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Notice Tutor! Please read this article before you leave a comment Shawn(Admin) 2016.07.26
Notice 원어민과 통역도와드립니다 Shawn(Admin) 2016.03.01
  1. Read MoreI am looking for tutor new 2016.09.26  [0]

     I am loonking for native tutor
    Kyeonggi Bymarch Views29
    Ilsan 2hours 50000won Twice a week Mon,Fri
  2. Read MoreLooking for an English tutor update 2016.09.25  [2]

     Hi there I'm looking for a native tutor. I've wanted to improve my English. I have difficulty in understanding English when it is spoken a little fast. I prefer a female teacher from US or Canada. I'll try to my best and be a good friend.~^^
    Busan Byjyp Views46
    Hwamyeong 90min 50000won Once a week Mon,Sat
  3. Read Morelooking for an english tutor in jeonju, jeonbuk province 2016.09.24  [0]

    i live in jeonju, jeonbuk and i want my son to take the english class from the native teacher i prefer very outgoing female teacher in order to play c my son in english please contact me
    Gwangju Byjin2 Views27
    Inhudong jeonju city jeonbuk province 1hour 50000won Once a week Wed
  4. Read Morelooking for an English native speaker in Bucheon update 2016.09.21  [3]

    looking for an English native speaker in Bucheon   i want to tutor as friend and  i want to learn casual English and business English but myEnglish is biginer Please contact me. E-mail:
    Kyeonggi Bymarch Views44
    Bucheon in Gyeonggi-do 2hours 50000won Twice a week Mon,Wed,Fri
  5. Read More(Virtedco) Ulsan Native teacher 2016.09.21  [0]

    New Class Information (영어 과정) 1. Location: Nam-gu, Ulsan 2. Class Type: Group 3. Level: Pre-Intermediate 4. Class Starting Date: ASAP 5. Class Schedule: Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri (4 times a week, 1hr)  1) 5:30-6:30PM OR  2) 11:30A...
    Busan ByVirtedco Views31
    Ulsan, Namgu 1hour 50000won 5times a week Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri
  6. Read MoreEnglish Tutor for children 2016.09.19  [0]

    Hi my name is Yunmi, I''m looking for native English tutor. We live in nearby Seoul station.(very close with house) - Member : two kids (10 yrs boy / 7 yrs boy) - Time: once a week (Saturday), / 1hour. - Location: Liga Apt. (it...
    Seoul Byyunmi Views105
    Seoul (nearby Seoul Station) 1hour 30000won Once a week Sat
  7. Read MoreEnglish Conversation Tutor! 2016.09.15  [1]

    Hi : ) I'm looking for an English tutor who can teach me speaking and grammer. I live in 남구 대연동. But I can go to 서면 as well. let me know the time you want. Feel free to email me! Thank you!
    Busan ByHJ Views128
    KSU or Seomyeon 1hour 25000won Twice a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun
  8. Read MoreLooking for English conversation teacher! 2016.09.11  [4]

    Hi! There! I'm looking for English tutor for improving English conversation skill. I'm available every saturday and i want 90 minutes. I live in Hwamyungdong but i can go Seomyeon. I'm girl and 22. Feel free and text me please.
    Busan Byelaina Views153
    seo-myeon(서면), hawmyeongdong(화명동) 90min 50000won Once a week Sat
  9. Read MoreSahagu guy is looking for a female English tutor 2016.09.10  [2]

    Hello. Goejeong live in Pusan, me. I want to study English. Please help me. I'm looking for a female English tutor. Please understand if my English is wrong. ㅠㅠ;; If you speak Korean it would be great but it is ok if you dont Fee & How...
    Busan Byflowerbeom Views93
    Goejeong-dong, Saha-gu, Busan. 1hour 40000won Twice a week Tue,Thu
  10. Read More★Native english speaking teacher (Cheongna, Incheon) 2016.09.10  [1]

    Hello Looking for a native english speaking teacher. It would be great If you had any experience in educaition. Not difficult class. Just for a hobby-like english level. there can be 2 or 3 more classes in a day. (Always Wednesda...
    Incheon ByRoseTTT Views74
    Incheon cheongna (청라) 90min 30000won Once a week Wed
  11. Read MoreLooking for the English composition private tutor 2016.09.09  [2]

