu(HongDae, SinChon), Gang Nam-Gu, Itaewon-Gu, [Seoul] 90min 40000won Twice a week Mon,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun
  4. Read MoreLooking for an English tutor who can understand Korean new 2017.03.28  [0]

    Looking for a tutor for my kids (2 kids) Pay: 50,000 won  for 2 hours Date & Time: 7:30 ~ 9:30 (2 hours) on Tuesday or Wednesday (Date will be fixed after) Prefer : Female teacher (good personality) Playing board game, ball play, r...
    Seoul Byaerachoi2 Views14
  5. Read MoreLooking for tutor update 2017.03.27  [1]

     Hello. I  am  looking for  totur  for  me and  3  peoples.  We will  talk  about  one subject twice a  conversation with  economic and life. experience etc. I  would like  to  study  in the  morning. Maybe  from 10am around Now...
    Seoul ByStarkate Views29
    Seoul Nowon hagye dong 1hour 40000won Twice a week Mon,Thu
  6. Read MoreLooking for an English Tutor (Itaewon) 2017.03.23  [0]

    Looking for an English Tutor I'm in mid 40's, male, and working around Itaewon. My English proficiency is around middle level, or Never-Sufficient level, especially on Listening and Speaking I hope the 1:1 class to be arranged around ...
    Seoul Bytototoss Views70
    Itaewon, Han-nam-dong, Seoul 1hour 35000won 3times a week Mon,Wed,Fri
  7. Read Morelooking for English tutor. 2017.03.22  [0]

     Hello i' m looking for my female native English tutor in Busan. i'm worker so i have time after 7 p.m and i need to meet cafe in Hadan. i need to improve my English speaking skill.  please contact me.  thank you 
    Busan Bynaeun Views54
    Hadan 1hour 20000won Twice a week Tue,Thu
  8. Read MoreI am still looking for tutor 2017.03.22  [0]

    Hello I am still looking for tutor I have been sick all the while so from now, I'd like to start English lesson , the study process that I want is that formal and casual English my email : kakao : pennykun
    Kyeonggi Bymarch Views41
    Sangdong,Bucheon city in Gyeonggi-do 1hour 25000won 3times a week Mon,Wed,Fri
  9. Read MoreLooking for an english tutor in Sang-am, Seoul 2017.03.21  [0]

    i'm looking for an english tutor in Sang-am, Seoul near Sin-chon (native-teacher only prefered) once a week, 60mins each, on Mondays or Tuesdays (morning prefered)  30,000won per hour please contact me via kakao talk : dilly73 or 010-9927-38...
    Seoul ByspreAd Views42
    Sang-am, Seoul 1hour 30000won Once a week Mon,Tue
  10. Read MorePT English Gyo-po Tutor in Incheon, Geomam dong 2017.03.21  [0]

    i'm looking for Gyo-po tutor for this position. on Thursdays at 8:00pm only female tutor (because the student is also female) Incheon, Geomam dong 60mins, once a week, Rate is 30,000/hour  please contact me via kakao talk : dilly73
    Incheon ByspreAd Views25
    Incheon, Geomam dong 인천 검암동 1hour 30000won Once a week Mon,Wed,Thu
  11. Read MoreLooking for a native teacher in Yong-in Giheung-gu 2017.03.21  [0]

    i'm looking for native tutor in Yong-In or Suwon twice a week, 60min each. the address for the class is 경기도 용인시 기흥구 덕영대로2077번길 20 용인영덕신일1단지 Monday and Wednesday around 7 p.m prefered native teacher prefered.  rate is 3...
    Kyeonggi ByspreAd Views20
    Yong-in Giheung-gu 경기도 용인시 기흥구 1hour 30000won Twice a week Mon,Wed
  12. Read More[P/T] Gyopo English Teacher, ilsan donggu 2017.03.21  [0]

    I'm looking for Gyopo English Teacher in ilsan Area. female teacher prefered (cause the student is female) once a week, 60mins each prefered Saturday 2pm rate is 30,000/hour  please contact me via kakaotalk: dilly73
    Kyeonggi ByspreAd Views18
    ilsan donggu 일산동구 1hour 30000won Once a week Sat
  13. Read MoreI need you(who can talk in english) 2017.03.20  [0]

     I'm looking for english teacher I'm in 성신여대 and I'm male, 28years old I should improve my english skills for my career Talk to me anybody 
    Seoul Bydante Views55
    성신여대 90min 20000won Twice a week Wed,Thu
  14. Read MoreLooking for British English Teacher for 11 years old Kid 2017.03.19  [0]

    Hi, My name is Mimi and I am looking for British English teacher for my 11 years old son. I've never pushed him to private English institutes (영어학원) since I am not interested in meaningless English score on test. I would prefer to ha...
    Kyeonggi ByYukinamoo Views43
    Gyeonggi-do, Bucheon-si, Jungdong 90min 40000won Once a week Wed
  15. Read MoreLooking for female english tutor 2017.03.15  [1]

     Hello, I am looking for english tutor. I want to improve my english speaking skills. I want to have lessons between 10 and 12 on weekdays because my kid goes to school that time.  Please contact me on kakao.  Kakao ID: ehunjee
    Kyeonggi ByAngie85 Views83
    Kwachoen or Sadang 1hour 30000won Twice a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri
  16. Read MoreI'm looking for native tutor twice a week 2017.03.15  [1]

    Hi This is Jay. I'm looking for someone who teaches English to me in Busan. I'm thinking that we have class twice a week on weekdays at Centum, Seomyeon etc. The location can be negotiable. Feel free to contact me. Thanks kangsuk109...
    Busan ByJangJay Views73
    Haeundae 1hour 20000won Twice a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri
  17. Read Morelooking for English teacher 2017.03.15  [0]

    hi~ I'm peter I'm looking for a female English tutor who can meet me improve my english business communcation. I'd like to study every day a week during 1 hr( Am 07:30~08:30) Location is two some place coffee shop inside SeoulSqure. ...
    Seoul Bypeterpeter Views72
    Jung Gu , Seoul Station(07:30~08:30) 1hour 30000won 5times a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri
  18. Read Morelooking for english teacher for kid 2017.03.09  [0]

    looking for teacher for my kid who is 7years. i want to teacher who have tesol licence i hope teach phonics book. wed 15:30~ sat  11:00 or 12:00 ~   kakaotalk id : dolcemusicking plz introduce for yourself abouy nationality,...
    Seoul Bychung Views77
    moon jeong dong songpa-gu 문정동 1hour 30000won Twice a week Wed,Sat
  19. Read MoreI am looking for native tutor. 2017.03.08  [0]

    I am looking for Native tutor.Once a week or twice a week would be great.
    Busan Byobs2707 Views89
    Hadan 1hour 20000won Twice a week Thu
  20. Read MoreLooking for English playing teacher for kids in Gimpo. 2017.03.08  [0]

    I am looking for a native speaker(English) who was a teacher or likes kids for playing with my 7 years old niece with speaking in English. Want someone to play many fun games and have basic conversations. Just hope to let my niece experienc...
    Kyeonggi ByElly_nani Views42
    Gimpo city. (Sawoodong) 90min 30000won Once a week Thu,Sat,Sun
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