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123 Kyeonggi looking for a native English teaher Hi.   I want female English teacher.   I live in Pyeongtaek city.    I'm worker in company.   Please call me 010 9858 1189.   And please cont... Daniel72 2016.02.07 20
122 Seoul Looking for female english teacher in Nowon, Seoul Hi I'm looking for my mother's english native tuter. Her age is 54 and her english levvel is very low. I want female tuter who can come to my house. If... pinnutbutter 2016.02.05 37
121 Busan Looking for a female tutor~ Hi~ I'm looking for a female native speaker.  I want native speaker who have teaching experience to adult. Available time : am 10:00 ~ 11:00 lf you are... 1 Suhee 2016.02.03 58
120 Seoul 영국인 원어민강사 구합니다 서울 강남구  1.지역: 서울시 강남구 또는 관악구 2.과외비(시간당): 3 ~ 3.5만원 3.가능한 요일 & 시간: 주말, 2시 이후 5.원하는 튜터: 영국영어 회화를 3 yoong 2016.02.01 68
119 Seoul I am looking for an English tutor. Hello. This is daesung and I am looking for an English teacher.   I wanna learn how to speak like a native speaker and business english.   I am liv... 2 Redneck 2016.01.30 83
118 Busan looking for English conversation tutor for 8 years old kid I'm looking for English tutor for my kid, 8 years old.She lived in Canada for 2.5 years so I want her to speak in English continuously.  She needs Engl... realJulie 2016.01.29 57
117 Busan Lookong for a Female tutor  I'm looking for a female tutor for my kid. 9 year old girl. 5 golfenlife 2016.01.28 85
116 Seoul Looking for a tutor in Jongno  외국에 갔다 저보다 영어 조금 영어 조금 잘하는 사람한테 무시당한 느낌... 영어가 절실 합니다ㅠㅠ 잘해야겠다고 느꼈습니다 외국에서 사업을 하는데 일단 가... 8 Sinwoo 2016.01.27 101
115 Busan I'm looking for a female native english instructor near seomyun stn Hi guys. I'm looking for a native english instructor near seomyun stn.[서면역] Woman instructor is preferred. this is one on one business conversatio... myenglishjohn 2016.01.27 63
114 Seoul i wanna teach korean or just make a friend i wanna teach you guys korean,  send message to me haha   my email is 韓国語を教えたいです!。誰でもいいですのね、気軽にご連絡く... 1 韓国人 2016.01.22 170
113 Seoul I'm Looking for native speaker tutor Hi~ I'm chris. I need someone who can help me improve my poor english skill.. I'm a business man. I have my own business.  so I hope that good teach... 3 ibestchris 2016.01.22 147
112 Busan [Available] Lotte Dep. Executive 1:1 Sunday 08:30 ~ 09:00 (once a week) BP is looking for following instructors and please apply by sending email ( or apply through our application system. (http://www.bp... BusinessPoint 2016.01.21 110
111 Seoul Looking for tutors for our service (website) Hello,      I am Daeheon, the CEO of a startup, TimeCafe.    We recently opened an website where experts can sell their time. (  ... timecafe 2016.01.20 88
110 Seoul 서울 광장동 원어민민과외 구함.Looking for a tutor in 광장동Seoul  안녕하세요  서울 광장동이고 38 여 입니다. 완전 초보인데 하는일이 시간이 정해져있지않아서... 시간과 보수는 선생님과 의논해서정해야할것같구요.친구처럼 ... 3 lovebridge 2016.01.20 89
109 Seoul Looking for native speaker tutor 1. Area: Konkuk University station Seoul or Incheon or Bucheon             2.Tuition: Less than 35000won (per hour) 3.Hour : weekday: 7PM to 8PM weeken... Amy0122 2016.01.17 117
108 Seoul Looking for a tutor like friend  서울 쪽에 거주하고 있습니다  친구처럼 수다 떨듯이 배우고 싶어요~ 지금 영어 많이 부족하고 자신감도 없지만 극복하고 싶어요 ! 영어 회화가 가능하게 될 수 ... 5 Star 2016.01.16 157
107 Seoul Looking for English tutor 1.: Area: Around Hongik University or Hapjeong station Seoul (not online) 2.Tuition: Negotiable 3.Hour : weekday: 7PM to 9 PM weekend : 10AM to 12AM 4.... Kevin 2016.01.16 95
106 Busan (hurry up)Looking for teacher in Busan :) I'm looking for english teacher who can teach me in busan haeundae or yunsan near at night. I'm 23 years old and male. It not perfect but i know gramme... 1 SJY 2016.01.15 128
105 Seoul Looking for a British English teacher Hello! I'm Seung Il, university student in Korea. I have a plan to go to UK on this autumn for exchange student (at newcastle upon tyne(?)). So I wan... Seung 2016.01.10 103
104 Seoul 원어민 선생님 구합니다.서울 여의도  위치 서울 여의도 회사내 인원 2-3명(직장인) 시간 매주 월/수(월8회) 오전 8:30-10:00 혹은 오전 8:30-9:30 수강비 2인 기준(7-8만원) 월 56-64만원 정도 선생... 3 GD팡 2016.01.08 132
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