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공지 Seoul Tutor can't post in this section Shawn(Admin) 2015.07.09 228
공지 Busan 원어민 구인광고 양식.(한글로 작성하시면 영어로 번역해듸립니다.) Shawn(Admin) 2015.02.20 884
80 Busan Looking for a native Englsh speaker can help job interview/5 young adult group Location: Seomyeon,study room Day&Time: Every other Wedesday 4pm Fee:100,000 won for 2 hours Students: Yong adults Purpose of lesson: Job i... 2 update Shawn(Admin) 2015.10.06 18
79 Busan Geumjung area/10 years and 8 years old kids/Stayed in U.S Looking for English Tutor My family stays near PNU in Geumjunggu. I hope 2 hours class for two kids(10 years and 8 years) a week in the afternoon or... Shawn(Admin) 2015.09.27 67
78 Busan Looking for a tutor who can teach business English/Saturday morning Location: Sasang or Seomyeon Day: Saturday morning Fee: 50,000 won per 90min Student: Young adult woman Business English 4 Shawn(Admin) 2015.09.25 77
77 Seoul Looking for a native English speaker who has a F-visa in Seoul I have bunch of tutoring requests from Seoul area. If you're North-American and F-visa holder,please leave a comment with your brief introduction and... Shawn(Admin) 2015.09.22 72
76 Busan Looking for a North-American female tutor in Daeyeon Location:Daeyeon-dong 대연동 Students:11years old and 9years old kids Fee:40,000won per an hour each kid Day&Time: Friday 7:00pm~9:00 pm No... Shawn(Admin) 2015.09.21 56
75 Busan Looking for a tutor for TOEIC SPEAKING TEST Location:Seomyeon or KSU or Haeundae Fee:40,000won per an hour Day&Time:After 6pm during weekday or anytime on weekend /3times a week Student:36ye... 3 Shawn(Admin) 2015.09.18 74
74 Seoul Looking for a tutor in Munrae-dong Location: 영등포구 문래동 Fee:40,000won Student:Young adult girl 2 Shawn(Admin) 2015.09.17 87
73 Seoul 건대 원어민 영어과외 구합니다 건대 원어민 영어과외 구합니다 과외비:35,000원 3 Shawn(Admin) 2015.09.17 92
72 Seoul Look for a tutor nearby Beomgye subway staion Location: Nearby Beomgye subway staion Student:Young adult man Fee:40,000won per an hour 범계역/강남역/신사역/압구정로데오역/ 이 중 아무곳이나 괜찮구요... 3 Shawn(Admin) 2015.09.17 49
71 Seoul Looking for a tutor near Hongdae/evening/young adult Location: Nearby Hongdae subway staion Fee:40,000won per an hour Day&Time: Weekday evening Student:Young adult girl 3 Shawn(Admin) 2015.09.17 54
70 Seoul Looking for a tutor for 5kids group in Yongsan Location:용산 Fee: More than 100,000 won for 2hours Students: 5 Elementary school kids 용산쪽 매월 마지막주 수요일 2시간 초등 5명도 가능하신분 4 Shawn(Admin) 2015.09.17 39
69 Seoul Looking for a tutor in 은평구 역촌동 for kids group on Friday Looking for a North-American tutor. Location:Eunpyeong-gu Yeokchon-dong Day&Time:Every friday 2pm-4pm Fee: More than 80,000 won per 2hours Student... 3 Shawn(Admin) 2015.09.17 112
68 Busan Looking for a north american tutor in Busan Bukgu 안녕하세요^^30대초반 직장인 여자 입니다~영어수준은 초보수준이며ㅠ 생활영어에 관심이 있습니다~ 부산 북구쪽에 삽니다(화명동,덕천동) 원어민 선생님은 미국... 1 Shawn(Admin) 2015.09.15 108
67 Busan Looking for a tutor in Busan/Mon,Wed,Fri/90min/80,000won Location: Yangjeong 양정 cafe Date&Time: Mon,Wed,Fri 4:00~5:30 pm,90 minutes Fee: 80,000 won per 90min Student: 30s Adult man Level : Beginner Goal... 5 Shawn(Admin) 2015.09.15 196
66 Busan Looking for a female tutor in 남포동 Nampodong area Looking for a female tutor Location:Nampodong.BusanFee:40,000 won per an hourStudent:11 years old girlDay&Time:Every tuesday after 3pmHow to contac... 2 영어회화가대세 2015.09.13 81
65 Busan English conversation Tutor - gumjung & jungguan & haeundae 1. Area : Pusan national Univ, Guseodong, Jungquan (new town), haeundae 2. Fee : 40,000~/hour 3.Time : weekdays (Mon~Fri) / one~two hours a day / onc... 4 Roy123 2015.09.10 132
64 Busan 부산 원어민과외 구합니다.부산 서면 카페에서 프리토킹 원합니다. 부산 원어민과외 구합니다. 장소는 서면 카페에서 주말 토요일이나 일요일 오전에 만나서 영어배우길 원합니다. 프리토킹 원하구요. 교포분들 말고 미국인이나 캐... 3 KoreanguyinBusan 2015.09.08 226
63 Busan Looking for a female tutor by Dusil(두실) station/50,000won/4years old girl Looking for a female tutor who has a F visa Location:Nearby Dusil subway station Student: 4 years old girl Tutor: North-American female tutor onl... Shawn(Admin) 2015.09.08 108
62 Seoul I am looking for english tutor. 1.지역(동이름)   Seoul Metro Line No.2 Shilim, Guro Digital Complex, Sindaebang or Line No.7 Gwangmyeong sageori, Cheolsan, Gasan Digital Complex near ... 1 warnner 2015.08.20 208
61 Seoul looking for an English tutor I am looking for English tutor!!  it will bo okay exchange student actually I studied Englinsh in Dublin , Ireland !! I hope to start soon!!: ple... 1 Annn 2015.08.17 222
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