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Notice 사이트에 건의사항 남겨주세요.Please give us your opinion for MKF 42 update Shawn(Admin) 2016.05.19 1384
200 English study meetings in Nonhyeon Hello everyone, I'm going to host a study group in Seoul for people who want to study general English with emphasis on speaking. It's for those who ar... update Tabasco 2017.06.26 18
199 안녕 하세요 안녕하세요. 서로가 언어를 배울수 있는 기회가 되는 행운의 친구가 있었으면 합니다. 친구에게 배우는 언어는 어떤 언어일까? 무척 궁금 합니다.^^ 잘 ... 산바람 2017.06.21 22
198 안녕하세요? 이제 막 가입했습니다. 안녕하세요? 이제 막 가입했습니다. ^^   호기심 많은 신입입니다. 잘 부탁드리겠습니다! ^_____^ 헤헤 개나도로인 2017.05.29 35
197 PNU, World Culture Booth (Pusan national university) -The 49th General Student Council <PrideInU>, Pusan National University-  file Prideinu 2017.04.26 70
196 Looking for American friends who live in daegu Hi I am dominic. I AM korean who live in Daegu. I am trying to make American friends. I learn english. Or we can just become a friend.  and next... file victory_ahn 2017.04.24 129
195 Anyone who wants to learn speaking Korean ! * This posting is for people want to improve their Korean speaking skill living in Busan from other countries. 이 게시글은 한국어 스피킹 향상을 원하... file YOLOYOLO 2017.04.18 163
194 is there anyone who is interested in jiddu krishnamurti?  my friend and i had a book meeting of krishnamurti.  once a week at anguk station. next week he will leave for usa. i am looking for one who likes to ... cafedo 2017.03.10 87
193 주2회 식사하면서 영어회화하실분  인원은 3명이고 주 2번정도 만나서 회화하는정도입니다. 1회 50,000원 정도 생각하고있고요 지역은 대전  ㅈ주변에 아시는분 소개좀 카카오톡 nk2009 1 nk 2017.02.17 315
192 안녕하세요. 가입했는데 궁금한 것이 많습니다. 안녕하세요.  원어민과외를 하려고 하는데 궁금한 것이 있어서 글을 적습니다.  1. 과외를 하게 되면 돈을 줘야하는데, 보통 지급을 어떻게 하나요? 수업 ... 2 jclee 2017.02.16 201
191 Are you interested in learning Stretching & Self-defence skills with Korean traditional martial arts? Hi Everyone,   I am a freelance Stretching & Self-defence(S&S) coach who has various certificates of Korean traditional martial arts. ... file Jamescool 2017.02.04 166
190 looking for a babysitter I'm looking for someone who could enjoy playing with my 8yrs old daugher once a week. as long as you are comfortable speaking English I dont really ca... Jaemie 2017.02.01 160
189 중고생 과외 안녕하세요. 2002년 연세대학교(신촌) 경제학부를 졸업했고, 영국 University of York에서 석사(계량경제학)를 취득하고, 미국 조지아텍에서 박사과정(finance)을... Alejandro 2017.01.30 170
188 안녕하세요! 한국 사람!  안녕 모두! 내 이름은 암자 고 나는 18 세, 임 한국 친구를 찾고! 나는 카카오 톡에서 이야기함으로써 나의 한국도 향상시키고 싶습니다! 나는 영어로 말할 수있... ChoiSin 2017.01.21 271
187 I have a question. (물어볼 게 있습니다.)  원어민과외구인(Look4tutor) 에서 말하는 fee는 a monthly fee 인가요, 아니면 per an hour 인가요? In Look4tutor, does the word "fee" mean "a montly fee... 2 Hugh.H.Choi 2017.01.20 199
186 RUSSIAN language Привет:). . .Are you interested in learning new languages?~You can learn Russian! Why not? My name is Diana. I am looking for student who wants to st... kimdia 2017.01.18 237
185 Brand new Studio at KSU for rent with a free-use gym and study room Hi. I am Ricky Choi, a certified realtor in KSU area in Busan. Here is a brand new studio located(actually connected by underground pass) right at Kyu... file RickyChoi 2017.01.17 154
184 meetup and traveling with korean friends( mostly univ.students) There is an another app and website that I’ve known. looks like an meeting up with korean university students. but I think other differences is that tr... file korealover 2017.01.13 197
183 anyone plays Overwatch in Korea? if there is any one plays Overwatch in Korea at Asia server and looking for friend, please add me to your friend list.  play time is from 5 pm to mi... 1 Demi 2016.12.22 138
182 Have a cup of coffee and let's chat in Hongdae area :) Hello :) I'm sunmin and live in seoul. I'd like to share 'Free Coffee Event'. It is for foreigners who want to meet and talk with Korean loc... 1 ssunnmin 2016.12.14 244
181 Coming to Korea I'd like to know what trains and busses cost. I'd like ti visit Iksan and Puson. What is the cheap ways to travel? How can I get to Kyoto? My first tr... teak 2016.12.09 158
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