    Hi  How are you? I am looking for the English composition tutor in Busan area. Please send me an email if you are interested in. I will send you my cell phone number by email. I am very flexible in meeting time. So please feel free to...
    Busan ByAlexx Views88
    Daeyeondong Busan 90min 35000won Twice a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun
  12. Read MoreLooking for a native english speaker who live in Incheon 2016.09.08  [0]

    Hello Im Korean and an English teacher. After Sep. 19, Im gonna open a free talking class for women. In 1 class, there will be maximum 6 people. Here, they want to test their speaking ability. I just want any native speaker. (ENG) don...
    Incheon ByRoseTTT Views73
    Incheon, cheongna International city 1hour 20000won Once a week Wed
  13. Read MoreLooking for a bilingual (eng/kor) manager! 2016.09.07  [0]

    We are looking for a manager who is taking care of students' study rhythm and native teachers' teaching skill and class quality. This is an online alternative studying abroad program which is called Nvoim. Working hour is flexible. (possib...
    Seoul ByKyun Views118
    in seoul 90min 50000won Twice a week Mon,Wed
  14. Read MoreLooking for tutor who help me to get "opic or toeic speaking" 2016.09.07  [2]

    오픽이나 토스자격증 취득을 도와줄 튜터를 찾고있습니다. 단기간에 자격증취득을 목표로 공부한 후에 목표가 달성되면 프리토킹위주의 수업으로 진행하였으면 합니다. 가르친적이 있으시거나 자격증 보유하고 계신분은 환영입니다.위치는 해운대나 연산동 동...
    Busan BySJY Views88
    Yeon san 90min 20000won 3times a week Wed,Fri,Sat,Sun
  15. Read MoreLook 4 native female tutor for my kid in Geumjung-gu 2016.09.07  [1]

    Looking for a native English tutor who is from U.S,Canada,U.K,South.Africa,Australia for my kid. If you like kid and can come to visit my house 금정구 Geumjung-gu Busan,please kakao me Thank you
    Busan By이쁜현정이 Views101
    Geumjung-gu.Busan 1hour 40000won Twice a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri
  16. Read More(Closed)Looking for a female English tutor in Samsun-dong.Seoul 2016.09.07  [0]

    19 years old Korean girl is looking for a native English speaker to improve my speaking skill. Tuition fee will be 30,000~50,000 won per an hour and want to meet you 5 times a week. Available day & time Mon,Wed,Fri -5:30 pm Tue,T...
    Seoul By허허 Views105
    Samsun-dong 1hour 40000won 5times a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun
  17. Read MoreLooking for a native English tutor in Suwon 수원 2016.09.07  [3]

    Suwon guy is looking for a native English tutor who can meet me in Suwon 수원. Want to meet u 2 times a week on Mon,Wed and tuition fee is flexible in 30,000 won~50,000 won. Gyopo is fine but female tutor prefered Please contact me thur k...
    Suwon By김명수 Views86
    Suwon 1hour 40000won Twice a week Mon,Wed
  18. Read MoreLooking for a American male English tutor in Daegu 대구 2016.09.07  [1]

    Hi I am 40 years old woman living Daegu 대구. I am looking for a American English tutor who speak Korean little bit. We can discuss about meeting day and time so please leave a comment with your kakao id or phone number. Thank you
    Daegu Byvetements Views50
    Daegu 1hour 50000won Twice a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat
  19. Read Morelooking for an English native speaker in Bucheon 2016.09.07  [0]

     looking for an English native speaker in Bucheon Please contact me. kakao:pennykun E-mail: i can adjust amount of money and my English level is low
    Seoul Bymarch Views73
    in Bucheon 2hours 25000won Once a week Wed
  20. Read MoreLooking for 1:1 English tutor 2016.09.05  [0]

    Hello, I'm Justin Yoon; 35years old / business man. I'm looking for english tutor who can improve my listening & speaking skill. I would like to talk with tutor like a friend in dicussion subject.  Fee & Schedule : Negotiation availa...
    Seoul ByJustinY Views135
    Jukgeon in Gyeonggi-do or Anywhere in Seoul 2hours 35000won Once a week Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun
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