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공지 Seoul Tutor can't post in this section Shawn(Admin) 2015.07.09 164
공지 Busan 원어민 구인광고 양식.(한글로 작성하시면 영어로 번역해듸립니다.) Shawn(Admin) 2015.02.20 669
63 Seoul I am looking for english tutor. 1.지역(동이름)   Seoul Metro Line No.2 Shilim, Guro Digital Complex, Sindaebang or Line No.7 Gwangmyeong sageori, Cheolsan, Gasan Digital Complex near ... warnner 2015.08.20 108
62 Seoul looking for an English tutor I am looking for English tutor!!  it will bo okay exchange student actually I studied Englinsh in Dublin , Ireland !! I hope to start soon!!: ple... 1 Annn 2015.08.17 131
61 Busan 원어민 과외선생님 구해요 안녕세요 화명동에 살고있는 고등학교 2학년에 재학중인 여학생입니다. 원어민과외선생님을 찾고 있는중입니다. 호주사람이면 좋지만 나라는 무관합니다. 스... 2 wldus 2015.08.12 242
60 Suwon (Closed) Looking for a tutor for my kids around Suwon area. Temp. 1month or so. Hi all, I'm looking for a tutor for my kids (Middle School 2nd grade, Elementary school 3rd grade) for about 1 month or so. (from 28th Aug) My fami... 1 bruce 2015.08.11 68
59 Seoul I need a english teacher 1 Area : Nowon, Sungbuk or Jongro but I can arrange everywhere 2.Pay :  30,000 wom & time :   flexible. 4. Hi, Looking for a English tutor ... 1 붉은꽃 2015.08.09 151
58 Busan Looking for friendly native english teacher~/ Hi I am 33 years old woman living in Yangsan. I have lived in NY for a while but my English is still weak so I am looking for a English tutor.I want tu... 6 Jeny 2015.08.08 190
57 Busan looking for English native speaker I am looking for "friendly"English native speaker. I dont care about nationality and gender. I would like to enjoy for learning language. I can a... 1 Erica88 2015.08.07 130
56 Seoul URGENT!!! Looking for Native Speakers (PT) in Chonho, Seoul Innospeech is urgently looking for a responsible and qualified English instructor fo the position below. If you are interested in the position, pleas... Erica 2015.08.05 81
55 Seoul Looking for private tutor~ ? 단축키 지역(동):Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, seoul과외비(시간당):30000won(could adjust)요일:I hope two times in a week(Adjust0             장소 :... 1 찰스 2015.08.05 86
54 Seoul 과외 선생님 구해요! i'm looking for english tutor 1.지역 : -> 서울 강남  & 신림 2.과외비 : -> 30000Won 3.요일&시간 : -> 요일과 시간은 오후 6시 이후로 서로 협의해서 결정했으면 좋겠습니다. 4.간단... 1 victory_ahn 2015.08.04 95
53 Seoul im looking for good tutor.      I am a civil servant of 46 years old. it's hard to study with young friends in institute, so I'm looking for private tutor. Once or twice in a w... 1 benkim 2015.08.04 75
52 Busan looking for female native speaker for my 5years old twin daughters im looking for female native speaker for my 5years old twin daughters. we live in cheungryong dong  hyupseung Empire (just in front of beomeosa subway... shimkitaek 2015.08.01 107
51 Busan looking for an american tutor in donglae  Hi. Looking for american teacher and prefer from la or ny(cause i'm a composer. so wanna hear recently there music culture)  Have a nice day. Kakaotal... mkl 2015.07.30 95
50 Seoul 서울 응암동이나 방배동 영어선생님 구합니다. 1.지역 : -> 서울 은평구 응암동 // 서울 서초구 방배동 2.과외비 : -> 30000Won 3.요일&시간 :  -> 요일과 시간은 오후 6시 이후로 서로 협의해서 결정했으... 1 Kihwan 2015.07.29 132
49 Busan Looking for a British male English tutor in Dongnae Looking for a British English tutor. Everyday 4pm in Dong nae area Leave a comment or message me Shawn(Admin) 2015.07.27 115
48 Busan hwa myung dong Busan 30000won 1. hwa myung dong . Busan 2.30000won Or all of drink, food, coffee cost 3. Monday or tuesday and other 4. Hi nice to meet you . My name is woo seok ahn... biscuit 2015.07.24 138
47 Seoul Looking for native English tutor (Female preferred) 1.:  Area:  Around Hongik University or Hapjeong station  Seoul (not online) 2.Tuition: Negotiable 3.Hour : weekday: 7PM to 9 PM                weekend... Kevin 2015.07.20 126
46 Seoul I'm looking for an English tutor . 영어 선생님을 찾습니다. hello ^^ I am looking for an English tutor. I live in seoul(dong dae mun)  I'm 34 years old. If you want teach me please send letters. Kakao id ... SafeSteven 2015.07.19 131
45 Seoul Looking for English tutor/ exchange student will be welcomed/ Near in Gangnam area Hi people,   I am 30 years old female, and looking for english tutor who will help me to increase my english skills. I am working in foriegn company... SarahJeong 2015.07.17 141
44 Seoul looking for a English tutor  I am looking for a English tutor I live in Bundang, 34 years old, worker and prefer  female tutor Plz contact me   Kakao  id  :  kissme44 1 ktj 2015.07.13 121
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