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Notice Tutor! Please read this article before you leave a comment Shawn(Admin) 2016.07.26
Notice 원어민과 통역도와드립니다 Shawn(Admin) 2016.03.01
  1. Read More★Cheongna International City, Native American for kids!! new 2016.10.26  [0]

    Hello I urgently need a native american women who can teach 7 years old kids. I want someone experienced in teaching kids. There wil; be only 4 kids. You just do some chants, games, drawings and so on together. Hope to see you...
    Incheon ByRoseTTT Views17
    Cheongna International City+ 90min 30000won Once a week Wed
  2. Read MoreLooking for native English tutor (Female preferred) 2016.10.24  [0]

    1.Tuition: Negotiable 2.Hour : weekday: 7PM to 9 PM weekend : 10AM to 12AM Saturday morning or Sunday 3 .Self intruduction I think my level is upper intermidate and I just want to practice English not grammer 4.Tutor: Native English tutor (...
    Seoul ByKevin Views80
    Nearby Hongik University station (홍대입구역) or Sinchon (신촌) subway 2hours 20000won Once a week Mon,Tue,Sat,Sun
  3. Read More원어민 교사구해요 2016.10.23  [1]

     초보수준입니다.  연락부탁 드립니다
    Incheon Byjoney Views54
    남동구 구월동 1hour 30000won Twice a week Mon,Wed
  4. Read MoreILSAN, BUCHEON, PAJU, 2 HOURS, MORE THAN3 TIME PER WEEK 2016.10.23  [0]

    Location - ILSAN, BUCHEON, PAJU, DEPAND ON our SITUATION SEOUL (Not kangnam and nearest area) Hours - 2 hours , 3 times a week Day and time - Flexible Point - Please comment your nationality when you send me email.
    Kyeonggi Byspring1 Views39
    ILSAN, BUCHEON, PAJU, DEPAND ON our SITUATION SEOUL 2hours 50000won 3times a week Mon,Wed,Fri
  5. Read More★ Incheon, Cheongna, English teacher who can play with kids. 2016.10.22  [0]

    There will be 4 kids aged 7 in a class. As it can be a little long time for kids, you can take rest between class hours. like class time 25 min + rest 5 min + class time 25 min + rest 5 min + class time 25 min. More than teaching, pl...
    Incheon ByRoseTTT Views21
    cheongna international city, Incheon. (Gyeongseodong) 90min 30000won Once a week Wed
  6. Read MoreEnglish conversation 2016.10.22  [0]

    Wanna improve conversation skill and useful expressions, listening, etc. (Have experience of short term living in UK) More prefer to female tutor. Negotiable about time and fee. Living in the Guseodong, Kumjunggu, Busan.  Plz comtact with ka...
    Busan ByJimi Views61
    Guseodong 1hour 30000won Once a week Thu
  7. Read MoreI am looking for native tutor 2016.10.21  [0]

    I am looking for native tutor and i need casual English and business English. I will wait
    Kyeonggi Bymarch Views53
    Bucheon ,Ilsan 2hours 50000won 3times a week Mon,Wed,Fri
  8. Read MoreLook 4 an English teacher in the morning Bundang 2016.10.20  [0]

    we are workers in company in near yatap station. (5minutes by walk) we are looking for a good english teacher. (native speaker or 10년이상거주한 교포 or tesol ) we are waitting systematic and effective lesson~ ( pronunciation is import...
    Seongnam Bykiwi Views58
    bundang , near yatap station 5minutes. 1hour 50000won Twice a week Tue,Wed,Fri
  9. Read MoreAmerican/Canadian as English tutor for my 2 kids (5 yrs old & 6 yrs old) 2016.10.19  [1]

    Looking for an enlgish teacher who is very freindly and nice, espeically good for kids. Teacher needs to know how to teach english and hang out with kids. Please text or call me at 010-7177-0919
    Seoul Byaerachoi Views65
    Negok-dong, Seocho-gu(Seoul) 1hour 30000won 5times a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri
  10. Read MoreLooking for a native female English teacher 2016.10.17  [0]

