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공지 원어민 구인광고 한글로 남겨주시면 영어로 번역해드립니다. Shawn(Admin) 2015.02.20 284
73 Busan Private English Tutor Hello!^^ My name is Jing. I am a Filipina who is married to a Korean. We stayed in the Philippines for over 3 years before we moved to Korea on April 2... file Jing 2015.07.03 37
72 Busan 해운대 필리피나 튜터,저렴한 가격 I'm Jane,Filipina,im not a teacher but i can speak english I live near jangsan station and if you want to practice your English conversation skills may... Jane 2015.07.01 56
71 Seoul Looking for a female native English tutor I'm looking for a female native Engish tutor. Studying time is  on Saturday afternoon (for 1hr or 2hrs). The tutor is gonna talk with two children wh... Ahn 2015.06.29 44
70 Seoul speaking/영작 정말 확실하게 가르쳐 드립니다 Hi there! 안녕하세요 영어회화 비지니스 말하기/이멜 또는 리포트 영작/독해 원하시는 학생들 대환영입니다 (특히 회화 원하시는분 & 외국계 회사 근무/... file deborah 2015.06.29 66
69 Seoul Offering SAT English Writing and Reading Tutoring Hi all  I am a Korean American student currently attending Hamilton College, a liberal arts school in upstate New York. I'm staying in Seoul with ... indielokimin 2015.06.25 56
68 Busan Looking for a English teacher who lives in changwon I am looking for a English teacher who lives in changwon.  I think once a week and one hour for a lesson is OK. We can talk about that. My kakaotalk ID... 1 WillBeBetter 2015.06.23 58
67 Busan Looking for native english teacher !! Looking for a English tutor 1.Location:Busan 2.Fee:negotiable 3.Time:negotiable 4.Student:29 years old female 5.North-American preferred ... 2 kbss0117 2015.06.23 151
66 Busan 부산 해운대 원어민 영어과외 소개해드립니다. 부산 해운대 원어민 영어과외 소개해드립니다. 선생님은 해운대 장산에 사시는 여자 선생님이시구요. 이름은 애니입니다. 미국 샌안토니아 출신이시구요... file Shawn(Admin) 2015.06.22 116
65 Seoul Looking for a female English tutor Hello, I am looking for a fun and dedicated female English tutor. I have two lovely daughters who are 7 and 8 years old. If anyone is interested, pl... helena 2015.06.22 66
64 Busan 영어 원어민 과외해주실 분 찾습니다. 부산 영도나 중구쪽에 영어 원어민 선생님 찾습니다. 영어회화/비지니스 회화쪽으로 공부했으면 좋겠구요.. 직장인이라 수업은 주2회 또는 3회 정도 생각하고... 1 ccdllw 2015.06.22 98
63 Busan Looking for a native English speaker for free talking group Hi this is Shawn the admin of Our members are looking for a native English speaker who can talk with them while dinner and drink.... 10 Shawn(Admin) 2015.06.17 174
62 Seoul looking for english tutor in Yongin  hello i m looking for an english tutor I have a 5months baby son Live in Yongin near bundang area Ok also daytime I want to learn english more in deep... alwayslovejoy 2015.06.17 58
61 Seoul 커피한잔에 무료로 영어 기초 문법 가르켜 드립니다~ 안녕하세요. 호주에서 3년 정도 (1년어학연수 2년 컬리지) 있다가. 내년 2월까지 한국에 있을 예정입니다. 사실 원래 호주에선 요리를 전공했었는데, 해외에... 1 Sun 2015.06.16 143
60 Seoul looking for english tutor for kid returnee Hi, I'm looking for a English tutor for my son. He had lived in Hawaii and just returned to Korea last month. It's not for teaching. Tutor can h... 6 howzit 2015.06.11 121
59 Busan Changwon/Masan/경남/마산/창원/Masan Girl's High School Masan Girl's High school is looking for English native teacher for summer camp.  We are looking for teacher who has Education degree or TESOL certific... khloe 2015.06.08 59
58 Busan Looking for female foreign English teacher Hey looking for English teacher in some company's study group We need a friendly teacher who has so open mind and responsblity Our gathering is open ev... 1 beth 2015.06.08 157
57 Seoul i am looking for english teacher  I hope to meet good english teacher. this is my e mail address. Please leave your messages. 1 seoulworker 2015.06.06 98
56 Seoul 영어를 배우고 싶어요~ 경기도 안산에 살고 있습니다. 나이는 23살이구요 여자 입니다. 영어를 단어 조금 밖에 못하고 지금은 대학 준비중입니다. 여행도 다니고 싶은데 영어를 잘못해서... 2 hyeonji 2015.06.05 147
55 Seoul Korean language class~! HI~! Nice to meet u~! I'm Korean language teacher who is licensed. I teach now Individual class study cafe~!  If you want the systematic class, send ... 1 유니잉 2015.06.05 83
54 Busan looking for english teacher.  Hi there~ I am looking for my english teacher. I  live in busan geong gwan near haeundae. The conditions are 3 times in a week and 30.000won per hour.... 1 summer 2015.06.04 115
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