    Hi there, I am looking for a native female English teacher for my little one, 7 years old girl. We live in Bundang/Pangyo. We can pick up from the nearest underground station such as Pangyo or Jeong-ja Tuition fee and teaching time ca...
    Seongnam ByJP Views53
    Bundang 1hour 30000won Twice a week Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun
  11. Read MoreEnglish tutor wanted (British Accent Preferred) 2016.10.12  [0]

    Hello.  I am currently looking for a native English tutor who can tutor my friend  once a week for 2 hours. It would be nice if you can speak some Korean.  60000 won / week (30000 per hour) British Accent Preferred. Please contact me via ema...
    Seoul Bystaceface Views101
    Seoul 2hours 50000won Once a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun
  12. Read Morei am looking for native English tutor 2016.10.12  [0]

    Hello   I am looking for English tutor in Bucheon    I'd like to learn casual English with businessEnglish   i am waiting for Email
    Bucheon Bymarch Views63
    In Bucheon, Sangdon etc. and In Ilsan 2hours 50000won 3times a week Mon,Wed,Fri
  13. Read Morelooking for English teacher 2016.10.11  [1]

    hi~ I'm hyun-ah I'm looking for a female English tutor who can meet me improve my english conversation. My English is basic revel, i guess. I'd like to study 1 hour 2 times a week. contact me my e-mail. Thanks.
    Incheon Bykolily Views84
    incheon(in front of INHA universiry hospital) 1hour 30000won Twice a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri
  14. Read MoreLooking for tutor English 2016.10.11  [13]

    Hi, I'm looking for a female English tutor who can meet me for long terms. I'm housewife and speak basic English. want to meet you in the morning time during weekday. If you're interested in this position,please leave a comment on this p...
    Seoul Byjini757 Views192
    sinsul-dong 1hour 35000won Twice a week Wed,Fri
  15. Read MoreIllsan near Juyeapstation 2016.10.09  [0]

     I am looking for a native tutor in ilsandong  Juyeopstation,Jungbalsan staion and etc.
    Kyeonggi Bymarch Views46
    Juyeopstation 2hours 50000won Twice a week Mon,Wed
  16. Read MoreI want to find a my English tutor 2016.10.07  [2]

    Hello, my name is Sarah. I am twelve, elementary fifth grade. I leaarn English about six years. I reside in Dongjak Gu Sadang Dong. I want once a week, on Friday(from 8 to 9 30 PM) 90 minute. Furthermore, I want woman teacher. In the class, ...
    Seoul Bysara0606 Views130
    Sadang 90min 30000won Once a week Fri
  17. Read Morelooking for a english tutor near Bundang Ori station or Yongin Dongbaek area 2016.10.05  [0]

    Hello. I am looking for an native-English tutor near Yongjin Donbaek area or near Bundang Ori station.  I want to have a one-hour lesson once a week. The lesson willl be aroung 18:30 or 19 or later.  My Enligh is just O.K. to communicate. ...
    Seongnam ByYeonjin Views66
    Yongin Dongbaek or near Ori Station 1hour 20000won Once a week Tue
  18. Read MoreLooking for native tutor 2016.10.05  [0]

     Hello i am looking for tutor in ilsan And I'd like to look for tutor who has a lot of experience thank you for reading this posting My e-mail is KakaoID is pennykun
    Kyeonggi Bymarch Views42
    Ilsan, near Juyeop Station 2hours 50000won 3times a week Mon,Wed,Fri
  19. Read MoreLooking for tutor who can teach me cambridge advance exam and advance grammar 2016.10.02  [0]

     Hi im looking for tutor who can teach me Cambridge  advance exam and advance grammar and it's 20000per hour and i would like to study 2hour per day 3times a week please contact me with kakao talk 
    Seoul ByDingdong Views77
    Gangnam or beomgye 2hours 40000won 3times a week Mon,Wed,Fri
  20. Read More5 years old boy,centurm city 2016.09.29  [0]

    Good morning. The Haeundae Centum city. 5 year old boy. I want about 1-2 times a week. It was a bright lively and entertaining teacher your child learn English. If you have any preschool experience more good. Singing, painting, block games, ...
    Busan Byhjh4467 Views109
    Haeundae U dong 1hour 20000won Once a week Mon,Wed,Fri
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